well I am going a little insane...as you can tell

Monday, February 18, 2013

While most of you are sleeping I have been slaving away over french....The times are evil.
So are these stupid cafe terms. 
Like they have nothing to do with what we actually study...but here they are. on my test study guide. 
Plus I just wrote the first research paper of the semester. 
This is my sad attempt to stay awake or get my brain juices going. 
However the research paper was one heck of an assignment and we have another one same length same intensity due in a month....did I mention I somehow thought it would be smart to take 16 hours after I have been slaving away so much in my classes?
Yeah more like its death. Oh well. Challange accepted college. Watch how I take you down.
No sleep for me tonight! 
I think I have strawberries. I might actually go eat those...because I have been stress eating cake. and chocolate....both of which add pounds. Strawberries will at least be semi healthy. 
Oh and theres some strange wind noise going on outside. The trees are a blowing! 
oh and I am listening to loud dubstep music....may go to 90's music sing a long time! 
Keep Calm and Carry On!