Weekend fun

Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend was simply wonderful, I had an amazing time shopping, eating, and relaxing with some of my favorite people.

There was hockey this weekend and it wasn't too great on Friday (the blackhawks lost)-- but yesterday the Blackhawks won victoriously and I was super excited to know that my boys are one step closer to the Stanley Cup finals.

I spent a lot of time with my mom and bear (who like a champ went shopping with us.) Let's be real here kids, if you can find a guy who likes to shop or can tolerate shopping hold on to him.

So, this weekend was a winner when it came to shopping. I don't know about you but sometimes I can't find anything while shopping and it's so frustrating (for example I am still on the hunt for a pair of white wedges)  if you happen to find a cute pair anywhere you just just tweet them to me (hint, hint. nudge, nudge).

Moving on, I have been L.U.S.T.I.N.G over the Naked 3 pallet and finally on saturday I got it. and I am straight up obsessing over it. I haven't used it yet, but I am itching to use it!!!
Then, because I am a creature of habit I found myself wandering into J. crew...I was wandering around the clearence section when I found this bathing suit for 40% off with an additional 15% off because (oh hey) I am a student. I have been aimlessly searching for a one piece to wear for the summer (who would have ever thought that one pieces would come back into style) but hey I am not complaining because I love me a good once piece! 
This gem only cost me $38 dollars WITH tax. Like hallah at your girl Mel for finding this beauty. Plus it's almost time for all the pools to open up! whoorah! 

If you didn't know and you are new around here or you have just never stalked my instagram you may know that my hair can be a hot curly mess. But I use a lot of products while my hair is wet to insure that my hair is still curly and flowy with out all the frizz and mess. I found this product by Rockstar (it was the bomb.com), and I used it for two years, however I had enough that I didn't have to buy any for a couple of years. BUT THEN. I went to Ulta this weekend and I found out it was DISCONTINUED (le gasp). I was so upset, so I was searching google for a good alternative, which is when google directed me towards this product. 
It's really, the bomb.com (let me repeat), it's really the bomb.com. It smells amazing, for one. And, it also WORKS, plus you only need to use a little bit. Did I mention that it smells amazing??? Because it totally does. 

Then, because it rained on Saturday while the sun was out there was a rainbow. 

It was a faint rainbow, but a rainbow none-the-less. 

Mothers day was filled with relaxation, napping, and pizza. Who doesn't love pizza.....am I right? 

And here's a picture of Emma because I know you want to see her. 

What did YOU do this weekend?? 

Also I am a little late to the party but I Am linking up with Rachael at The Rachael Way. 
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Cops: The T.V Show That is Legen...wait for it....DARY

Thursday, May 8, 2014

About a month ago my house got cable again. For almost four months we had no cable, it was almost like living in another universe. (I know how pathetic). But really, I missed having mindless t.v shows to watch and also I have a lot of guilty pleasure shows and re-runs.

Just to list a few: 
1. Gilmore Girls 
2. Sex and the City 
3. and ANY TLC show...I am a sucker for Wedding Fridays 
and finally, I love, love, love cops. (and Cops Reloaded)...which is essentially Cops but it's "remastered"
*Don't worry kids, I like t.v shows that are a little more nerdy. i.e. Game of Thrones ;)

I think cops has been around longer than I can remember. I would say that Cops is a guilty pleasure but I LOVE cops. Like not a drill, cops is one of my favorite shows.

 I don't know if it's because of all of the ratchet moments of guys running around with home made crack pipes then getting caught and rapidly shaking their heads "no" and acting like they've never seen a crack pipe before and the crack pipe isn't theirs. You watch the show thinking "that person well knows that the home made crack pipe in their pocket is in fact...theirs."

Or if it is the dramatic police chases. With the cops dramatically getting their tazers and guns ready to fire. I even love how they are ALWAYS calling in backup for some late night call from some woman who claims she didn't rob a convenience store. Like oh hey I didn't know it took five cops to arrest one small woman who probably stole a couple of snickers. (okay I know there are some episodes where back up is needed, but I have seen so many episodes with a ton of backup to arrest a small woman or a man who is more than willing to get arrested but they want to make it more"dramatic").

Calm down glen coco: that totally looks like his license and registration. #byefelicia

But then there's moments like this:


But, no matter how dramatic cops gets, when I see a marathon on any t.v network I am all like

(even though this is not the actual cops, it displays my exitement for a cops marathon quite well)

Do you love the show cops? Or do you have a show that should be a guilty pleasure but isn't??

Keep Calm and Carry On
xoxo Melissa

This One Time I Went On a Blate

One of my favorite things about the blogger world is that you meet TONS of people, some people are from out of state and some people are in YOUR state and even better YOUR city. It's always fun to connect with bloggers everywhere, and expand your social circle. I know some people who have had blates (blogger dates) gone wrong but you'd be surprised how many blates go awesomely.

So, yesterday, I went on a blogger date with Becca, and while I loved her blog and loved interacting with her on twitter. I was so excited to meet her in real life and have a new Atlanta blogger buddy.

We started off our lovely blog date by going to Mellow Mushroom (the best pizza ever), and like a horrible blogger I did not take a picture of the food or of us meeting (but I think I will be forgiven soon about that)

Because, after we ate pizza and chatted for a bit we did some shopping, and went to the mall. Where there was a cupcake ATM. Yes, you read that right, there was a cupcake ATM at the mall. It was a real looking ATM that dispensed semi expensive cupcakes for you.
Oh hey, that's Becca!

The final product of what I ate and got out of that awesome cupcake ATM... p.s that green and pink circle thing....it's not edible. don't try to eat it if you go get one it's mean and will hurt your mouth. 
To the right you can fabulously see that miraculous cupcake ATM. If you ever come to Georgia find me on that twitter machine and we can go to that cupcake ATM as soon as the plane lands ;). 

While we were shopping we went into sephora....this may or may not have been a bad idea and a good idea at the same time. Seriously, it's a woman's sporting goods store, with less sweat and more smell good items. When we were romping around the store, I WAS TRYING ALL THE THINGS, my hand always looks like a peacock when I clean it off. *whoops*. But we found the new Urban Decay Neon Eye Pallet. 
NOT A DRILL I WANT THIS. It was so bright and pigmented, and a little goes a long ways. Becca, like a boss, ended up getting it and I was just left with the memory of the beautiful pallet. 

I am so happy that I went on my blate with Becca and I know for a fact that there will be plenty more. You should totally go check out her blog! She's chilling on my sidebar, or you can click her name and it will take you to her blog. 

Then to finish off the wonderful day I indulged in a Strawberry Salad.
There's a picture. (because I know you wanted to know what it looked like)

Have you ever been on a blate before?!? Let me know below! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Guess What Day It Is....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am so excited to be linking up with Vodka And Soda today!! So let's get real for a second here we all have some confessions that we need to get off our chests. SO, here come some of mine...

....I FINALLY finished spring semester and it feels really, really, really good. PLUS I really think I finished the semester strong. With a 3.6 I THINK, I mean I really don't have any idea until Saturday what my grades are because my professors apparently want to wait to the very last second to post grades. - I mean what ever floats your boat profs, just know I am obsessively checking my grades, no big deal or anything. 

....I had an interview yesterday, and kiddos this is really exciting, so get your party hats on because this blog post is about to get REALLY, REALLY EXCITING. I got an internship with this AWESOME consignment shop/boutique called Alexis Suitcase. I am doing all the social media, all the blogging and all the fun. This internship is exactly what I was looking for and I am so blessed and excited to start this amazing adventure. Oh and if you live in the Atlanta area you should totally stop by our Buckhead location to attend this lovely event. [more details to come soon]

....I have been cooking....a lot recently. Instead of going out to dinner places I am opting to cook...there is a lot more cleaning up to do. Which is reality but sometimes I wish the dishes would magically clean themselves. Like in Beauty and the Beast when the plates do all the dancing and do all the cleaning. SIGN ME UP FOR THAT LIFE. 

.....My best friend and "twin" Rachael is graduating from college this weekend to join the real world, and while she is really scared I know she is going to rock the bejeebees out of the real world. She made it through four years of college...she can do anything she puts her mind to. YOU GO GLEN COCO! <3

.....I got bangs, and they are OK I am not madly in love with them but they are growing on me every day!!! 


....I am having a blate with Becca from Becoming Adorable tomorrow and I am super excited. Home girl is awesome and I will be reporting back with all the fun details! 

p.s I adopted a dog a while back. This is Emma, she is such a ham and I love her. She also seems to really like Pokemon and that's awesome. 

Vodka and Soda

Keep Calm and Carry On