Bear Blog Takeover

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today David is taking over the blog and answering some questions for the Blogger Men Tell All linkup with Becoming Adorrable and The Samantha Life! We are doing this link up on the last Tuesday of every month. So if you have a boyfriend, husband, or if you really want to be creative your dog. Join in and blog with us! 

1. If you had a blog, what would you call it, and what would it be about? I already had a blog, but it died because I didn't put enough love into it, and it faded away. I might do a revamp and talk about more than just EDM, and include stuff like football and video games (the other two things I love), and call it like "The Bagel Stand: Where You can get anything and everything on your bagel"
2. If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?World of Warcraft, easily. There's a ton of things to do in the game, and it would be awesome to slay dragons and then ride on dragons on way to kill other dragons. Gosh, that would be an awesome place to be....Oh hey! Plus they have Pokemon in WoW, so I could get my Pokemon on.
3. Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season? I'm in two leagues with very different players. I have Matt Ryan in on league (Go Falcons!), and regardless of whether we win or loos, Matty Ice always puts up crazy FF numbers, so he's a difference, maker. In my other league, I don't really have many stand outs, because injuries and incidents have destroyed my once mighty draft class. I had Ray Rice, and I was able to pick up Justin Forsett in the chaos of that incident, and he's been delivering, so he'll get that award for my other league.
4. If you could play for any professional sports team, which one would it be? Do E-Sports count, because I would love to play League of Legends with Evil Geniuses! I know this probably surprising, but I would love to play professional curling. I loved watching them do it at the Olympics, and I think that would be so cool to do curling. I'm going to get lessons to do it at some point...
5. What do you typically do with an hour of free time?If you take a sample of me during any given time, I'm either: building Magic decks, playing on my PS4, playing World of Warcraft, or accompanying my girlfriend on her errands (he thought I wouldn't catch this). I'm usually busy, so my free time is not often free and comes at the price of not being able to do something. On the other hand, this means that I am never ever bored.

Keep Bagelin'