So Long 2013!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Kittens! So since it's the day before New Years Eve I thought I would do one of those fun year wrap up posts.

So this year has been such an interesting but good year. In January I was recovering from knee surgery (I even got a handicap hang tag because I was a gimp!). The recovery was honestly rough, tons of physical therapy and lots of ice.

Most of the year for me was spent changing and growing, if you were to tell me my life would be where it is now in January I would have most likely laughed at you, and walked away. I have met so many wonderful people, a lot of my friendships have grown and I am so thankful that I have so many awesome people in my life.

The spring semester for me was spent doing lots of school things, I was at a school where I didn't really fit in, so I didn't really try. I went to a community college (there's nothing wrong with going to a community college). But, it was more or less a stepping stone in my life than a permanent solution for my education.

Talk about an exciting summer I met my best friend Rachael through this blog it all started with talk of an Erin Condren planner and designer brands. The same day that I met my blogging best friend, and real life best friend, I met this guy, this amazing guy who eventually also turned into my best friend *he even wrote a guest post on my blog about bacon*, I met him and honestly every day with him is so fun, I could sit in a room with him and do absolutely nothing and it would still be a fun day for me. I also worked a fabulous internship for a wedding company doing blog posts, got my very first by line, and tons of experience. Then, towards the end of the summer I found out I was accepted to a four year university! It was the biggest relief in my life, I realized I was finally one step closer to my future.

This past fall semester was full of adventures. I had a lot of fun figuring out my limits and I spent a lot of time on school and a lot of time on my social life.While the semester had a few bumps in the road, it was honestly the first semester in my college career where I made lasting friends who I love hanging out with and talking to. I found out so much about myself by moving schools and making new friends. (and of course new friends to come).

Now, was 2013 perfect??? *goodness no* BUT was it exactly what I wanted/needed? *yes*. I am so happy 2013 was a year where I found my self even more and I am really hoping in 2014 I found out more about who I am and where I am going!

What have you learned in 2013??

Keep Calm and Carry On

My very first Vlog: Influenster VoxBox:: Jolly VoxBox

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey There! 
This if my very first Vlog on my Influenster Jolly VoxBox! Thanks to my best friend Rachael at Pretty In Pink. So Check out some of the awesome products that I was sent! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 
P.S. My email is 

Weekend Fun!

Monday, December 16, 2013

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend, since my semester is finally over I spent a lot of time relaxing and reading/playing pokemon. I honestly could not have asked for a better weekend. This past weekend has made me beyond thankful for the life that I have, and the friends and family that I have. 

Friday my mom started her winter vacation so we spent the day going shopping and drinking tons of coffee. We recently went out and bought a keurig and let me tell you this machine is my new best friend. I love it very very much and all of the goodness that it provides. I went and got some awesome coffee to brew in it and I am straight up addicted to this magical machine. I have made less trips to starbucks and I am starting to fall in love with travel mugs and tumblers. 

Anyways Saturday was just perfect, the day started out with my boyfriend and I running a quick errand to the mall (hello traffic). I needed to grab a little something at Nordstrom and I did not want to be in that mall very long. So in for my item then out (no romping around the mall that day!). Then we went ice skating, this was David's first time ice skating and I wish I took some actual videos but I just took some quick snapchats when I was able to!! Let me tell you we had so much fun, it was my first time skating since I had my surgery and I was doing it like a champ, and David really took to not falling down when skating (thank goodness!!). We had tons of fun skating around (or I did), David took some time and sat out while I somehow managed to teach two little kids how to skate.  
 Later on Saturday night we attended a holiday cookie exchange, its a party where people bring six dozen cookies and then sit around and drink all the drinks and eat all the food and leave with all the cookies. It's a fun holiday party idea if you are ever in need of one, plus you get all of the leftover cookies that people don't take home....*yum*. We took some fun pictures in front of the tree at my house and both my parents and David look amazing.

And then after the party we came home and David and I romped out to go bowling and I beat him the very first round! (I never beat anyone at bowling, like ever). So needless to say I was a happy camper when I saw that I beat him, though I wasn't a show off about it, because I knew the next round would be rough for team Melissa. 

Sure enough, as you can see it was a sore bowling match the second, and third time around. (Notice how David changed our names!). It's our cute couple nick names that people either love or hate. (hint, we love it!) 

Sunday was spent doing loads of yard work and it was tons of father daughter bonding time...until after the fact we found out that I was highly allergic to pine straw!!! (note to self avoid pine straw at all costs from now on!)

And before I leave I'm giving you a random selfie. 

 What did you do this weekend?

Keep On and Carry On


Sunday, December 15, 2013

As I write this post my room is pretty much in shambles, thanks to a combination of things (finals week, too much clothes *not enough space*, laundry that needs to be done) to be honest most of the mess comes from finals week because it was a week full of lists, lists, oh and more lists (really, it has everything to do with much clothes, not enough space).

Anyways, I started thinking about how I can organize my room again and make it a little different and a little more organized. Which got me thinking about my blog, somehow I was inspired to write a post about organizing my room and how you too can do it and make it fun. This thought got me thinking about how sometimes I don't blog because I lack inspiration at times and I don't want to post about just anything, I want the post to have meaning and thought; not just "look at this! Isn't it cute? You should buy it!" or "did you see this happening in the news?? isn't it cool?". Whenever I post something to my blog it has meaning to me and *I hope* somehow it has meaning to you, or you find it interesting or something or another. 

What I have started realizing is that inspiration comes in all things, it just depends on our outlooks on our days and even our lives. I ended up finding inspiration on my bedroom floor (or my bedroom floor flooded by clothing and magainzes, purses and pillows). 

I've noticed that inspiration can be found in  something so small like a cup of coffee, a bad day or a good day, a stunningly beautiful song, a life event, a new pair of shoes, a messy bedroom, nail polish, and even something big in your life like getting a new job or graduating college. 

Oh how inspiration flows into our lives daily, however inspiration also has to deal with your attitude and your mindset. A while back someone said to me "you can find beauty in anything, nothing is truly ugly, it just depends on how you look at something or someone". That has stuck with me forever and now I am starting to apply it to other parts of my life (like getting inspiration). I've noticed that a cup of coffee could be a good cup of coffee on the go romping around running errands or it can be a good cup of coffee sitting down reading a good book. Both of these situations seem normal or routine however, they can be times for our minds to wander. (I have no idea if this makes sense to you, but it made very logical and flowing sense in my head).

What I am trying to say is that you can find inspiration in almost anything or anyone if you open your mind and think outside of a box (does any of this make sense?) *partially a rhetorical question*. 

I think everywhere I go, and everything I see, recently, has been inspiring to me and I am not complaining. Being inspired is one of my favorite things. It makes my creativeness just fly out of me like those flying monkeys in the Wizard Of Oz. 

Inspiration comes in all forms, it isn't limited in how much you can have or how little you can have, and that's what makes it so wonderful. You never have to limit inspiration, you don't ever have to stop inspiration, it just comes naturally (and sometimes we force it, and that's okay). But what's important is that inspiration happens at the oddest times and at the most convenient times. Inspiration is spontaneous and everyone should embrace the fact that we all get inspired somehow, some way. 

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” 
― Jack London

How do you get inspired?? 

Keep Calm and Carry On

Little Things To Survive Finals Week

Monday, December 2, 2013

For me it is finals week (or finals week for two weeks *technically*) and I was a bit of a stress muffin until I sat down and organized the next two weeks of the semester (also known as the end of the semester *praise*). Finals week is commonly known for students getting lack of sleep, their social life goes out the window *wave goodbye*, and they most likely run out the house somehow one of the days still in their pajamas as they think #yolo.

And I am thinking to myself what I am doing this year for finals and I am doing a lot of things differently.

Here are some of my survival items.

1. Coffee, it doesnt matter what form it comes in if it smells like coffee and tastes like coffee I will drink *alot* of it.
2. Flannel Mens Shirts, (okay), my friend Kayla is basically a secret hipster (it's a thing), and she tends to find comfty ways to dress while still looking cute. This Black Friday (after I woke up late), we hit the mall and I found a mens flannel shirt at GAP and I honestly think I may live in it for the rest of finals. You can make this shirt super girly too if you wanted to go out in it.
3. Colorful pens, they are so helpful when I am trying to prioritize what I need to get done.
4. Lists and my planner....duh!
5. Post it notes (because they are addicting and I love them). Helpful sticky peices of paper are the absolute best.
6. My iPhone timer, I occasionally get carried away with one subject (or I take too long of a break), so I set timers on my iphone for study times and break times (it's super helpful and the breaks are super rewarding)
7. Candles: they are super relaxing and they make study time smell good.
8. My Camelbak water bottle: I need to make sure I stay hydrated and this buddy is huge and it doesn't leak all over the place *win*

There are so many other things that help me during finals week but this is what's on my finals week radar as of right now. Also a positive attitude never killed anyone either.

"attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" -Winston Churchill

What do you do during finals week?

Keep Calm and Carry On


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life is all about taking two steps forward and one step back. Not two steps forward and five steps back (now that's just silly). So, let me tell you I have taken ten steps forward and maybe two steps back. I have figured out who I am becoming, I have realized that I am a person worth knowing, I have the self worth of a million venti Starbucks cups. I am a good person, I am not stupid, dumb, or ditzy. I am smart, intelligent, and kind.

These past two and a half months have tested me, it's thrown possibly ten plus curve balls at me, and real talk, I almost let people bring me down, I almost let people who don't even like me or appreciate me bring me down (come on Mel, get it together), I have second guessed myself, and I started having a little self doubt. But I somehow managed to pull it all together and move on. I feel like maybe, just maybe I was being tested.

Let's all understand for a second  that this is *not* a pity post, this is more or less this is me telling you that I overcame my own self pity.

I kept on concerning myself with if people liked me or if they would want to be my friend. I was afraid people didn't like me. Then, I realized it doesn't matter what others think of me or what others say about me because I love myself, and I personally think I am awesome.

I know that life is not always perfect and that sometimes I must fall down but what I am learning every day is that it's okay to fall down - the most important part about falling down is how you chose to stand back up. I started thinking that it was okay to stay at the bottom but then I had a serious Drake "Started from the bottom now I'm here" moment and I chose to stand up and move on. I realized that I am strong and confident in my own special way.

The best thing about falling down is that you can get back up, it is not impossible, life is all about making mistakes, falling down, then getting back up on your feet again. It doesn't matter who you are, it is completely possible to stand back up confidently on two feet again no matter what you have been through.

I am saying this to you with complete confidence because it has happened to me, I have fallen down many of times (and I have fallen hard, on concrete, with no cushion, and no one to help me up but myself). I have fallen at the worst moments but then I realized that these bad moments, these bad times, they are going to pass.

Think of it this way, it can't stay cloudy forever and it can't rain forever, eventually the sun has to come out. The best part about life, you can choose when you want to get back up on your feet and move on. You can make your cloudy days sunny days.

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! With out a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy" - Norman Vincent Peale

How do you deal with falling down in life?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Housewife in Training

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last night David (my boyfriend), and I somehow ended up making a test run of mac and cheese for thanksgiving dinner AND making breakfast for dinner. (we made a mess out of the kitchen...then we cleaned it up like responsible adults *yay us*) 

I was looking at recipes on pinterest the other night and i came across this picture of Mac and Cheese that looked sinfully delicious. (no really, it looked amazing). It was one of those baked Mac and Cheese dishes (straight to your hips dishes)!

So, I braved the grocery store yesterday (it was an absolute zoo!) 

Anyways here's what I picked up for this mac and cheese: 
1 box macaroni elbows
2 blocks of Kraft cheddar cheese (the one pound block) 
1 Stick of butter (melted)
1 Can of Evaporated milk
Bread Crumbs 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Step one: You want to put the macaroni noodles on the stove to boil 
Step two: Cube the cheese 
Step three: Melt the butter 
Step four: Combine butter and Evaporated milk in a bowl. 
Step five: Preheat oven to 350F 
Step six: When the noodles are tender stick them in a baking pan, combine the evaporated milk and butter with the macaroni (mix it together) Then add the cheese cubes and mix well. 
Step Seven: Sprinkle bread crumbs, salt, and pepper to taste onto the top of the noodles.
(this is what it should look like prior to baking) 
Step eight: You want to bake the dish for about 45 mins at 350F 
(when done baking this is what it came out to be....I as a little too generous with the bread crumbs!) 

The dish is absolutely delicious!! If you wanted to make a creamier mac and cheese you can add blue cheese crumbles and a Velveeta to the mix!) 

And for kicks and giggles here are some of the breakfast for dinner photos! 
(this is Edgar he is the special pancake of the bunch) I was on the struggle bus when it came to flipping the pancakes. 

I ended up making enough pancakes to feed an army! 

Then of course I had to make a breakfast face with my food because I am in fact 12. 

Do you have any good recipes for me to try? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Hodge Podge

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey there lovelies! I hope everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving and black Friday (or just thanksgiving). A best friend and I are going to go shopping on black Friday because we can!

So, I know that I have been a little missing in action recently and real talk it's been because I haven't thought of anything worthy to post. I didn't want to just post ramblings (like this), but I am because this is me. (take it or leave it folks!)

Anyways, I don't know about you, but this semester has been the semester from down under. I can not tell you how interesting this semester has been. I have a Professor that can't answer any questions you ask him, one professor who called me obsessive compulsive because I am organized, an ex-Scientologist, and a normal professor who works for a local news paper. It's basically a cluster of what in the world is going on. Somehow I managed to somehow make it out alive.

Anyways, this is going to end up being one of those odd out of no where posts because *you only live once*.

I have lots of fun things coming your way this upcoming of weeks! I need to clean my room like no bodies business and do tons of laundry so that's what I will be up to tonight because holy moly me oh my....this girl needs to give her room and clothes some TLC.

I also ran a significant amount today, a mile makes me hollah! (I tried, don't judge me)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful rest of their morning. See you kittens tomorrow!

Keep Calm and Carry On

I have come to realize...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I should totally be studying because guess what I have a pretty exciting two weeks coming up....buuuut, here I am blogging because I am having one of those inspiring moments. I don't know about you but 2013 has been one of those years where everything happens, good and bad (I know the year is not over yet..but thus far its been one heck of a life roller coaster). I know a lot of my closest friends have grown this year but I didn't realize how much I had grown this year until I was sat studying and all of the *aha*moments happened.

So thus far this is what I have learned 

  1. It is okay to fail, we all fail at something, somehow in our lives. 
  2. No. Is a complete sentence. 
  3. Sleep is golden, it's rare when in school but it's golden. 
  4. Self confidence will get you farther in life than no self confidence. 
  5. We are all a little weird (even those people who put on normal masks)
  6. Eating cookie dough is a good coping mechanism but comes with great consequences a week later when you step on the scale. 
  7. You can't be loved until you love yourself 
  8. Redbull smells really bad.
  9. Self respect is something that not many people have. 
  10. We are all fighting battles 
  11. It's okay to cry (no, seriously, its okay)
  12. Once you can laugh at your mistakes or your failures it shows you can grow up and move on. 
  13. Listening to advice is vital when you ask for it. 
  14. Not all criticism is bad. 
  15. Running is actually easy once you get over the fact that you're running. (I know it sounds weird)
  16. People are great but sometimes we all need "me time"
  17. Some people won't like you, sucks for them, you're awesome
  18. Social media is great but can interfere with what's in front of you, put it down sometimes and enjoy the moments. (this coming from a phone addict) 
  19. Ugg boots are socially acceptable in all situations when it's cold out. (they are cute little fuzzy moose feet hugging your feet...tell me what is bad about that) 
  20. Miley Cyrus is probably doing some sort of drug.
  21. Foam fingers are meant to stay foam fingers. 
  22. Knee surgery sucks. 
  23. Going to college we are paying to be stressed out and freak out...but it's okay because eventually it will lead to a job. 
  24. Sometimes you have to create your own family. 
  25. It doesn't matter if someones blood related or not if they love you unconditionally they are family. Family doesn't have to be blood. 
  26. Yoga pants and leggings are pretty much glorified sweatpants and I love them
  27. The best friendships are the ones where you can sit around and do nothing 
  28. We all need help sometimes. 
  29. We all have emotions and feelings, just because you may have more emotions or feelings than another person that doesn't make you crazy. 
  30. The people who want to stay in your life will make an effort to stay. 
  31. If you have a bad day, close your eyes count to ten and start over. 
  32. Chipotle makes everything better 
  33. Lattes from Starbucks that aren't Caramel Macciatos are pretty much weight gaining machines. 
  34. Calories don't count during your birthday week
  35. It's okay to get upset with someone as long as you can then talk about it in a mature manner. 
  36. Skinny Caramel Macciatos fix everything as well. 
  37. Distance can make the heart grow fonder (in relationships and friendships)
Okay so I think this list could go on forever but I'll leave the rest of the list for the real, end of 2013! 

What have you learned so far this year? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Phone Cases I Want Right Meow

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday my pretty people! I know I mentioned back when I first got my iPhone5 that I love phone cases. Well, that love has grown and let me tell you something I am beginning to think my phone is better dressed then I am half of the time *all the time*.

Recently I have been lusting over some phone cases and I thought I'd share!

So say hello to this purrfect phone case, I found this gem on Friday and it's talking all the will power for me NOT to buy it. (send help)

How adorable is this Kate Spade cat phone case?!?!? I mean I am already sold with this gem  - just need to go buy it. right meow! 

\This phone case is a bit of a splurge. I like how classic and sophisticated this Tory Burch case has. Real talk, its kind of perfect for all year round use. 

Currently this fun and flirty Kate Spade case is on sale at Nordstrom. I am just loving the cute saying and the fact that the back of the phone case is reflective. 

And finally this elepahntastic phone case matches my planner. I have been meaning to go buy this phone case since I bought my planner but I have just been miss forgetful! 

Which phone cases do you like??? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Don't Forget To Breathe

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Okay, I know we do it basically involuntarily however, we occasionally forget to let our lives breathe. This past week was kind of a week from down under (and not Australia). I was a super stress monster for most of the week, I was anxious, irrational, and basically one big pile of oh dear god what is going on in my life. I was getting all jumbled up with what was going on in life that I forgot to breathe, to take a break and give myself credit.

We all do it, we all forget to take a step back and realize that there is a big picture. I was freaking out over exams, events, my life, and oh more exams and projects. I was getting myself all worked up over things that have easy solutions. So, after an eventful weekend of a fun party, my car breaking down on the highway, and a relaxing Sunday, I sat down with some music and I broke out my Lilly Calendar and I made a list *actually 3*. But, I prioritized my semester and my life.

So what I am going to do for you is give you some help if you are feeling like you are a stress monkey or if you feel like you have a struggle bus ticket (round trip, for life).

1. Figure out what is important to get done and prioritize it .. I know this sounds silly but sometimes we forget to realize that there are things that seem important that are actually
2. Realize that if it is school OR work there is always tomorrow. 
3. Use some sort of planner (and don't neglect it)....personally I live off of my planner and I'd be a lost puppy with out it.
4.  Sit down on a Saturday or Sunday night and plan out your week ... I am that person I plan out things in advance I like to know whats going on in my life.
5. Talk it out ... Friends are always here for you and if you are still in school or if you are working odds are someones riding the struggle bus too ( least we aren't alone?)
6. Go treat yourself and take a couple hours to relax ...I personally took four days to relax...I still went to all my classes but I spent the rest of the time out of class giving myself a mental break (it was so worth it).
7. Make lists!!! (okay, obviously I am a bit list obsessed) But, real talk they help so much....even if you have one for every aspect of your life for the week ahead. They work folks, I am telling you!

People get busy, life gets hectic, sticky, messy, crazy, stressful, ect. However, what we forget to realize is that there are many ways to tackle a busy week. I have found it's all about having a positive attitude and realizing that I can put anything I put my mind to when I just breathe and realize that I am the list queen.

Stressful weeks and Bad weeks come but what's most important is how we deal with them!

How do you remember to breathe when it comes to your life?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Hey, it's okay....

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Apparently we have all somehow convinced ourselves that having feelings means we are some form of crazy. That having to ask for a favor now means you are inconvenience, needing a shoulder to lean on is now meaning that you are needy, and crying can mean you have some ulterior motive/or your trying to manipulate, if you have a bad week that you some how think people are going to leave you. (now, I realize that we all haven't felt like all of these-- but I know that everyone has experienced at least one at some point in their life).

So, I am here to tell you that it is okay to have feelings and cry and ask for favors, because guess what, we are all human. Yep, we all breathe, we all have hearts that beat, but we also all need someone to help us up from time to time. The miracle of it all is that there will always be someone to help you. 

Somehow or another (especially for girls) we have convinced ourselves that if we have feelings that we are being needy or crazy. (now, lets get something straight, there are actual crazy people in the know the people I am talking about). But, 9 times out of 10 you are NOT that crazy person. You are a human, a person with feelings, a person who needs another person from time to time. 

Recently I have been struggling with this concept, like, what on earth do I do when I have a bad day, I don't want to trouble someone else with my issues - and I will occasionally downgrade what's going on so that I don't have to bother someone else. Personally I have struggled with all of the things listed above. Partially because I don't want to lose what's important to me (but who does), and I don't know how to talk about it sometimes so I just go around in circles until I let it out.

However, I realized, it's okay to let people know whats going on, it's okay to ask for help, and it's okay to fall down. 

Because we all fall down, we all mistakes, we all have bad days/weeks/months/years. However, what we need to realize is that those who love us and care for us, they will stick around, and by needing another person to listen, or to be there for you. That DOES NOT make you needy, it makes you human. We all have our issues, our quirks, or our difficulties. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help, however once you get the help, move on, close your eyes count to ten and start a new day. I hate to say this but hey kids, we only live once so why live it on the struggle bus (too far?....oh well!)

Just because you have feelings, emotions and needs doesn't make you makes you human! 

Have you ever struggled with any of the things listed above? Let me know! 

Keep Calm and Carry On

Musical Maddness

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recently I have had a playlist for almost every aspect of my life in my phone. 

Riding in my car? There's a playlist for that
Getting ready for school? There's a playlist for that
Studying? There's a playlist for that
Blogging? There's a playlist for that too! 

I am sure you get the point. Anyways, I am pretty much obsessing over some songs right now, so I thought I'd share a combination of all my playlists and call it the Hodge Podge Playlist (it's a little bit of everything) 

Hodge Podge 1

1. Bezerk - Eminem
2. This Town- From this season of Nashville 
3. Harlem - New Politics
4. Survival - Eminem 
5. Heartbreak - Gavin Degraw
6. Ride SOHN Remix - Lana Del Rey 
7. Air Catcher - Twenty One Pilots
8. Unconditionally - Katy Perry 
9. Bangerz - Miley Cyrus 
10. Fire- Ingrid Michaelson
11. Finest Hour- Gavin Degraw
12. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell 

What are you currently listening to?

Keep Calm and Carry On

My Weekend In The Windy City

Hello all you beautiful people!! So, this past weekend I took a trip to where I am from, back to Chicago, Illinois. It was a bit impulsive, my dad and I bought tickets on tuesday, then on thursday we hopped on an airtran plane and flew to a place we both call home. We are the only people in our family to live in a different state so it's interesting to go home and see everyone and everything.

My outfit was so plane comfy it's not even funny. ( I wore legginings and big polka dot sweater and ugg boots!)  I read most of the plane ride there and played Pokemon on the way back.

When we got into the city on Thursday I was so excited about how cold the weather was *not kidding*, I am aching for some chilly weahter so I can drink my hot Starbucks (yes its a big deal when an addict can switch from hot to cold drinks). So anyways, there wasn't much fun to be had on Thursday minus the plane ride and the weather update. We had a pretty late flight (it left at 10:30 Atlanta time and arrived at 11:15 Chicago time). Needless to say I was ready for some beauty sleep when we got to my grandparents house.

Friday my Dad, Grandparents and I took a trip to see fall colors at a park. It was so beautiful and calming. The tree colors don't last too long up there so we were lucky enough to see some beautiful tree colors. And of course I grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte for an afternoon pick-me-up!

So, if you didn't know I am a hockey enthusiast *addict*. The Chicago Blackhawks are my boys. (yes, I call them my boys). I love the sport more than you can imagine, it doesn't mater who is playing I love watching. So, needless to say when I found out we were going to see my boys play I actually went a bit hysterical for a second *dramatic*. So my dad and I made our way down to the stadium about 2 hours early to have dinner (hello Italian Beef Sandwich!!) and watch warm ups. I was going a bit insane, I kid you not it was like I was home. Finally with other people who understand my obsession because they are equally obsessed. (In the south I utter hockey and people look at me funny).

I got a little loud, and yelled all the things. However, when we started to realize we were going to lose we decided that maybe we should take a "selfie". Though I have come to the conclusion you can't take my dad anywhere nice.

Sunday my cousin and I went out to celebrate my 21st birthday *a second time, because once was not enough ;)*. It was a blast, I rarely get to see her so it was a lot of fun going around singing kareoke and drinking fun drinks! 

I had a fabulous weekend away from reality, however, sadly I must return to reality *wah*. So, now I must study for a test I have on Wednesday and I must get organized for the rest of the semester ahead! So time to paint nails, and get back to the grind of studying and lack of sleep! 
What did you do this weekend? 

Keep Calm and Carry On

One Day At A Time

Friday, October 25, 2013

Occasionally, I worry. (okay, I almost always worry) it a blessing or a curse. Any way you put it, I am a worry warthog. However, something that I (and everyone I know) worries about is the future. Like holy pumpkin spice latte the future can occasionally *always* freak me out. Talk about an exhausting topic to worry about. I kid you not, this whole trying to predict my future, attempting to make a magic crystal ball with my imagination (bad idea), trying to map out what I don't know. Yeah, it's a headache. I find myself making lists about things that are meant to happen when they happen. (like woah girlfriend calm down). It's like planning what starbucks winter drink you will drink on Christmas Stop that. It's a bit unreasonable. (and in case you were wondering...I do NOT plan my Starbucks drinks...) *that you know of*!

I worry about if I will find a job when I graduate, if my major and minor will assist in my job findings, if I should have stuck with my pre-law/business major, if I am making the right educational decisions, if I am eating the right foods to stay healthy, if I am going to be able to be financially stable when I am out of college, if I will be able to get a dog (because I am financially stable), will I be stuck not finding a job and working a retail job (not really appealing to me, I've done that song and dance and its not my forte), will I have to wait tables, I then think to myself "god I hope *pray* I find a job".....(okay I am POSITIVE you are catching my drift)!

Anyways, it gets to be exhausting because, guess what? I can't CONTROL any of that. I can take the steps in life that make me happy and I can take each day one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. Because, you want to know the beauty of the future, no one, and I mean no one has a clue what tomorrow will bring.

As far as my success goes, I am realizing that I am taking the steps in my life that make ME happy, and when I am happy I am able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Sure, I may be at the bottom of the totem pole when I graduate working silly jobs in my field but hey, we all have to start somewhere. What would Drake say? STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW I'M HERE! *not sorry for that reference* 

And, even when I become successful, independent, and graduated, there is still so much more to worry about in regards to the future. But, if I spend time worrying about the things in life I can't control I will be living in the "what ifs" and goodness knows that's not helpful to anyone.

So, every time I catch myself freaking out, or worrying like a pumaa from the lion king. I remind myself that each day is a gift and that I need to take it one day at a time.

How do you deal with your fears about the future?

Keep Calm and Carry On

The most adorable proposal!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

So, this will bring you to tears...I will let it stand by itself now. Enjoy! 

Keep Calm and Carry On

It's Hump Dayyyyy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Hump Day Folks! 

So if you didn't know, I love camels. So hump day is probably my favorite day of the week. So, today let's just talk about all things camels. 

Last summer, Kate Spade (my spirit animal) came out with a whole camel collection. (hello fabulous). I about died, she came out with a camel wallet, earrings, rings, scarfs, phone cases, it was a camelpalooza and I was obsessing (and that's an under-exaggeration). I wanted to buy everything in the collection but my wallet would have been crying. However, I broke down and bought two things from the collection that are absolutely fabulous. 

First I bought these fabulous camel earrings, they are the perfect hump day accessory. (of course you can wear them when it's not hump day...but I mean, it gives me an excuse to wear them....*not that I need one*)

Then when I was getting my Michael Kors bag (sorry, not sorry). I came across this wallet...I was basically finding every single way that I could buy this wallet...because its *absolutely* fabulous. I mean sure my bank account was going to be crying for a day or two but in my mind it was totally worth, I broke down and bought it, and it is still holding up after almost year round use. (quality, folks!) 

So then Geico came out with a hump day commericial- when I first saw this commercial...lets just say I went directly to YouTube to find it and watched it a couple*alot* of times. 

So for my birthday. My fabulous boyfriend got me this AMAZING shirt. I basically thought to myself, "yep, he knows me. That's a camel hump day shirt." And guess what folks, its my new hump day shirt. I will most likely wear it until it's looking old and ragged *or bucky/ratchet*. 

Basically anything camel is fabulous, you can't go wrong with anything camel. 

Do you have any camel accessories, or clothing? Or do you happen to love camels as much as I do? 

Happy hump day pretty people! 
Keep Calm and Carry On

Getting Designer Clothes With Out The Designer Price

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As you all know, I love designer brands. Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Hunter Boots, Coach, Lilly Pulitzer, and much more. However I don't really love the designer brand price tag. It makes my wallet cry and it makes me cry. While I'll admit there are some staple pieces that you must pay full price for..the majority of your clothing pieces and accessories can be found at a designer level for a less expensive price.

So here I introduce to all of you my passion: consigning.

Consigning is where people can bring in their unwanted, gently used clothes for people to re-buy them and wear them.

 There are consignment shops for EVERYBODY(it just depends on your personal style) personal choice when consigning is finding designer consignment shops. I personally shop at Alexis Suitcase (in Atlanta, Georgia *there are three locations*.
1. Kate Spade. 
2. Michael Kors
3. Banana Republic 
4. Loft
5. Anne Taylor 
6. Jimmy Choo 
7. Tory Burch 
8. Ralph Lauren 
9. Vineyard Vines
10 Lilly Pulitzer 
11. J Crew 
....and so, so, so, much more.
(yes I am aware that some of those brands are not "designer" but they are of high quality, *clothes that last and wear well*).

So, I have been consigning for about three years now (give or take), and my wardrobe has never been happier.
However, there are THREE major rules when consigning (or rules that I made that make consigning a little easier and a little less stressful).

1. Try not go in with an open mind (you can not consign looking for a specific item, you will drive yourself absolutely crazy and you may end up in tears in a dressing room)
2. Not every trip is a winner (I know, this stinks but sometimes you go in and there is just nothing that either appeals to you, or looks good on you).
3. Find a consignment shop that fits your personal style.
 I have been to many consignment shops, *thanks to google* I have been able to find numerous     consignment shops to try. (if you are looking for some to try, take a day and explore the shops in your area! 

So, now for the fun part, here are some of the amazing finds I have found at consignment shops. (listing from top left to bottom right)
1. Ralph Lauren Blazer 
2. Jcrew Sequin Top 
3. Nine West Boots
4. A hodge podge of a consignment shopping trip

1. Michael Kors Sweater (it looks absolutely amazing on) 
2. The Label (because duh!) 
3. A loft tank that can be dressed up or dressed down
4. A Banana Republic Shirt that is perfect for holiday parties

1. A Lilly Pulitzer bag, (brand new)...Rachael had to stop her self from buying it. 
2. A Tory Burch tank top 
3. Me in the magical Kate Spade dress
4. Rachael in the magical Kate Spade dress
(yes that is my twin, Rachael and I wearing an amazing Kate Spade dress that I found!) 
These are just some of the amazing finds that I have come across!! Do you consign, or are you interested in consigning?

Keep Calm and Carry On

P.S. You can shop online at Alexis Suitcase as well! Go ahead and browse around! 

A Little On Trust

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hey there all my lovely readers! So, usually  I stray away from super personal topics and topics that are a little more...vulnerable? (if that's the right word). However, I wrote this about a week ago and I finally decided that I would post it! So, happy Friday folks! I hope you enjoy this! (it's a little lengthy  but worth it!) 

Trust: It’s a five letter word, a simple word right? It’s a word that is so easy to say, so easy to think but so hard to actually mentally accept. We are born as little infants who know nothing; our worlds are just what they are. We have no reason to not trust anyone. In fact as infants it’s the one time that we do unwillingly trust. And by unwillingly I mean our parents, they took care of us, they made sure we didn’t fall down and hit our heads, they fed us, and made sure our diapers were fresh. They began our lives showing us that we can trust them. We then grow up with them learning how to trust. And as teenagers, we break their trust. We defy them, after all those years of them building up trust and giving us trust. We grow up, turn into teenagers, think we know everything, and defy them. Breaking  the strong bond between us and our parents that once was.  Yet, they forgave us, they almost forgot what happened, forgave us, and moved on because they LOVED us.

Then as we grew up some more we began dating, we began liking people for more than their looks. We began seeing people as potential soul mates. As a girl growing up I had this expectation that my love life was going to be a romantic comedy (talk about unrealistic expectations). While there will be moments of cheesy, sappy, romantic gestures, and conversations. This is not every day. (Sorry gals, if you want a notebook kind of relationship, start acting). But, back to my point, we begin handing our hearts over to someone. (Too dramatic?) I don’t think so because that’s exactly what is happening. You are showing yourself to another person. You are showing all sides of you, the good, the adorable, the ugly, the frustrated, the angry, the fear, the sadness, basically you are showing it all. (Of course in time. Don’t get all crazy emotional..ain’t nobody got time for that). But, my point is, we start to become vulnerable…and it can be the hardest thing you actually do.

However, plot twist; there is that one relationship that kicked you to the ground. It made you wonder how you could ever be loved, or how you could ever get back on your feet again to care for someone again. Maybe you were more invested in the relationship than the other person. Maybe you were in love with them, but they were in love with someone else. Maybe behind your back they were off with someone else taking them on dates, telling them sweet things and leading you on. (also known as cheating).

You were in love with them, (okay, maybe infatuated, but it seemed like love). You TRUSTED them, you believed almost every word that came out of their mouth because you had no reason not to, or you chose to be blind. You knew in your heart that their actions did not match up with this image you had created in your head. That you were putting in more to the relationship than they were, you were doing the work for two, instead of the work for one.
Then, one day it hits you, you have a realization. Maybe on your own, or maybe it is thrown into your face in a situation and you have no choice but to see. You are not to them what they are to you. You are not theirs and they are yours.

Then, all of a sudden that trust you initially had in that person (and at this time any person) is gone; completely demolished. You have no choice but to see that you had trust in someone who broke your trust in every single way possible. There were signs, you know there were. You look back and you notice the signs, you see how you should have been skeptical, how something defiantly was not right. How 75% of the relationship was bullhonkey, and 25% (the beginning of the relationship) was legit. You feel depressed, you don’t want to leave your bed, you would rather sit and eat a pint of ice cream than go out and do something. You start realizing how many signs there really were.

Then you come to the conclusion, somehow; that you can never love again and that you can never be loved. You thought what you had was love, you thought you could trust. And now you wonder how can I ever trust again? How can that bond be built again? What did I do wrong to have this act of selfishness come upon me?
So for months you sit around and you ponder- you recover. You were just thrown to the ground and broken into a million little pieces and you have to begin to pick them all up. You have to start facing facts. Honestly, maybe you avoid facts for a while because you just are not ready to face the reality of what really happened. That there really wasn’t anything where you thought there was something. That you were making something out of nothing, that you deserved better, and that this guy, this jerk, he wasn’t your other shoe.

So again, for months things start coming together, you start to feel whole again. You have found your independence and you decide that for a while you are going to flourish in this life of being a “free spirit”. You are going to bask in this new found love for yourself. You begin to flourish, you are learning something new about yourself every day, and your relationships with your friends are at an all-time high. You wonder, “Do I even need someone? I have myself isn’t that enough?” You begin to feel lonely and you feel incomplete because you are realizing that it is not enough. You try new things to fill this gap, (shopping, trying new foods, finding new hobbies) but, you realize that you are enough for you but there is still something missing.
You realize that you have recovered that you can trust again. That all of those thoughts out of sadness and anger were false, and you  are finally realizing that you can love again.
When you finally realize that you can love again, you become skeptical at first. Because, you are starting something new and fresh (meaning, you have no reason not to trust). Yes, that’s right this relationship is now an infant, in the hands of two people who can shape its future. And guess what, you both have some type of baggage, because no one is perfect.
Time passes with this relationship and you notice, you have fear, you fear that history will repeat itself. That you are going to fall head over heels and then get crushed. However, that is no way to look at a relationship. Because guess what, this guy you’re dating now, he is not the same guy! AT ALL. And you begin to see that you are thinking of the worst possible outcome, you get afraid, and you try to look for problems because in your last relationship you had on the L-O-V-E goggles and everything seemed “perfect”. So now you are skeptical and fearful. Yet, you know that things are different, that you found a good guy. That he has given you no reason for you not to trust him. He isn’t perfect, but no one’s perfect. But you start to see that his actions are different than the last guy. He checks up on you, sure he’s busy but he thinks about you, he makes time for you, he makes you laugh, and he deals with your emotional rump at 3o’clock in the morning because he cares for you.

So then you realize that fear is


You realize that you need to begin to trust again, and that trust is possible. You have to tell yourself that this is not the same, he is not the same and I am not the same. And, you begin, everyday realizing that you can trust this person. You realize they will give you what you need. Sure, you’re afraid. But it’s good because this type of fear means that you have something to lose. (and you don’t want to lose it)

So I say this. Don’t forget that all wounds heal, with time everything passes, and life goes on. Don’t give up, don’t shy away from the hard truth, give yourself the love you deserve, listen to your gut and your heart, be skeptical but don’t put up barriers. It is possible to move on and to love again no matter the circumstance. There is someone for everyone, respect yourself, and know when to walk away.

Just because one idiot did something stupid, don’t let that one stupid jerk affect the rest of your life. There is someone who will see you for perfectly imperfect.

Keep Calm and Carry On 

I'm Still Alive I Promise!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So, my blog posts have *seriously* been lacking. I have been slammed with work, that I didn't have time. So, my posts have been missing. I have had a lot of good ideas but I have just been running around making plans TWO weeks in advance, and just trying to juggle this thing called life. (it's fun, but needs a lot of attention).
I also did not realize how much blogging keeps me same, I was talking with my best friend Rachael and I was telling her how I missed my blog and she said to me "well, it's your creative outlet". It really does help you figure out things in your life even if your blogging isn't always deep and insightful. #isthatweird

Anyways, enough about my crazy beautiful life, lets talk about a subject that I am itching to cover.


So, if you were to ask me where I'd be in five years ago when I was 21, I'd tell you something along the lines of, "I'd have my own apartment, I'd have a job and go to school, I'd have a life planned out ahead of me, ect. ect." Well, I am 21 now, and I am so happy with where I am in life.

I realized the other night that I am almost done with college, and I am one step closer to the real world. I have about a year and a half left (Yayyyyy summer classes). I realized that this next summer I will have to find another internship to work, and I will have to be able to get my resume looking spiffy, and I need to start looking at apartments, (I was sat in my room making mental lists for my future). I realized something, what's meant to be will be.

I can sit in my room and make some five year plan of where I want to be, how I want things to be, what I imagine them to be. But, the thing is, life happens. Whether I like it or not life does what it wants. I can not control where the next day takes me, all I can do is take it one hour at a time (I would say one day at a time, but, lets be real...a lot can change in 60mins).

When I finished making up all these mental lists, I realized that I am beyond pleased with where my life is headed, and where I am at in life. I realized that I am a smart, confident, and I have so much going for me. That the fear, and the anxiety I was having was based off of the fact that I was not being accepting.

I know how far I have come. Even better, when I realized how far I've come, I felt a wave of relaxation and peace. All that was happening was that I was coming to an acceptance with where I am in life and where I am going in life.

It was one of the best feelings you could ever have. Honestly.

Have you ever had a life realization that leaves you feeling more content than when you woke up? (does that question even make sense?)

Keep Calm and Carry On

Music Mondays!

Monday, September 16, 2013

So it's been a crazy, insane, ridiculous monday. Like *stressful* but, I lived. (thank god). Monday's should take a vacation for a little bit, please and thank you! Since I don't think that is happening any time soon...I have been listening to some songs on repeat for some time and I thought it was time for me to share them. (my music taste goes all over the place so there is a little bit for everyone!)

Music Madness Playlist No 2.

1. Alone Together- Fall Out Boy 
2. Holding On To You- Twenty One Pilots 
3. Atlas- Coldplay 
4. You Make Me- Avicii 
5. Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus (Just don't think about the video) 
6. Handshake (Amtrac Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club 
7. Migrane - Twenty One Pilots 
8. People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson 
9.  Berzerk - Eminem 
10. Burn - Ellie Goulding 
11. Pieces - Iron For Hire 

My all time favorite right now is Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. Kind of my life anthem

What is currently on your playlist?! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Let's Play a Game Called Catch Up

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well hey there, all my beautiful people! This past week has been *Crazy*. I have been making list on top of list and I have been planning my weeks two weeks at a time. (I know, what type of crazy person does such a thing?) Well, I have been and it has been making my days a little less stressful, sometimes more stressful because I want to fit all sorts of events into one week and I have to stop myself and say *no*, because there are only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. (common sense I know, but sometimes we forget).

Last Sunday my week just took off with a racing start. I had my first test at Kennesaw and I am pretty sure I owned it after HOURS *upon hours* of studying. I had the test on the wonderful hump day, the struggle was real to keep the momentum up all week long. (I had about three venti iced coffees on Tuesday night). Yes, I am a chain coffee drinker. It is a bit of a problem (or as I call it a solution). I also constantly had my planner with me, and my phone somewhere near by. I eventually just turned off my phone and said goodbye to all social media and studied. (Discipline post to come soon!)

Anyways, all sorts of fun stuff happened this week!!! I found out my friend Jen is going to be doing my hair and makeup for my 21st birthday this Sunday (I am beyond excited). I went to Six Flags (an amusement park with rides and fun!), I did a lot of homework, and I ate lots of food. (I WILL be hitting the gym this week!!)

So sorry that I missed my very first authentic #realtalkwednesday post, I promise I will be blogging a lot more this week! (Last week was just a little cray, cray)!!

More to come my lovelies!!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Wrap-up of My Weekend!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, happy Monday folks!

It is back to the grind this week!

This past weekend was a blast!! I mean, honestly I had so much fun!

Friday was a pretty chill night, I didn't do much of anything....besides study. Lots, and lots of studying. *oh college life*. I spent most of that night sitting around memorizing terms and reading many of chapters. (major test on Wednesday) *yuck*. I also hung out with my handsome pup, spending time snuggling around while I slaved away reading so many pages and highlighting everything in my sight.

Saturday afternoon I went to go visit my boyfriends and his parents. I kept on bugging my boyfriend for a cupcake and he surprised me with this oh so cute ice cream bowl it was so yummy! I also met his dogs they were too cute and they had some of the best doggie personalities. (who doesn't love dogs?) 


This past weekend I joined a service sorority, Omega Phi Alpha. I was so up in the air with all the Greek Life. But this was *oh so* different. I felt like I was at home with these girls. Like, you have no idea. That is a huge deal for me that I can find a home with 150+ girls. All of which seem to be fabulous *wonderful* people who I can't get to know more!

Sunday was our pinning ceremony and afterwards my parents and I went out for lunch to talk about what's new in our lives. My dad and I spent a lot of time making fun of each other (as always) and I spent a lot of time accepting friend requests. (seriously join a sorority and your phone will blow up with friend requests, tagged photos, and likes and comments). 

But then, came the struggle, for one of my classes I have a major test this week. *help*. So some girls and I from my class formed a study group....and it was actually *a lot* of fun. It wasn't a waste of our time either. We actually were productive and able to focus and retain information. I chilled out with a blanket for part of the time because the floor we were on started getting really cold. (yes, I am actually wearing clothes, don't worry.)


After about five hours of studying (and I mean real, legit hit the books studying). We called it a night and went to Chipotle (only the best place ever). It was my friend Lindsey's first time at Chipotle and to say we have her addicted is an understatement! (and yes, that is a giant bowl of cheese).

This whole weekend was a lot of fun, and it was filled with a lot of fun times. I can honestly say that I am so excited to be a pledge for Omega Phi Alpha.

*also* I FOUND OUT MY TWIN IS COMING BACK TO ATL IN DECEMBER. This is just too exciting.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Keep Calm and Carry On