Making a DIFFerence

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I am all for a comfy dress and denim jacket combo because, lets be real, fall is right around the corner and I find dressing for the transition months into fall the hardest of them all. Now, when we wake up, the mornings are crisp but the afternoons take you away with a heat wave. This perfect little layered outfit lets you have the best of both worlds. But, don't let this dress and jacket take away from the real key player here: These DIFF Jessie James Decker Sunglasses  are by far the winner of this outfit for sure. 

I picked these gems up at the boutique, Rough River Sweet River of Woodstock. This boutique is by far the cutest boutique in downtown Woodstock for sure! The best part is that they offer brands that my favorite store Nordstrom would carry; however, instead of supporting a department store I am supporting a local's dream to own a boutique. 

The things I love about these sunglasses? They are HUGE aviators and that is always a win for me. I have tried the trendy sunglasses that are circular and almost retro looking, and for whatever reason my face shape favors classic sunglasses. So when I found these at the boutique near me, I knew I had to have my hands on them. The best thing about DIFF sunglasses to me is that all of their pairs are fun and have vibrant color lenses but they aren't overly loud. 

Another huge benefit about these sunglasses is that they are polarized and are a fraction of the cost of most polarized lenses. Plus, DIFF sunglasses actually makes a difference when you purchase from them. For every pair of sunglasses that you purchase from them or one of their retailers, they donate a pair of glasses to a person in need! How incredibly wonderful is that? 

I've only tried on two pairs of DIFF sunglasses before I fell in love with these, but I will for sure be back to Sweet River Rough River to see if I can snag a couple more pairs. They have most of the styles and colors that are on the DIFF website. So, if you are in the Downtown Woodstock area, go try on some sassy frames. If the sunglasses aren't proof enough to get you to check out this cute shop; Sweet River Rough River is also dog friendly (the more dogs the better). So bring your furry friend and check out their DIFF sunglasses and shop around!