Obsession (part one)

Monday, January 28, 2013

I think I have a pretty unhealthy list of things I want from Kate Spade as of right now....
Someone should get some of them. 
Help me I'm poor. 

so what happens now?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something women struggle with (and men) is what ever a goal is its never good enough once we reach that certain goal. People (including myself) always want more. It is  a never ending struggle to always want more.
Whether it's wanting to be thinner, smarter, richer, more sociable, better looking, ect. I mean if you think about it the list goes on and on.
We make new years resolutions even to accomplish these things.
However does the pressure of always wanting more make us susceptible to failure?
If it isn't losing five or ten pounds, its being able to get a raise at work, or getting all A's at school no matter the repercussions.
We push our selves to new limits.
Limits that maybe we have set the bar too high.
I think part of it is a factor of just wanting something new to shoot for, something to challenge ourselves.
There is such a thing as a challenge and there is also such a thing as pushing yourself over the edge.
Try and know the difference.
It will help you so much in the long run
So ask yourself what happens now that I have reached a goal?
I'm sure you'll know whats reasonable and whats not.
Keep Calm And Carry On

The Spring Semester is in bloom!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What do you do when you realize you are not a morning person and you have to be up at 6:00AM.
And you have to go to physical therapy at 7:30
And class at 10:00..but this is my first day of the spring semester and I'm taking six classes and I'm ready to take on the challenge.
And I am thinking of how I can manage six classes and still get sleep...but then again what is sleep.

I guess we will see what happens tomorrow! 
I also have a consignment shopping trip planned!
What a fantastic monday!

It's been a while!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey there my lovelies!

So I haven't been very active for the past couple of weeks because it was the end of the semester and lets just say it was a crazy end to a crazy semester and I am beyond thankful that it is finally over. Ended up with an overall good end.

Anyways, I am also recovering from some surgery!
I had my ACL repaired and lets just say it was long over due.
I had literally no ACL left.
Needless to say, don't put off surgery.
Or learn the hard way.
I mean it is a lot better to just get it done when you know but sometimes life just gets in the way.


I was pretty much on bed rest for about a week and a half and finally got out of the house a couple days ago thank god.
I was getting serious cabin fever.
But in a way I had some friends come and visit me and that really helped.
They brought me cards, ice cream, chocolate, and their happy faces!

So now I'm recovering and planning for my new semester.

More to come.
Keep Calm and Carry On!