Let's Meet at the Barre

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's no secret that I am on the #healthyliving lifestyle train, but what you don't know is that ClassPass is now in the Atlanta (metro area as well). Not sure what class pass is?? Click here to find out some of the nitty gritty details!

This past Tuesday I took a leap of courage and braved a class at The Bar Method, and it was one of the BEST experiences of a barre class that I've ever had.While the location is right next to a Chipotle (hello temptation). I resisted the urge and had an amazing time.

When I arrived to The Bar Method they made me feel so comfortable, it can be VERY intimidating walking into a workout class where you know no one and you feel like you're going to be the most out of shape person there. But, that wasn't the case, they introduced me to my instructor and gave me a tour of the whole studio. They even made sure to note if I had any injuries or surgeries so that the workout didn't hurt me. It was a very personable experience!!

As I wandered around I noticed they had this adorable bathroom area (no showers) BUT, they had dry shampoo, facial wipes, hair dryers, a straightener a curling iron and so much more. So, after I worked out I had the option to freshen up before I set foot back out into the world. They also had a COFFEE STATION (all caps obviously needed). So, again after you get some shakes and quakes on you can have some coffee, or tea.

So, onto the class, Ashley (the co-owner of The Bar Method) taught the class. Since the class was smaller, she was actually able to help us with our form and she was able to correct almost everyone when she noticed their form was off. Since it was my first time at this class I am pretty sure I heard my name over ten times, but it made me feel like she actually cared if I was doing the workout right, not only so that I would come back, but so that my body got every single benefit out of the class.

What really made this barre class unique is not only that I felt comfortable but that she pushed us to go that extra inch to achieve a better workout. Sure, I shaked a lot, there was a point where my thighs were literally jiggling like jello, and I felt accomplished once I finished the jiggling exercise because I was pushing my body to change and become more toned and awesome.

I think I am becoming slightly obsessed with Barre, it's really rewarding. A little tip if you take a Barre class, eat a banana afterwards, it will help you not be so sore the next day.

Thank you ClassPass for providing me with this membership this month in exchange for this blog posts. Plus I love ClassPass so much I will be posting more, because there are so many places to try!!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Blogger Bear Tells All

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So, while this was technically supposed to be done, earlier today I am going to be featuring the bear behind the blog today. Let's just say life got in the way and I totally forgot to ask my bear until the very last min to have his moment of fame on the blog! So, here we go! Better late than never! 
So, if you want to link up you should still do that, make your man, dad, brother, dog, or fish write this post. If it has the possibility of being a male, ask them these questions and make them feel special for being on the blog!

1. What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
My favorite memory is the time we went to Hilton head together. From the blackout to the Salty Dog, the trip wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for us. 😃

Girlfriend Note: Blackout, meaning the hotel lost power. Not, blackout drunk. 
2. What is her best quality? 
Melissa has a way of always being caring. She cares for everything and everyone,and it's her best quality, although it sometimes leads to some trouble.


  3. What is something the two of you enjoy doing together? 
We enjoy playing Magic together, but my favorite activity is our Saturday mornings where we go to Weight Watchers and then go to either Tin Lizzys or Shake Shack .

Girlfriend Note: well, he knows me too well. GIMME ALL THE CHIPS. 

4. What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written? 
Obviously the post about me, but I also like the post last September about her turning 22 and all the stuff she was up to.

Girlfriend Note: he couldn't pick just one, I am so tickled! 

5. How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week? (And what are you normally up to when she’s blogging?) 
She doesn't blog a lot when I'm around, so I just assume it magically updates when she wills it.

Girlfriend Note: It sometimes magically updates with out telling me. 

Why it Works

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I have tried Weight Watchers 2 times before this time. I lost about 20 pounds and quit. I don't exactly know why I quit, it was apparent that it was working. I followed the program, ate all the things I was supposed to and I consistently lost weight for about 2 months. I don't know if I got bored or if I just wanted to eat foods that looked really good (oh heyyyy Zaxbys). But then the weight I lost came back and it brought friends. I really wasn't a fan of the friends it brought either, this time around it brought an extra 15 pounds of friends, and when I quit weight watchers the second time I was NO WHERE near my goal. I am not even exaggerating when I say I prolly had about an additional 40 pounds go to (at that point) to feel happy about my self and my self image. 

(in case you were wondering, that's what excessive Zaxby's and a messy room look like)

So I quit, and I stopped caring and then what happened? My clothes didn't fit, I loathed taking photos, I felt uncomfortable wearing anything that wasn't yoga pants (and even those made me feel self conscious). Then I started making up excuses, the weight will come off if I deprive myself of the things I want, and I even tried the mental thought process of  "the weight really isn't THAT noticeable to anyone but me". If you can think of an excuse or a way to put myself in denial, odds are I've said it to myself and maybe even to my friends. When both my friends and I both knew I was looking pretty porky. 

I became embarrassed and ashamed. I started looking back at old photos of when I was in the weight loss process and became upset that I gave up when I was looking SO good compared to my "before" photos.

But now, 8 months later, I realized why it didn't work the first or second time. I was doing the whole program wrong. I was guilting myself on cheat days, I was depriving myself of the foods I wanted, I wasn't being very adventurous with trying new healthy alternatives to the things I liked and I was being SO hard on myself if I gained .2 pounds. Yes, you read that right, I got overly upset over something that could have been water weight. I also didn't like the meeting I went to, I couldn't relate to them and they usually got wound up in a ton of negativity (which I get is really easy to do). But it was not helpful to me when I was looking for support and instead I got a bunch of negative Nancy's telling me how they have it worse off. 

It also didn't work because I chose to be ashamed that I did weight watchers, I wouldn't tell anyone and I was so, so embarrassed that I was so overweight. I can't tell you how helpful it is to have your friends (on the program or not) to support you. There have been countless times this go around where I feel discouraged or down, but my friends have uplifted me and told me that it's a process and I am doing so well. I also got a buddy to do the program with, my best friend and boyfriend was attending meetings with me and one day decided he too wanted to count his points and attend meetings "for real" with me. I was so elated that my best friend chose to join me on this journey. Then, my best friend and partner in crime also joined, and even though she is in Denver it's so helpful to have her doing this with me. She constantly holds me accountable to go the gym (even when I'd rather stay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls).

It also didn't work because I put myself down for not losing weight one week. Let's be clear here, some weeks you will not lose weight, you will stay constant and you might even gain a pound (for whatever reason). But this time around the program has taught me to not let that ONE pound affect 20 or 30 pounds lost. Seriously when you think about it one pound gained for one week in the grand scheme of a new life style is NOTHING. And when you aren't losing and you are staying constant, realize your body is adjusting to a new life style and just like your brain adapting to new portion sizes and new foods to eat, your body has to do the same. Your body has to adjust and change with you so some weeks you may look so thin but on the scale you didn't lose, and I gotta tell you, that's perfectly okay. 

So why does this program work for me? Because it teaches me portion control, it provides a support system of completely amazing people. Seriously, once you find a Weight Watcher leader you love, and a meeting you love everything seems to fall into place. A huge round of applause for my meetings, I really hope that everyone who tries weight watchers doesn't give up after attending one wonky meeting (they do exist). Try another, and if that one doesn't fit you, try another. Just like how you need to try different foods to succeed, you also might have to try other meetings. 

So, all of this to say I am not ever giving up. I don't have any expectations for myself but to take each day one day at a time. It works, I am not embarrassed and I don't think anyone should ever be embarrassed for doing something to better themselves. 

(and because you probably want to know where I am now, and where a new healthy life style will get you, here is my work in progress self.). 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

A Letter to My Best Friend

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is that not the most attractive thing you've seen today? That, my friends, is my best friend (aka bae *before anyone else*). Meet coffee, it never lets me down, we never get into arguments, and coffee NEVER feels under appreciated or unwanted. No matter how my day is going my best friend coffee always cheers me up. If I wake up in the morning and I am with out coffee I fear the lives of the innocent people who encounter me. 
If I start my day with out it I end up being a sass cat and wanting a Venti Skinny Caramel Macciato
with 2 extra shots. 
Speaking of those 2 extra shots, yes I want them, and YES I need them. When the barista gives me a judgey glare, I just stare at them with my I really don't have a problem face and then I sit and wait anxiously to get a taste of that yummy goodness. It's time for bae and I to start our day, and I couldn't be happier. 
Sure, when I order the drink I look like I could possibly attack a person but once you get me and my bae together, I am a lot friendlier. Sometimes when I get deprived of coffee it's all I can think of. Which could possibly lead to me crying like a child because I haven't seen my bae since I woke up that morning. 
Coffee and  I have been best friends for over 7 years. And over the  years our friendship has just gotten stronger. You could say I am addicted, OR you could just say that I am dependent. However, I will respectfully disagree with you and say that I just have a best friend who gets me, understands me, and isn't technically a person. But, that's fine because the unconditional friendship and love is worth the judgments from all the haters. Trust me, I am better with my best friend than I am without. 

Thanks bae for being there for me no matter what. 
Keep Calm and Carry On 

p.s My bear is also my best friend by correlation because he supports the friendship of coffee and I. Thanks bear for always making my day's better with a little caffeinated love.