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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Recently there has been so much good stuff going on in my life, along with amazing finds that I just have to share with the entire internet because they are just that awesome.

1. So Bear and I are kind of creatures of habit when it comes to food. No, seriously, we eat at one of four places every week Tin Lizzies, Chipotle, Zaxbys, or Jimmy Johns. Mainly because of #weightwatchers. But we seriously never get sick of any of them. It's a little freaky because usually I can only stand a place for so long and then I don't want it for months. But those four places, forget about it I can eat at any of those places any day of the week. However, the bears adventured out of their caves and found Zoe's Kitchen, we've passed this place many of times and wondered what it was all about and then it just slipped our minds to stop. Finally Satruday during our errands I spotted one and said "lets go try it". We were so impressed by everything regarding our visit, they had three different types of hummus, they had pita sandwiches to die for and their sweet tea was on point! (Thank you faturday for your kindess to allow me to drink sweet tea). Needless to say Zoe's is now on our rotation. 

2. Kate Spade Swimwear: When I heard that Kate Spade was making a swimwear line I about jumped out of my chair and danced. I had a feeling the pieces would be to die for and I was so right. After making a swim suit pros and cons list I found the new bathing suit for the summer.
Is this not the cutest of bathing suits? I gave myself one condition before I bought it, which was that I reach my next 10% goal on weight watchers. Then I will go buy that absolutely stunning top. 

3. This quote: 
I ended up putting it up on my desk so I constantly look at it because when I am doing school work, or even blog posts sometimes I get so bogged down in making them perfect but what I've realized is that good enough really is good enough sometimes. 
4. THIS SONG. Seriously, click play, you will NOT be sad about it. 

5. Also this song:

It's one of those songs that is beautiful and meaningful all at the same time. It's been on repeat for the past week. It might just end up being on repeat for you as well!
Keep Calm and Carry On