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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pumpkin spice latte you're the apple of my eye! (Okay so, that totally sounded ten times better in my head but whatever it's done. I said it!)

So, just like it sounds as of Wednesday; Starbucks brought their pumpkin spice lattes out early. While they were supposed to hit our hands September 3rd, Starbucks also just could not wait to release them! For ten years, (yeah that's right, ten years) they have been hitting our hands for fall. And for about a month now all I could think about was that yummy pumpkiny fall goodness that I was going to have. However, Wednesday I woke up to check twitter only to find out I could get one that morning. (basically I was freaking out over a latte, yep my life.) I have no shame though because it MADE my day. It also brought me luck because I was able to find a parking space with no problem.

My friend Jen and I went that morning (we carpool for classes because the environment is kind to us, so we decided to be kind back....or something) let's just say that....because who doesn't love being environmentally friendly??

Of course I had to instagram my very first pumpkin spice latte of the season (because I am a social media addict like that). 
I am *beyond* ready for fall. You have no idea, please bring on the cooler weather, the cute boots, and sweaters, the apple cider and fall bonfires. I don't ask for much! 
Are you excited for pumpkin spice lattes and fall? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Real Talk Wednesday: Friendships

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Friendship is something that is absolutely irreplaceable. Think about it, the people you have in your life, they are in your life for a reason. And you CHOSE to have them in your life. They didn't force themselves in, and you don't just tolerate your friends. You WANT them to be your friends.

I don't know about you but I never thought about it like that until recently. A little #realtalk I have so many amazing people in my life *seriously* there are so many amazing people that I have met in some of the most random ways but these people they are actually my bestest friends. 

These girls, are some of my *bestest* friends. 

Kayla: Okay, this girl and I go way back to my first year of high school. I was just a little freshman who was trying to get by in high school. I was sitting in the history hall against the lockers when Kayla and some of her friends sat down near me. *because I talk to everything that moves* We started talking, and I met my best friend sitting in the history hall of my high school bonding over assignments that were due, music, and god knows what else. Kayla was actually a Junior when I met her, and even through college, and the ups and downs of our lives we  have always been there for me.  She is also that person that gives me tough love, and that never changes. She will call me out when I am being stupid, or too stressed or anxious. She just tells me how it is and that to me is one of the reasons our friendship is so strong. She has always been 110% Honest with me and to me that is a best friend. While Kayla has always been my best friend we have gotten so much closer in the past two years. We both chose to be in each others lives and I am *so* thankful I have met such a wonderful person who I can call my best friend. 

Anna: Oh how I love my diva queen. We met in 7th grade *oh hey awkward stage of life*.  She had just moved to Atlanta from Miami (Why she ever left that place of goodness and year long tans is beyond me) *but* I am so happy that she did. I don't think either of us will forget that I was the first person that talked to her outside of chorus class (for some random reason we were all lined up outside of the classroom) all it took was one hello and we were instant best friends. But, why this friendship is so special and unique is guess what. Anna and I were not friends for most of high school, *hello girl drama*. But, two*ish* years ago we bonded back together and we talked out ALL of our issues and we were completely honest with each other. (and I mean completely). I think we actually had our heart to hearts at Starbucks (would you expect anything less?). And now, our friendship is nothing but love, sass, and funny moments. I know I can come to her with anything in my life and she will be there for me and support me. (that's what friends should do, they are like good bras that offer the best support). I always tell people if Anna and I can fix our friendship then anyone can. (but seriously). 

Rachael: Oh hey girl heyyyyy. Everyone say hello to my twin. (no seriously, she is my twin). I met this gem of a person through blogging, we started off tweeting each other back and forth and then we met at a Starbucks and spent the day shopping and eating. She is my twin for life. Even though I met this girl this past summer, she is one of my best friends I think of her as my sister and best friend *and twin*. We both blog, we both have so many of the same thoughts and the same emotions at the same time. I can come to her at any hour of the night and know she will be there and she knows that she can call me at any hour of the day and I am always here for her. We are basically inseparable if you get us in the same state (she left Atlanta to go back to Ohio). The same day that I met her I met my boyfriend, a day I will literally never forget. Painting nails in sephora *ratchet* but, whatever they were so cute. Basically, I don't have to say a thing and she knows exactly what I am thinking, and when I am thinking it. Seriously, we twin even 1,000 miles away from each other.

Nicole: Oh where do I even begin. I don't even know that I can begin because we have SO MANY memories. I will never forget meeting you in (band....or health class) *obviously I forgot where* But I will NEVER forget our very first conversation about Thomas (her cat) who we talked about so much. He was basically an inside joke for the longest time. (and he still totally is). This girl I can tell anything too, like anything. She listens. She understands. And she does not judge. I don't know where I'd be with out this girl. 

Samantha: If I were to have an older sister this girl is it. Right here. *seriously*. She has *Always* influenced me in such a positive ways. She gives me the best advice and she seems to have a level head in the most stressful situation. She is my spirit older sister (because I am an only child). We met working at Victoria's Secret and even though we both left that magical place of bras, underwear and crazy people who don't understand that coupons expire. We kept up our friendship, even when we get busy and we can only send two texts a week. I know she is there for me, always. Words honestly can not describe how thankful I am to have met someone who gets me and doesn't judge me (because I have a lot of blonde moments, and most of the time it's a good thing I am pretty) But, what is most important to me about our friendship is that she is the best example a girl could have. #realtalk 

Basically what it comes down to is that I chose these girls and they chose me. And together we are the best of friends in the worst of times. 

I met all of these girls in so many unique ways, all I can say is never rule out any place to make friends because you could make your new best friend out of the weirdest of circumstances.

I am so lucky and blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Of course I have so many other fabulous people in my life but these girls are my core. With out them I'd be a little lost. #realtalk 

Do you have people in your life that you just can not replace? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

That's it for this #realtalkwednesday. Link up with my girl Rachael coming soon!! 

Staying True To Me

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So this past weekend I mentioned that I was going to be going through Recruitment (Going Greek). I went into this experience with an open mind, but while I went in with an open mind I had these expectations of what I thought it would be like. And while I had these expectations, they were not my reality.

On Friday I went to orientation and I loved what the sororities stood for, I loved seeing so many people who like me had an interest in sisterhood, and I had goosebumps when they spoke of the bonds that last forever. I met two great girls during my first night and we had late night adventures to multiple wal-marts and crazy car rides! It was an absolute blast, and I can tell you I will be friends with these girls for a long time. *but* When Saturday rolled around I was waiting around for my chapter rounds to start (I was waiting around for about four hours). During those four hours I was sat around with girls who were freshmen and they were all SO excited for this process it almost seemed for some this was an event that had the potential to define their entire college career. As it is known I am not a college freshman, I am a college junior so sitting around with girls who had different priorities than me was a bit stressful. I was thinking I just don't belong in such an event I was the only person it seemed like who was a college junior at recruitment and I felt so lonely. I spoke to our pledge leader and she told me that it would be different once I got into the chapters. But, I was in a large group of girls who were 18 and I am going on 21 so it was difficult for me to relate to these girls; because my priorities are way different than what theirs are. They were talking of frat parties, dating frat boys, going out, and they didn't speak much of classes. 

For me, I have been in college for a while so I have a bit of a more demanding schedule when it comes to school. 

Basically, I think if I were 18 all over again then I would have LOVED this experience and I would have gotten a bid. (not saying I would not have gotten a bid being a junior in college) but the experience would have been different. 

*I don't know if this is making any sense* 

I would have to "pledge" with girls who were a lot younger than me. But, that was not the only issue with it. 
In this whole process of seeing how far I've come since I was 18 I realized how content I was with my life and where I am at. I felt like if I continued down the path of recruitment and pledging a sorority I would have lost myself and I did not want that. I felt like I'd lose the people close to me (it was a gut feeling that I can not describe fully). All I know is that my mind and heart *and gut* were telling me you need to get out of this. Be true to yourself. 

Day one: hair and makeup all ready! 
Now I have to tell you I met some AMAZING people during this whole process and I am so thankful that I met them. I also learned a lot about myself thanks to this process. I also have to tell you I have some amazing friends who are in sororities and they love it! And I love that they love it (I saw how much they loved it and thought I could love it too!) The concept seems to fabulous to me. But, then I realized. I can have my own bonds that last forever with my friends. And, my friends are always there for me. Life is all about making life long lasting friendships as well! 
Just one of the fabulous girls that I met this weekend! 

Needless to say, I am so thankful I went through with the experience because now I know, and I never have to say "what if" to this whole experience. It is no longer and idea, it's a reality. 

And I am not disappointed because not everything is for everybody. (That's what makes us different as people) because no two people are the same. 

While I didn't think me dropping out of recruitment would be the end result, I got the result that was right for me individually. 

Did you try to do something and get a different result than you expected?

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Currently listening to...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh goodness so Monday's are usually a hit or miss type of day, today they were a bit of a miss but not to worry amazing friends and music saved the day.

I have been struggle bussing all day with an awful stomach pain (that thankfully is gone now, *bye bye bye*). Speaking of music let's just talk *obsess* about Justin Timberlake at the VMA's. Thank goodness he is back in action because we all need a little JT in our lives! (and that NSYNC reunion!)

Also, these past weeks I have had SO MANY songs on repeat so I am going to start something called "Music Chaos" Basically I am going to make a playlist of all the songs I have been listening to non-stop and if you haven't heard of any of them hit up spotify they are all on there and totally worth listening to!

1. Alive (acoustic) - by Krewella 
2. Youth - Foxes 
3. Pompeii - Bastille 
4. What Would You Do - Bastille 
5. The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars 
6. Roar- Katy Perry 
7. Fade into You - Nashville Cast (Sam Palladio & Claire Bowen) 
8. 365 Days - ZZ Ward 
9. Meet Virginia - Train 
10. Always Gold - Radical Face 
11. Naive- The Kooks 
12. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood 

What have you been listening to recently?? I want to know!

Keep Calm and Carry On !

Going Greek

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Thursday! I don't know about you, but I am *beyond* ready for the weekend, and not just because its the weekend! This weekend I am taking a jump into a whole new world! This girl is going to be rushing in the Greek System at her school!

I am ready to Rush, all of my outfits are picked out, I got a new water bottle (seriously everyone should buy a camelbak because they *really* do make drinking water more fun. I know, it sounds crazy, I thought so too, then I bought one and I have never consumed so much water in one day (healthy yes, but I am taking A LOT of trips to the bathroom...anyways. Back to the topic at hand. Yes, I have decided to Rush! To be honest I am so nervous, I am a junior transfer student at my school and I always wanted to be a part of Greek Life, it always looked so fun to me! The sisterhood aspect especially, I like the idea of making friends for life. (but who doesn't). Not to mention the fun socials, and events! I have a couple friends in the Greek System and they have been SO helpful to me! For serious, I have freaked out multiple times this week and they have all been so patient with me (thanks guys!).

I thought about all of the reasons why I wanted to join and none of them were a bad reason and my positives really outweighed my negatives (to be honest, the only negative that I had was a what if I don't get into a sorority!). But I guess I can't project the future and living in what if's is like living in an anxiety bubble.

So, as of tomorrow I will be starting a *very* busy weekend! I am having to really manage my time for these next two weeks. But, honestly I am so excited.

I will keep you guys updated as my process continues!

Did you rush, or are you rushing this fall (or spring?) Let me know, and maybe why you decided to rush!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Real Talk Wednesday: Sometimes Good enough is Good Enough!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No matter what I do whether it be weight loss, friendships, how many friends I have, the amount of work I get done in a day, how organized I am, or if my nails are painted the right way. I am *always* looking for ways to better myself (or perfect myself). It honestly never ends *like ever*.

It sometimes gets to the point where I realize that I have just focused so much on improving myself or making things better that I forget how far I have come!

Six years ago I was not the same person I am today (#realtalk I hope we are all different people than who we were six years ago) But, personally I have made so, so, so, many improvements to my life.

But I find that I forget how far I have come. I get so involved in improving my appearance, my grades, my life, my relationships that I actually start to get anxious and I come about two inches from my self destruct button where I go into this hole of what ifs, and I'm not good enough's, and I am not pretty/skinny enough. (yeah it really *really* stinks).

I get so wrapped up in all of that. *yuck* that I fail to look back and see what an amazing life I actually have. While I realize that life always can have improvements in the future, sometimes I have to accept whats in front of me.

I need to see that I have climbed up my life version of Mount Everest *but really, that's what its felt like some days*.

I think we can all agree that we have "fat days" where we just feel like the size of Honey Boo Boo's mom and our jeans look awful on us, and that shirt we love makes us look horrific. But, sometimes I need to look around me and take a step back from my life and look at my life from an outsides perspective.

1. I have lost 35 pounds in four months.
2. I have transferred to a major university where I am loving everyday of it.
3. I have absolutely *awesomely* amazing friends.
4. I have a fabulous boyfriend that makes me laugh, smile, and he makes feel comfortable around him, almost always.
5. I am the person I have always wanted to be in this moment.

When I step back and take a look at how far I have come it doesn't seem like my life isn't perfect anymore.

In this moment of time I am right where I am supposed to be. And that good enough in my life is good enough.

#realtalk better things may come along in my future but right now I am right where I am supposed to be.

Because really, *sorry to repeat* #goodenoughisgoodenough.

Now, every time I feel upset, or not good enough, or not thin enough, I will tell myself my new life motto. Good enough, is good enough.

Do you ever feel the need to improve your life? Do you need to take a step back sometimes to see how far you've come?
Let me know below!

Keep Calm and Carry On

p.s In a couple of weeks Rachael and I will be doing a link up for #realtalkwednesday -- can't wait to share more info with you about it!

The Nervousness is Finally Gone!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh hey! So guess what, I started school yesterday and um *update* I LOVE IT!

Yesterday I only had one class but I felt like a *real* college student. I made a friend in my first class and I felt like I belonged when I walked around campus to get to my class. It felt like home, coming from a school where I felt like an outsider romping around just trying to get by day by day! Kennesaw State feels like my new home. I am just loving it, honestly.

On my first day of classes I woke up a nervous wreck and I was texting friends back and forth just trying to maintain my cool. And sunday *forgeddaboutit* I was a nervous wreck, I kept on asking myself, "will I make friends" "should I rush" "will I fit in" "will my classes be easy" (I know I sound like a broken record on this part...)(but, just imagine how my friends felt when I was worrying to them! Love them!). My best friend called me when I was at the heart of my freak out on Sunday, I was laying down with a major headache just being anxious and what do you know but I get a phone call. And she asks me "ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FIRST DAY?!?" And the first words out of my mouth were "I am so nervous". She told me that was normal and that it will all work out and what do you know it did! I felt so much better after ten minuets on campus and my class hadn't even started.

While it is only my second day I love it here. That is saying something, to me it is effortless to find friends. (I met someone today just by sitting at a table with someone at it (though lets get something clear finding a spot to eat at for lunch is a *struggle bus*. It basically forces you to sit with someone you don't know if you are eating alone!

Speaking of finding spots to eat, finding parking at this school is like the hunger games. I kid you not. It is the most aggressive process (I am to the point of like bringing some random person coffee and saying please, give me your space!) I hope as the semester goes on parking becomes easier. (This may be wishful thinking)! 

Even after a *little* stressing that my boyfriend put up with. He brought me flowers today! He totally spoils me. 

Starting rush this weekend! *post coming Thursday all about my decision to rush as a junior in college* 

How are you liking your school? Let me know below!

Keep calm and carry on

Summer Time Shanangins

Monday, August 19, 2013

This summer has been amazing, I have really worked on myself, and I am able to tell that I am a different person than who I was when summer started. It made me think a lot can change in a year and in four months. Honestly, if I were to tell you this is where I would be by the end of summer I would have laughed in your face and said "have a nice afternoon" I know I have said I am starting a new school and I am *a little* nervous!! I know, I sound like a broken record (sorry I am not sorry!)

This summer I have made new friends, friends that I know will be around for a long time. We will probably be those older ladies who go out to brunch and get sassy with the waiter. I also made a lot of my friendships stronger. Since I didn't have a ton of papers to write and school work to do I was able to spend time with so many of my friends and become closer to them. I am so blessed to have them around.

(some good friends, and a fabulous pic of David *the boyfriend*!)

While I did not have school I did work a FABULOUS internship with The Perfect Wedding Guide.While this is a wedding planning business, it is not your average wedding planning business. We connected brides to businesses (we had a paid service and a free service!) I loved it so much. I was able to learn so much and grow professionally. I also got to work different events where I dealt with brides. (talk about awesome). While my major is communications and I was the social media intern I rocked my position so much the marketing team ended up stealing me for several hours of the day. I was dealing with different people and I ended up helping them come up with different ideas on how to expand the business (it was such a great glimpse into the *real world*)

I found that this summer was full of self discovery, and bonding.

I needed this summer and I am finding out that this summer really helped me grow up and find out more of who I am.

While I am so sad to see summer go, I am ready for fall. Hello pumpkin spice lattes (coming to a Starbucks near you around September 3rd!) , cute boots, and comfy sweaters, oh and ugg boots too!
Time to get down to the grind of reading, sleepless nights, fun events, and papers galore! (Hello new school, and new classes, and a new work load!)
How was your summer? Did you do any self discovery? Let me know!
Keep Calm and Carry On

Guest Post: For The Love of Bacon

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! Saturdays are probably my favorite day because you can stay up late Friday night, wake up late Saturday morning (or afternoon), and then go to bed late at night! (talk about the perfect day of the week!)

Anyways, I have some exciting news to tell! Well, it is not exactly new news, but, it is going to be news to you! I have left the singles club and I am dating a wonderful guy and I am so happy to tell you guys that he understands me (For the most part, I don't think he completely understands why I have so many pairs of yoga pants, or why I have an obsession over Michael Kors). But, he is learning!

Anyways, I asked him to do a guest blog post for my blog on the best food group ever....BACON. (and yes, that is a food group)

So, get ready for some fun bacon facts (that will most likely come up in a random game of trivia...so take note!)

So my girlfriend, the wonderful lady who runs this blog, was sitting with me at breakfast, and she was discussing her blog ideas, and she was eating bacon and telling me how good it was. I came up with the idea of making an expository about bacon. Her eyes lit up like a pyromaniacs apartment and she said it would be a great idea. So, now I’m going to tell you all about bacon. And I wanted to keep it in theme with Melissa’s favorite things on her blog:lists. So here’s my guest post, called

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bacon

Sorry if I make you hungry.

10.In a 2009 British survey conducted by onepoll.com, men preferred the smell of bacon and petrol to the smell of a newborn baby.

9. Bacon has been around for a very long time. In fact, the Chinese have been documented as salting pork bellies as early as 1500 BC, making bacon one of the oldest manufactured meats.

8. So, bacon has been around for quite a while. But bacon wasn’t always in it’s crispy fried strip form. Until the 16th century, the term bacon referred to all kinds of pork, not just the fried delicacy we know it as.

7.  ‘Bring home the bacon’ is a phrase referring to bacon that may have an earlier reference than you’d think. It refers to a English town during the medieval period. An English town called Dunmow said if a man could testify before God and the congregation that he had not quarreled with his wife for a whole year and a day, he could have a side of bacon. Any man who could ‘bring home the bacon’ was held in high esteem in the community. Although some believe that the term comes from festivals where people would try to catch greased pigs to bring home the bacon. Both sound interesting to me. :)

6. In terms of packaging bacon, Oscar Mayer received the first US patent for packaged, sliced bacon in 1924, thus bringing bacon to supermarkets everywhere.

5. Different countries use different parts of the pig for bacon. The United States uses the belly, England uses the shoulder, and Canada uses the loin. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

4. Speaking of yielding bacon, there are two pig breed that are bred especially for bacon, Yorkshire and Tamworth. These two breeds are especially good at yielding bacon. That sounds weird, but this bacon we’re talking about here.

3. The United States produces more than 2 billion pieces of bacon last year, compared to 8 billion pounds of cheese, and 8 billion chickens consumed.

2.Speaking of consumers, New York is the largest bacon-consuming city in the United States, followed by Los Angeles and San Antonio. CHicago and Baltimore

1. Bacon is healthier than hot dogs, hamburgers and glazed donuts in terms of salt, calories, fat and cholesterol. But don’t let that deter you from combining the two.

Well I hope you learned something about our favorite food, bacon! I have my own blog, but I don’t write about food. Instead I write about my favorite electronica music. I plan to use it to post sets from festivals, and pictures from the events I go to. It’s in its infancy, but please go check out my blog at http://davidddod.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading

But for serious y'all check out David's blog, he has some awesome music taste!

Keep Calm and Carry On
p.s that's us!

Six Things That You Don't Know About Me

I thought I would do a little fun activity that my best friend Rachael tagged me in! So I am going to answer SIX questions about me! Dive in with me! 
1.  Why did you start blogging?? Well, okay. I started blogging because I love writing. I find myself coming up with all of these little ideas that I think "wow, that's going to make a great blog post!!" . I feel like part of me just woke up one morning and said I am going to create a blog today! I remember when I created Daily Chaos I was so excited just to do it for myself. (part of me still blogs for myself as well). And  when I find out people read my blog and enjoy my posts it makes me so happy! 

 2. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given to you?? Well, it is actually signed at the end of each of my posts. "Keep Calm and Carry On". I know it's like a trend right now, heck I could go to a boutique and find ANYTHING that says keep calm and carry on with a Union Jack flag. But this is a motto that I keep in my head at all times. There have been so many situations where I was border line freaking out about something that in the grand scheme of things was not that big of a deal. The quote allows for me to have some sort of acceptance (I know, weird right?). I am also going to bend the rules a little bit and give you one more tidbit of advice that I received. Whenever things go wrong or I get stressed out over a ten page paper, a exam that I have, or anything that could seem important. I tell myself "Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill". My mom actually told me this tid bit when I was starting off college and I was stressing out over feeling like I didn't have enough time in the day to get every assignment done. I was stressing major, but one day she sat me down and she said "Melissa, don't make a mountain out of a mole hill"  and at the time I looked at her like she was crazy but, two semesters ago I realized that again, in the grand scheme of everything one test, one paper, or one assignment was not THAT important. They were little mole hills that I was crossing over.

3. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Well, I love reading, writing in my journals, finding little hole in the wall coffee shops where I can blog, blogging (obviously), hanging out with friends, and finding new restaurants to try (I am a slight foodie). 
4. Tell us something we don't know about you. I knit!! (I feel like I am having one of those highschool musicals where they are all confessing their guilty pleasures...and the one guy says I BAKE! I have been knitting since I was 13 and I love doing it! I find it so relaxing and it's a perfect thing to do when I am sat at home on a rainy night while watching TV! 

5. What's something you love about yourself? I can talk to almost anyone, about anything. I love that I am outgoing and can meet people easily. (granted I have met my fair share of creepy people). I can easily relate to people, and carry conversations. (snaps for Melissa)! 

6. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose? I desperately want to meet Carly of College Prepster. Her blog has seriously been a life saver for me. Countless times when I feel sad or I feel under the weather I just go through her blog and read posts and I don't feel so bad! (if I had a blogger spirit animal she would be it!) 
Okay! So now it's your turn! Answer six questions and post them on your blog! (the questions are below!!) 

Keep Calm and Carry On

1. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
3. Blogs you're loving right now?
4. What's your biggest struggle in life?
5. Why did you start blogging?
6. What's something you love about yourself?
7. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
8. Tell us something we don't know about you.
9. Who inspires you?

Real Talk Wednesday: Handling Stress and Anxiety

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stress and Anxiety are both a struggle for me. I have mentioned before that I am starting a new school in the fall (go Owls!). While my start date for school is inching near (I start Monday). I found myself earlier on this week getting anxious, scared, and stressed. I kept on thinking..."Will I make friends" "Will I enjoy my classes" "is this the university where I belong". I found myself not getting excited and just getting stressed and anxious. Freaking out over things that I can not control when it comes time for school to start. My anxiety was taking what I was excited for and making it a ride on the struggle bus (all aboard). 

So dealing with my anxiety I thought I would give a list of the top 5 things I have done to ease my anxiety::

  1. Running/going to the gym: Whenever I start to feel overly stressed or overly anxious I put all of my thoughts in one part of my brain and I leave them there and I don't think about them. I go to my local track or to my gym and I forget about all the things that are bothering me, making me stressed, or making me anxious. I just turn on my music and think about how amazing my life is (sounds so silly but it actually works). Then, after working out I come back to the things that were bothering me and they are a little clearer and my anxieties are gone. 
  2. Talking it out: I have some of the best friends ever and they are honestly so helpful. Whenever I feel super stressed or anxious. I can call (or text) one of my friends and they #realtalk me through what I am going through. Occasionally giving me the tough love that I need. 
  3. Writing in my Journals: I have three journals that I keep. I write in them for different things. One of them is specifically for reflecting on my past and how things are different, the second is on my day to day life and what I did for the day, and the other journal is a coping journal ( a place where all of my anxieties, and fears go...in this journal I also write ways I can deal with the things that bother me). I find having three is helpful because its organized and makes it easier for me to go back and read. 
  4. Listing: I know, I talk about my lists a lot. But they are so helpful. I find when I list out everything in my life and I see how wonderful life is; the little things that are making me anxious don't seem so important in comparison to the big picture. 
  5. Reading my favorite quotes: I find that quotes ease my anxiety and my stress. There's something about having someones words to guide me through a situation. On my desk where I study, when I look up, I have about 10 sticky notes of quotes that I see while studying. Some of the quotes I just thought up, others are quotes from famous people, or my favorite authors. 
Whenever I get stressed about school or life I do one of these things and I find that my anxiety and stress levels decline and I don't feel consumed by stress or anxiety. 

What do you do when you are trying to ease your anxiety? Let me know below!

Keep Calm and Carry On. 

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