These are just some of my obsessions this week.

Monday, March 11, 2013

#1. So if you haven't listened to Bastille, you are missing out they are fabulous and the lead singer has a voice that will make you want to marry him (I am not kidding). They sound good live or in studio. They are by far my biggest obsession at the moment. 
Dan smith the lead singer might as well marry me now. 
If you check them won't be disappointed! 
#2. Fentimans Rose Lemonade with a hint of ginger...oh my goodness this is an amazing afternoon pick me up! It is going in a cooler for my longer days when I have classes. 
#3. The skinny hazelnut macchiato: This little something is a good morning starter it is newer and basically the same as a Caramel macchiato however it has a delicious hazelnut topping. Trust me when I say it's like a little bit of heaven in a cup. 
#4. Anchors, Anchors, Anchors. I can not get enough of these lovlies and with summer right around the corner I am ready to break out my anchor bathing suite and get to tanning. Bring on the pool days and cold drinks! 
Keep Calm and Carry On! 

Attitude is everything

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sometimes I think...I am too boring, too serious or, too scared.
Then there are other times I think I am too adventurous, too loud, or too goofy.
Sometimes, I wonder what people think of me.
If they think I am pretty, ugly, shy, outgoing, too loud, too serious. ect.
However what has dawned on me is it does not matter what anyone thinks of me.
If I waste my time worrying about what other people think of me...I am going to be miserable. I am going to be giving myself poison.
Don't worry about things or people you can not change.
While they seem important, their views on you are not more important than your own.

I have been told over and over that attitude is everything.
And it's true.
If you are walking around on a rainy day and you forgot your umbrella, you don't have on appropriate rain shoes, your hair is now a mess, and you are late to class or work.
All of these things seem pretty sucky....and they are.
However one drop of positive can change your entire day.
It only takes one positive thought to turn around the rest of your day.
If you are constantly down on yourself...or telling yourself that you can not do something. It's basically already set up for you to be miserable and most likely one big debbie downer.
I can attest to this.
Recently I have been in a Science/Lab class that is royally kicking my butt.
I have spent hour upon hour on this class.
And my results were not showing through in my exam grades...each grade I got back I became more negative towards the class, and even towards myself.
I would dread the class work, I would tell myself I could not do it.
Then I hit the final straw when I was taking a lab test and I noticed that not only was the test really hard but I was making it harder than it needed to be, and I was miserable.
I was beating myself up so much about these classes I forgot an important factor to success which is to have fun.

I was focusing so much on the grade and not enough on the learning.
So I started a new attitude from the point I turned that test in.
I am making the class more of an adventure and less of a struggle.
It's like not doing laundry for a couple of weeks....then you have loads to you make it into a basketball game so its a little more fun and when you fold it you have a ten min dance party. It's not about the task itself its the attitude you give to the task

Have fun with things. The only person who can define you is you what anyone else thinks or says doesn't matter because they are not you!
Keep Calm and Carry on!