Shopping Finds

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hey friends! So, I had to share with you guys some of my great shopping finds. Between the obvious Lilly for Target Collection, I have also found other great finds at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Seriously, the Rack might as well be my new home and then Nordstrom is like going to see grandma and being spoiled rotten. So, what have I found at these wonderful places? You're about to find out!
So, first off I am obsessed with this Tory Burch bag, I have been going between this one and another one and my first Tory Burch bag was not made very nicely and it really bummed me out. By the seams of the bag it was buckling, I thought it was the one bag so I exchanged it for another and sadly it did the same thing. So, I made a decision to get a different style bag and because of that I also found some other GREAT finds to add to my collection. So let's get the party started!

First off these Kendra Scott Earrings - I have been obsessing over them for a long time and I have now added two pairs to my collection. They are both in the same color family but I have NO shame. Seriously how can you go wrong with what I am calling statement earrings.

Then I found a gorgeous Tory Burch bag. I have another bag that is similar to this one but you can never go wrong with large totes. Plus this one is black and I am telling myself that it is super professional.

I have also found the perfect Tory Burch shoes and they have my heart thumping and bumping. Seriously, they are a great swap for my Jack Rogers and look great with a dark wash skinny jean.

Then I found the bright Nars lipstick and its the PERFECT summer shade. It's bright but not obnoxious and with a little lip gloss can be the perfect accent to a great outfit. *Color* Claudia

The Rebbekah Minkoff bag is now my go to summer bag for when I am on the go. (thanks nordstrom rack for this amazing find). I found it on a super sale in the back of a crossbody section and I nabbed it when we were in chicago and it was the best decision.

While bear was trying stuff on at the Rack I decided to peruse the mens sunglasses for fun and little to my surprise I found a pair that looked super feminine so I tried them on and they felt perfect. So I am constantly rocking a pair of men's sunglasses and I dont even care.

Have you had any good finds recently???

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lilly For Target Gone Wild

Monday, April 27, 2015

Did you attend the #lillyfortarget launch? If you did, bless you. And if you didn't, here's what you missed. This launch was unlike anything I have ever seen, think #blackfriday on steroids and rabid white girls attacking everything. When Bear and I arrived at the first target it was 8:08, he dropped me off at the door and THE RACKS WERE CLEARED. First off, the store had only been open for 8 minuets, and all the little Felicias had attacked. It was almost like they trained for the event by clearing practice racks. So Bear and I left, (side note: Bear is the best fiance in all the land because he team worked with me to get some great stuff even though he didn't really understand what was going on he helped grab the right sizes and also acted as a body guard against all the white women attacking *claps for bear*). Once we arrived the second target my Mom called me with an update of other stores it was a mission for anything and everything we could put our paws on.

I should note that women had like little campfires with their karts in a circle and they were trading merchandise that they hadn't even purchased yet. Some women got into a fight over a scarf and then one woman grabbed a bathing suit out of my hands and then walked away. I was completely speechless.

So the question you are most likely thinking is WHAT DID YOU GET? Well I am no fashion blogger but today I decided to give it a try.

This shift dresses are my favorite they have a ton of little accents that make them one of a kind! (also please not my attempted fashion blogger pose. I tried folks!) 

This dress is my favorite dress! *I repeat* This dress is my favorite dress from the collection. I adore the Upstream print and also the pink accent with the zipper is amazing. (not pictured) The upstream jumper I bought as well. It's currently at the dry cleaners. 

This is a Lilly Pulitzer necklace from years ago, and it opens beer bottles, or coke bottles or whatever has a secured top. 

My mom is the real mvp for finding me these plazzo pants. Seriously, you can dress this babies up or dress them down. 

This romper is  HUGE milestone for me, for years I was too heavy and my shape was too "round" to rock a romper but today I stand here confidently rocking this romper and feeling amazing in it too! 

I also got those shorts and that towel. I am pool ready. This summer I plan on basking by the pool while taking four summer classes because what is your last"Summer" as a college student if you don't bask in the sun with a cold iced tea. 

Did you have any luck with the Lilly for Target collection? 
I want to hear all about it! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Southern Weddings Wedding Planner

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When you first start planning a wedding it can be difficult to find a starting point for planning a wedding. For me personally, I found myself getting excited about EVERYTHING wedding related. The guest list? Lemme make that excel sheet for you. The budget? That's gonna have to happen but I had an idea. I had a stream of consciousness going on allll the time. Eventually it can feel a little overwhelming. When I was talking with my mom she was telling me about this great wedding planner, when she showed me pictures and showed me the video it got me excited ten different ways to Sunday!
Then I watched the intro video to the planner and got goose bumps and even teared up a little bit. I thought that it was just all the new engagement excitment that gave me the teary eyes, but I just watched it again and out came the teary eyes! 

I was stalking the tracking information because I wanted nothing more than for that wedding planner to be in my hands for me to play with and fill up with all of the wedding planning details for the beary bear wedding. 

*note: wedding planner pairs well with a coffee, le pens and a snack! 

The Southern Weddings Planner is so carefully thought out and made with so much love. I personally love the gold embossing with the clean white background! It really has a touch of simplicity that makes it classy. I guess you could say that simplicity and class make up a pretty great southern gal (or northern transplant southern girl). 

When you open the wedding planner this is the first page you see. I loved the beginning note because even though the Southern Weddings team doesn't know you they still want to be just as excited about your big day that you are! 

Again, with the gold embossed type. Seriously, can it get any prettier? I also love that they break down each section for you in the beginning along with tabbed sections. It makes it super easy for you to know what topics are on what page numbers. 

The little details on this check list have me swooning. I love the cute little illustrations with the check list to keep me on track. Missing from action on the check list, we did actually get a caterer, Chipotle will be catering our wedding in all of its glory....I really wish we could have a starbucks barista at our wedding but I have a feeling people would rather have an open bar. But in the coffees bar defense, it too could be open bar, AND you'd never get tired from dancing. Just saying. 

I also love that they have cute little question and answer sections in the book for the bride to be and husband to be. David and I had a blast filling these out, (please don't mind my messy hand writing). It's super fun to get Bear involved because I like to do wedding planning stuff with him (even if it makes him cringe sometimes). 

I simply love my wedding planner and I am so happy its finally in my hands. I honestly have found it a huge help, especially with the budget aspect of wedding planning. It really helps break down the spending you are doing to make sure that you are staying on track for the big day and not spending too much. 

I am so happy Southern Weddings made this great planner! If you want to buy one, you can do so here! If you're engaged and planning a wedding, I would say to buy one ASAP because they are the cats meow. 

Keep Calm and Carry On