Fashionista Fun

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I have never done fashion blog posts before, but I've been inspired to attempt a fashion blog post. As I have mentioned before I love consigning clothes (of course I never actually sell, I just buy!). I have showed you guys how to consignment shop and we have discussed my obsession with Kate Spade many times, but you should also know my love for Michael Kors is strong and alive as well. 

So my best friend Ragan helped me take some pictures and was awesome and helped me curl my  hair (it was with one of those wand curling irons and it's a magical invention that I need in my life)
(Hi Ragan!) 

Anyways, some of my outfit is consigned! So get excited and start scrolling! 

I paired the outfit with a pop of pink. 

(oh hi random selfie)

With out the pop of pink! 
Real talk...This bag is about 3 years old from Michael Kors, I use it all the time and it still looks like it's in perfect condition. It's one of my favorite bags to go to when going out or when traveling because it is small enough that it doesn't get in the way but its big enough that it fits all of the essential things

I was obsessing over my hair (real talk). I wish it could do this every day! 

My earrings are super fun and they can be dressed up or dressed down!

Now you are probably wondering what was consigned and what wasn't...well, you're in luck here come all the little details! 

Sweater// Lilly Pulitzer *consigned* 
Tank Top// Jcrew *consigned* 
Skirt// Jcrew *consigned* 
Tights// Jcrew *retail* 
Bangles// Kate Spade *retail* 
Watch// Michael Kors *retail* 
Purse// Michael Kors *retail* 
Necklace// Gift from Rachael from Fifth and Mae 
Earrings// Lilly Pulitzer Christmas gift

And of course a picture of my favorite bear and I!
That's all for today friends! 

Do you consign, or do you have any pointers on how to put together outfits?

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Taking Chances

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Hump day friends!

I hope you guys are all having an amazing day!

I don't know about you, but taking chances can be pretty nerve wrecking. Sometimes we have to take chances in life and we have no idea where it's going to take us.

It's like jumping onto a moving train with no idea where you are actually headed with twenty dollars in your pocket. Recently I have been realizing that I need to start moving out of my comfort zone, and I need to start pushing myself to try new things, and push myself to realize that it's okay to not be good at something as long as you try. I am not saying try everything you find or everything you come across (that's a lot and honestly there are some things that may either hurt you (like bungee jumping) or things you aren't capable of (like eating 50 wings in one sitting. *side note I've eaten 26 wings in one sitting*).

Real talk I have been learning how to play pool and its a bit of a struggle but I am not giving up. I am determined to learn how to hit the ball in a straight line with enough momentum to get into the socket thing. (I know I am SUCH a pool expert!)

So, I decided at the beginning of this week that I am going to start trying new things and I am going to start pushing myself to be a better person physically and mentally. I am taking chances getting my future in order (preparing for my big girl job), I am going to start getting more in shape, I am going to try all sorts of new things and I am going to start filling out job applications and writing all the cover letters.

I am  little afraid but I know that taking chances and taking risks will benefit me in the long run, because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and what ever you succeed at still makes you stronger. (basically kiddos its a win-win!)

Just don't get too discouraged when  you aren't good at something or if you fall off the moving train in the process. (realistically you would be seriously injured, but in theory just hop back on that train and start trying all the things!)

So try new things and take some chances; lets take an adventure on the train that has no destination and get off when we feel like we can hop on a new train to try new things!

Are you taking any new chances???

Keep Calm and Carry On

*Musical* Monday Madness

Monday, February 17, 2014

So this past week I have found tons of new music so this may end up being Musical Monday Madness (we will see!)
This past week I think I found more music than I have found in the past month! Are you ready for some musical discovery this week?! (because your world is about to be rocked)

1. This is my most recent discovery thanks to my best friend Kayla, she and I are always sending each other music links of things we find (some are amazing, and some are just catchy). This next song AND artist are both amazing. This song is a great running/work out song along with a great pump up song before an exam!

2. I don't know if you've heard of the band Needtobreathe but basically this song has been on repeat while I've been studying. Talk about an encouraging and inspiring jam session. 

3. This song has been stuck in my head for far too long and the music video is a bit much but the song is a great work out song (so much work out music to be found!)

4. Another Needtobreathe song because one simply was not enough (seriously folks, if you haven't already gone to youtube and checked them out you should.....right now!) 

And because I have bombarded you with music links today I am leaving you with this very last thing I am loving, which oddly enough is NOT a music link (say what?!) It's a T.V show that is probably the best thing to ever hit netflix....*ever*

If you haven't watched this show at all you should get on, sometime, forget all the other things you were meant to do or all the things you wanted to do and watch this show. It will get you addicted in a heartbeat. (it's more addictive than Starbucks, folks!) 

That's all I have for you this week!

What do you think of the music? Have you ever watched House of Cards?! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

What A Weekend

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey there all you sassy people!

It's Sunday which means it's time to prepare for the week ahead and that's defiantly what I am doing tonight, PLUS tons of studying for a statistics test I have tomorrow. 

This past week honestly was not my week, real talk, it was stressful, I was snowed in (even though there was no school there is honestly only so much laying in bed a girl can do before she starts to get restless!), I had to forgive and forget, and I was involved in a hit and run accident (with honestly minimal damgae, but it was still pretty freaky!), and on valentines day none the less (come on universe cut me a break please?). But despite all of the events, I managed to keep my head high, I dusted myself off and I said to myself "close your eyes count to ten and breathe, you can start this day over" and that's exactly what I did. 

During the middle of this past week I was feeling very discouraged, I felt like all of my classes were going to intertwine and I was going to have tons of tests back to back and no time to truly get down to it and study, I keep on wanting to just graduate and get moving with my life, I want to have an income and I want to be able to provide for myself. 

However, I am truly blessed I am well taken care of by my parents for the time being, I have a roof over my head and my college is paid for and I am getting done a lot faster than if I had a job. I realize that I am truly blessed with amazing parents, amazing friends, and an amazing boyfriend. 

So getting back to the weekend shanoodlegins (I totally made up that word just now.) 

Friday of course was an interesting day, I got rear ended and left ( to the  jerk that hit my car and drove off, karma is a real thing and I really hope you know that). But it was Valentines Day and it was the best Valentines Day I've ever had, no joke I wouldn't have had it any other way. David and I ate Chinese food, watched house of cards and played Mario Kart. 
David got me these lovely roses and they are just lovely, I totally wasn't expecting them and when he told me he got me roses I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! 

And of course Bombshell and her injuries, not too bad but still she's looking rough. But hey, she's one of a kind and I think shes wonderful! 

My stat professor is probably way better than any math professor you'll have. Honestly is this not just adorable?

And of course my Mom and Dad are the best Valentines as well, the card was probably my favorite part of their gift. (who doesn't love a tutu doggy?) 
Even David's parents got me this adorable chocolate roses bouquet (its so precious, and pretty I don't even want to eat it!) 

Saturday David and I went out to his parents and it was a blast visiting with them, and hanging out with their adorable dogs. Davids momma and I even went out shopping and I splurged on this adorable Lilly Pulitzer pancho. (only $30...winner winner chicken dinner) 
(the best dog ever, next to Scotchie *my baby*)

It's more flattering in person but I had to include a picture!! 

And I finished off the weekend with Chipotle and a Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macciato (with extra caramel *a mountain of caramel!* 

Now it's time for laundry, and studying, and planning out the week ahead. 

What did you do this weekend? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Let's Talk About Forgiveness

Friday, February 14, 2014

I have been dabbling with how I want this post to go, what I want to say in this post, how I want to word this post and so much more. It's been honestly a bit of a struggle of how this was all going to go down here on le blog...but I think I finally figured it out, after tons of thinking and contemplation. 

So here we go. 

Let's talk about forgiveness for a second. I don't know about you but I can have a hard time trusting people when they break my trust. I believe that you have my trust and my benefit of the doubt until you prove me wrong or you openly do something to me that defies my trust or breaks my trust in you, you can guarantee that I will trust you and I will always give you the benefit of the doubt at first (sorry for repeating myself a bit here). The thing with trust though is it can leave in an instant one wrong move, one lie, one mean action ect. it can all change everything. 

I also understand that people mess up, and people fall down (trust me I understand that). But the thing with forgiveness is that you have to have faith that the person is going to change and the person is going to change their actions. And since we can't see in the future you have to forgive and give them the benefit of the doubt even though they have given you no reason for you to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

But what makes forgiveness more important is that you have to rise above, you have to be a better person, and you have to love the person who broke your trust. (and not in the gushy mushy I LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHEESE WAY), but more or less in the way of compassion and love. 

The thing that makes forgiveness so powerful is that if you don't forgive and if you don't move on it isn't hurting anyone but yourself. I promise you the person who has apologized has probably moved on and they are probably under the impression that everything is hunky dory with a side of tater tots. The only person who is living with any type of hurt feelings is the person left to forgive. 

And sometimes when it comes to forgiveness, you don't get an apology, but still you have to forgive because again, the only person that is affected at that point is yourself. Being angry/resentful at someone has never done anyone any good. (trust me). I have found that being hurt is okay, being mad is okay too, and being fearful is okay too. But all of those things should be temporary because again, they are only bringing you down. This person who hurt you, or thing that is affecting you can't define you, your relationship, your life or your outlook on people. You can't always assume the worst in people, unicorns don't let other people affect their lives (because the only person that can truly affect a unicorn's life is the unicorns outlook on their life).

So forgive when you are able to, realize that the trust that you need to have in a person or an event will come in time. Nothing is repaired over night, nothing is fixed with one apology). Because the next step is the changed actions, changed actions are the only thing that can really redefine someones trust in another person. Which means you have to give the person a chance to change their behavior/actions. So be a unicorn and give the person a chance to prove themselves, and if they don't prove themselves at that point the only person they are truly hurting is themselves. 

Be kind. Be passionate.Be a unicorn. And realize that no ones perfect, people mess up, and sometimes they need a second chance to prove that they indeed are trust worthy and someone who deserves your trust. But the first step to allowing them to prove themselves is for you to forgive.

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Snowpocolypse 2.0

Thursday, February 13, 2014

If you weren't aware Atlanta (yet again) is covered in ice and snow. You'd think it'd be so exciting right?! *wrong* I think I'd like this snow stuff more if it appeared for about a hour or two and then disappeared. The snow is only technically beautiful and cute until someone drives on it, steps on it or pours sand on it. (also side note the wind is HOWLING today, the wind is trying too hard to make it colder here). 

I've been cooped up now for about three days, and I have been surprisingly productive. Getting done homework, blog shanagains, catching up on tv shows, and laying in bed. (though real talk, I am ready to get out and go do something....but it's not really a case of cabin fever...*yet*) 

So if you are stuck inside your house/apartment/dorm with nothing to do here are some fun things you can do to pass the time (if you have power) 

1. Watch netflix and enjoy the fact that you're bored and you have nothing to do....because in about a day or two it will be back to school/work. 
2. Bake something or try a new pinterest recipe based off of what you have in your fridge/pantry 
3. Have a dance party with some loud music
4. Do your homework? (I mean this one isn't preferred but necessary) 
5. Read some new blogs 

If you DON'T have power here are some fun things you can do too! 

1. Play a card game or a bored game. 
2. Go for a walk (just don't slip) 
3. Take naps on naps on naps 
4. Journal
5. If you're by people play a game of would you rather 

Basically there are tons of things you can do with this snowpocolypse!! You just have to be a little creative. Also if you have power CRANK UP THAT FROZEN SOUNDTRACK AND GET TO GROOVIN. 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Monday Madness

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey all you pretty people it is Monday (it's totally Tuesday I'm late posting...sue me!)...this Monday has been insane in the membrane so I am just now getting to sit down to write some blog posts. On the flip side I don't have school for the next two days because apparently Snowmadagon 2.0 is up and coming. Real talk I saw a guy with SIX gallons of milk (slow down Glen Coco!!! Save some for the rest of Atlanta). I also have seen so many pictures of grocery stores completely wiped out.

In other exciting news, if you've been around for a while you probably noticed that things look a little more spiffy around here! I spent almost all of my Sunday doing a blog redesign and it was beyond worth it (say hello to Daily Chaos 2.0!)

So since it's Monday Tuesday you get a little peak of what I have been loving this week! I am really excited for this week because *again* there were so many things that I wanted to post here (but I am going for the top five so this is going to be a fun yet tough post.).

1. So, if you watch the show Nashville you should have heard this song from last weeks episode, if you haven't watched the show recently (or if you haven't watched the show at all) you should still listen to this song. It is basically my new power anthem. I keep playing it telling myself that this time I am going to be strong and I am not going to let people or incidents in my life bring me down (because I am a unicorn) but also because I am a strong individual, and if you knock me down I will come back ten times stronger saying "you tried and you failed, you can try again or you can give up because you aren't bringing me down any time soon". Click play and feel empowered by this amazing song.

2. For about a year now I have been following this online journal of peoples writing submissions, it's called Thought Catalog. Usually I am procrastinating my school work by reading articles that people have submitted on Thought Catalog and a lot of them speak to me like they know me (others not so much), but the ones that do speak to me are totally worth reading over and over again. To be honest I never get sick of them. Here are some of my favorites 

3. Chocolate Croissants: Do NOT get me started on these things *too late*, I had one last Wednesday and let me tell you it was the best and worst decisions that I made all week long. Starbucks just recently bought out a pastry shop and they have all new pastries and this one is by far my favorite (count on the starbucks/coffee junkie to find the most addicting pastry they have). 

4. This quote is one of my favorites by far. It's very simple and very to the point "think happy. be happy." I feel like we spend so much time worrying and getting stuck in negative thought that we forget that all of those negative thoughts make us a little more negative. And because I wanted to try something new I made the background for an iphone 5 (I am just now playing around with this so please let me know if it's sized funny!) 
Public Service Announcement For ALL iphone users with the iOS7 update....READ THIS. If you have been trying to make pictures of you and your friends/you and your boyfriend, or just a picture in general (not made for iphone) you probably noticed it zooms in very very close cutting out people and making the picture appear very close and it's just one zoomed in mess (usually). Well, don't fear, you can fix this!!!
Simply go to Settings ---> General ----> accessibility ---->Reduce motion ---> change from off to ON then boom you have normal backgrounds and a faster phone. 

5. This song is a great study song/blogging song/relaxing song. I found it while sitting around studying with Pandora on. Go ahead, press play and try it out. You won't be disappointed. 

That's all for today folks!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Valentines Day Is For More Than Just Lovers

Friday, February 7, 2014

This is the day we have all been waiting for, praise the lord that it is Friday. I don't know about you but I have been *totally* counting down the days until this glorious day! It's a blustery cold Friday with a touch of can't I just stay in bed? It was a struggle bus to get out of bed this morning to get some stuff done (no worries though, technically I just moved to the couch....with a fuzzy blanket so my life's not too shabby). Until I have to leave the sofa (but that's not happening for a while...I hope)

Anyways, I don't know if you know this but apparently Valentines day is next Friday.....(I mean how can you avoid all of the jewelry commercials, chocolate stands, and cards). To me this is a wonderful holiday but not for the cards, the candy and the over priced meals. You see Valentines day is for more than just lovers. I mean honestly the amount of poor single people on Valentines day going all scrooge on Valentines day don't know how good they actually have it. *don't roll your eyes at me single people* (your poor attitude for this post isn't doing you any good). 

So, sure it's wonderful to have a person to cuddle with on valentines day and have them take you out for some outrageously overpriced meal with most likely over cooked food (because they're cooking it at super speed pace). But there is so much more to this day than just having a cuddle person or a person to say oh hey you're cute will you be with me today so I don't have to be alone and feel pathetic because all of these other "happy" couples are out doing cute things with themselves. (can you tell I don't like the whole TAKE ME OUT TO DINNER AND BUY ME ALL THE THINGS idea of valentines day??) So now you're probably wondering why I like Valentines day so much after that lovely kind of pessimistic explanation of how I see "normal" valentines day. Well hold your seats kiddos because you're about to find out! 

Valentines day to me is about so much more than gifts and flowers and chocolates it's about spending time with the people that I love and care about (significant other or not I have many people in my life that I love and care for). I feel like your friends can be your valentines because they too are a significant part of your life and you love them and you care for them. Okay, let's get something clear though it is nice to get chocolate and flowers because I am a girl and those things make me have all the happy feels. But there is so much more to this day than the above. It's about showing your love for someone or showing them you care (and that is shown in various different ways by different people and different relationships). Last year my best friend sent me an alarm clock because I wasn't waking up on time, my bestie Rachael and I are getting best friend bracelets, my mom and I usually exchange cards and a gift (usually chocolate...yum), last year I spent the day with Netflix and a nice meal that I got for myself because I loved me and I deserved it. Valentines day is about showing the people you love and that you care for that you love them and care for them.

I am not going to lie I have a whole little thing planned out for my bear this valentines day, but they are all things that he loves and things that show that I know him and that he is important to me. For Valentines day night we are not going out, we are not spending a ton of money we are sitting down in our lounge clothes and watching the new House of Cards season while eating Chinese food. It's what we wanted to do and it makes it so that we don't have to have the stress of reservations, crazy over priced meals and feeling stressed out that one of us is doing Valentines day wrong. Plus I really like yoga pants and a sweatshirts and that's exactly what I am going to wear.

Valentines day should be a stress free holiday while you spend time with the people you love and care about. So if you're single and on the I am all alone train and no one is with me train, realize that you have people that you love and care about and go spend time with them, because sitting around moping that you're single is not doing you any good. Or if you'd rather sit at home then spoil yourself because you love you.

What do you have planned for Valentines Day??

Unicorns Are Real

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For anyone who is reading this post and believes that Unicorns are fictional, you're wrong. My friends, you are very wrong. Because unicorns exist and they are awesome. You are probably asking how unicorns exist because they don't (shun the non believer). But I am encouraging you to work with me here and use that imagination of yours. Unicorns exist because you are a unicorn, you are unique and amazing. 

So how did you become a unicorn you ask?? (because you are probably thinking I've been a human for all of my life) Well here comes the punch line, you are a unicorn for following your dreams, for having faith that everything will work out, for staying up past the crack of dawn and pulling all nighters for school, for eating that pint of ice cream and then not going to the gym. 

Unicorns don't back down, unicorns don't say no to what they want in life. 

Getting what you want out of life is not easy at all. But when you put in all the sweat and tears and hard work and sleepless nights your dreams start to come true. Life starts to look a little different (maybe because you are sleep deprived and slightly delusional...but that's irrelevant) when you put in the effort and the time magical things start to happen. 

So I technically haven't answered why you are a unicorn so you're maybe kinda sorta wondering still why you are an awesome unicorn that has a horn that sparkles, and that burps cotton candy (because how cool would that be?) 

There a lot of people in life who give up when something gets too hard, they quit and they don't push for what they want. They settle and say good enough is good enough (and for certain things sometimes it is). However when it comes to classes and jobs and your hopes and dreams good enough is usually settling. And unicorns don't settle we fight for the things we want. We don't back down because something looks too hard or impossible. We soar through what we thought was impossible, and we prove to ourselves that we can do anything that we put our minds to. 

Welcome to the unicorn club where all things are possible and you burp cotton candy (we've been waiting for you!) 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Monday Madness

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's the day after the super bowl (or the day after the Seahawks were at the super bowl and the Broncos just showed up to be there) and if you ask me this day should be a national holiday.I have eaten way too much food, yelled way too much at the tv, and had way too much fun doing all the socializing and cooking and not a lot of studying and homework *whoops*! That's what this morning is for, honestly that's what this whole day is for. Class and tons of homework. (Thanks to the snow week I got little to no work done, but I had tons of fun playing in the snow and procrasinating!) But,  I've already made a list of things that need to get done and I've already prioritized my tasks.

I can't believe that this week is the first week of February, wasn't it just January 1st?? I am really excited for valentines day. I am not doing anything extravagent, we decided to watch the new House of Cards Season (released on valentines day), and eat copious amounts of Chinese food. *HALLAH*

It's Monday so you know what this means? The top 5 things I have been loving this week. (get ready because this week is kinda sorta awesome.)

1. Valentines Day E-cards: So, I was on twitter and came across these silly, fun Valentines Day E-cards. They seem to put a smile on almost anyone's face and they are also so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh. Here are some of my favorites::

I think I have gone a little overboard but I honestly can't help it! *whoops* 

2. This song has been stuck in my head for ages this weekend and I can't help but smile and dance when I hear this song. It's "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and it is quite fabulous. 
Give it a listen it really builds up and his voice is also beautiful and amazing. 

3. This quote is on one of my pinterest boards and I have been referring back to it for most of the week. I am finding myself getting stressed out about school, life and my future. However, I am realizing that I just need to relax and do the best I can and everything will come into place. 

4. This past weekend I found this gem of a pizza place. They only have them in Chicago (Where I am from) and I recently found out that Georgia is the only other state that has Nancy's Pizza in the US...AND it tastes and looks just like the Nancy's in Chicago. I am not exaggerating when I tell you this is the best pizza you will ever eat, (I am not kidding you). If you are in the Atlanta area you should totally go check them out! You will NOT be disappointed. 

5. So it's no secret that I love the band Bastille. My boyfriend found this awesome remix of one of their songs and it's been on repeat, plug in some headphones and give this a's pretty awesome! 

That's it for this week folks! Hope you are having a phenomenal Monday!

Keep Calm and Carry On