Unicorns Are Real

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For anyone who is reading this post and believes that Unicorns are fictional, you're wrong. My friends, you are very wrong. Because unicorns exist and they are awesome. You are probably asking how unicorns exist because they don't (shun the non believer). But I am encouraging you to work with me here and use that imagination of yours. Unicorns exist because you are a unicorn, you are unique and amazing. 

So how did you become a unicorn you ask?? (because you are probably thinking I've been a human for all of my life) Well here comes the punch line, you are a unicorn for following your dreams, for having faith that everything will work out, for staying up past the crack of dawn and pulling all nighters for school, for eating that pint of ice cream and then not going to the gym. 

Unicorns don't back down, unicorns don't say no to what they want in life. 

Getting what you want out of life is not easy at all. But when you put in all the sweat and tears and hard work and sleepless nights your dreams start to come true. Life starts to look a little different (maybe because you are sleep deprived and slightly delusional...but that's irrelevant) when you put in the effort and the time magical things start to happen. 

So I technically haven't answered why you are a unicorn so you're maybe kinda sorta wondering still why you are an awesome unicorn that has a horn that sparkles, and that burps cotton candy (because how cool would that be?) 

There a lot of people in life who give up when something gets too hard, they quit and they don't push for what they want. They settle and say good enough is good enough (and for certain things sometimes it is). However when it comes to classes and jobs and your hopes and dreams good enough is usually settling. And unicorns don't settle we fight for the things we want. We don't back down because something looks too hard or impossible. We soar through what we thought was impossible, and we prove to ourselves that we can do anything that we put our minds to. 

Welcome to the unicorn club where all things are possible and you burp cotton candy (we've been waiting for you!) 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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