Snowpocolypse 2.0

Thursday, February 13, 2014

If you weren't aware Atlanta (yet again) is covered in ice and snow. You'd think it'd be so exciting right?! *wrong* I think I'd like this snow stuff more if it appeared for about a hour or two and then disappeared. The snow is only technically beautiful and cute until someone drives on it, steps on it or pours sand on it. (also side note the wind is HOWLING today, the wind is trying too hard to make it colder here). 

I've been cooped up now for about three days, and I have been surprisingly productive. Getting done homework, blog shanagains, catching up on tv shows, and laying in bed. (though real talk, I am ready to get out and go do something....but it's not really a case of cabin fever...*yet*) 

So if you are stuck inside your house/apartment/dorm with nothing to do here are some fun things you can do to pass the time (if you have power) 

1. Watch netflix and enjoy the fact that you're bored and you have nothing to do....because in about a day or two it will be back to school/work. 
2. Bake something or try a new pinterest recipe based off of what you have in your fridge/pantry 
3. Have a dance party with some loud music
4. Do your homework? (I mean this one isn't preferred but necessary) 
5. Read some new blogs 

If you DON'T have power here are some fun things you can do too! 

1. Play a card game or a bored game. 
2. Go for a walk (just don't slip) 
3. Take naps on naps on naps 
4. Journal
5. If you're by people play a game of would you rather 

Basically there are tons of things you can do with this snowpocolypse!! You just have to be a little creative. Also if you have power CRANK UP THAT FROZEN SOUNDTRACK AND GET TO GROOVIN. 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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