Monday Madness

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey all you pretty people it is Monday (it's totally Tuesday I'm late posting...sue me!)...this Monday has been insane in the membrane so I am just now getting to sit down to write some blog posts. On the flip side I don't have school for the next two days because apparently Snowmadagon 2.0 is up and coming. Real talk I saw a guy with SIX gallons of milk (slow down Glen Coco!!! Save some for the rest of Atlanta). I also have seen so many pictures of grocery stores completely wiped out.

In other exciting news, if you've been around for a while you probably noticed that things look a little more spiffy around here! I spent almost all of my Sunday doing a blog redesign and it was beyond worth it (say hello to Daily Chaos 2.0!)

So since it's Monday Tuesday you get a little peak of what I have been loving this week! I am really excited for this week because *again* there were so many things that I wanted to post here (but I am going for the top five so this is going to be a fun yet tough post.).

1. So, if you watch the show Nashville you should have heard this song from last weeks episode, if you haven't watched the show recently (or if you haven't watched the show at all) you should still listen to this song. It is basically my new power anthem. I keep playing it telling myself that this time I am going to be strong and I am not going to let people or incidents in my life bring me down (because I am a unicorn) but also because I am a strong individual, and if you knock me down I will come back ten times stronger saying "you tried and you failed, you can try again or you can give up because you aren't bringing me down any time soon". Click play and feel empowered by this amazing song.

2. For about a year now I have been following this online journal of peoples writing submissions, it's called Thought Catalog. Usually I am procrastinating my school work by reading articles that people have submitted on Thought Catalog and a lot of them speak to me like they know me (others not so much), but the ones that do speak to me are totally worth reading over and over again. To be honest I never get sick of them. Here are some of my favorites 

3. Chocolate Croissants: Do NOT get me started on these things *too late*, I had one last Wednesday and let me tell you it was the best and worst decisions that I made all week long. Starbucks just recently bought out a pastry shop and they have all new pastries and this one is by far my favorite (count on the starbucks/coffee junkie to find the most addicting pastry they have). 

4. This quote is one of my favorites by far. It's very simple and very to the point "think happy. be happy." I feel like we spend so much time worrying and getting stuck in negative thought that we forget that all of those negative thoughts make us a little more negative. And because I wanted to try something new I made the background for an iphone 5 (I am just now playing around with this so please let me know if it's sized funny!) 
Public Service Announcement For ALL iphone users with the iOS7 update....READ THIS. If you have been trying to make pictures of you and your friends/you and your boyfriend, or just a picture in general (not made for iphone) you probably noticed it zooms in very very close cutting out people and making the picture appear very close and it's just one zoomed in mess (usually). Well, don't fear, you can fix this!!!
Simply go to Settings ---> General ----> accessibility ---->Reduce motion ---> change from off to ON then boom you have normal backgrounds and a faster phone. 

5. This song is a great study song/blogging song/relaxing song. I found it while sitting around studying with Pandora on. Go ahead, press play and try it out. You won't be disappointed. 

That's all for today folks!

Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. I LOVE your new blog design. As soon as I first visited your blog I was struck by how professional and unique it looked, particularly the header.
    Tiffany @

  2. Absolutely in love with this new design! It's so awesome that you were able to do it yourself!