The Girl Behind The Glasses

You probably clicked this so you could find out more about me (aka the girl behind the glasses, and author of your dose of daily ramblings).

And you are in luck because once you start scrolling you will get to know a whole new side of little old me, and you will learn how every day has a bit of chaos. 

Who is the girl behind the glasses? 

I moved to Atlanta from Chicago when I was a little nugget and while I love the city of Chicago (and I will always consider it home) I am so happy I grew up in a warmer climate.
I am a college student working my way to my degree in Organizational Communications. I believe in working towards my dreams and living life in a way that makes me happy. While I prefer the finer things in life, I have a huge splash of nerd in me. I have a list of books I want to read when I finally have the time. I make lists for basically everything, it's something that I can't stop, won't stop. I have a wonderful boyfriend Bear/David who is the absolute best, he is my number one fan and he frequently writes posts for le blog for all you cool cats to read. 

Things I like love:
1. Coffee: I drink excessive amounts of coffee and I can't stop, won't stop. 
2. Hockey: I love hockey more than the average girl #northernerprobs 
3. Pens: I am a sucker for anything that writes pretty, or looks cute.
4. Unicorns: Because everyone is a unicorn if they know how to rock their life to the fullest and they are able to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.
4. Chipotle: I eat way too many burrito bowls, and I am rarely ashamed about this fact. 
5. Tea: I know, I know I said I love coffee, but I am also an avid tea drinker.
6. Pugs: I want a pug so badly, they are the cutest dogs alive and I am going to get one, one day and spoil it so much it will be like that pug from Pocahontas. 
7. The finer things in life: For me the finer things in life are designer purses and pretty clothes (which I rarely pay full price for). I love Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Lilly Pulitzer. 
8. People: While this is probably obvious since I am writing to the entire interwebs I love, love people. You could say I am a slight extrovert
9. Social Media: What blogger doesn't love their daily dose of social media, we live off of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bloglovin. 
10. Organization: I love for things to be organized, I am pretty much the organization queen, if there is a mess I will find a way to make it a functional mess. 
11. Lists: I make a list for almost everything, I find them to be soothing and I also like the feeling I get when I can cross a task off of my lists. 
12. Planners: I get so excited every year when I buy a new planner, I live my life by that book for the whole year so I always like picking out a new planner friend for the year ahead.

Why'd I pick the name Daily Chaos??
Think about it....Every day has a little bit of chaos. Every day you wake up and you face new adventures and new tasks. Sometimes they make your life a little chaotic. But, I believe that the chaos makes our lives interesting and is not a bad thing. If life wasn't at least a little chaotic wouldn't we all just be incredibly bored? So this is my spot to tell all of you about the chaotic moments, and all of the fun things going on in my life. 

You are so awesome for stopping by my lovely page. I always like hearing from my readers so don't be shy, go ahead and click those social media buttons and say hello!


  1. Hey!! Found you through Becca (whom I love!) so I look forward to following along with you!! Do you still live in Chicago?! Being a hockey lover is what caught my eye - I am, too!

    XOXO, Sam

    1. :( I just realized I read that backwards. I read it as you moved TO Chicago FROM Atlanta - oops!