Real Talk Wednesday: Friendships

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Friendship is something that is absolutely irreplaceable. Think about it, the people you have in your life, they are in your life for a reason. And you CHOSE to have them in your life. They didn't force themselves in, and you don't just tolerate your friends. You WANT them to be your friends.

I don't know about you but I never thought about it like that until recently. A little #realtalk I have so many amazing people in my life *seriously* there are so many amazing people that I have met in some of the most random ways but these people they are actually my bestest friends. 

These girls, are some of my *bestest* friends. 

Kayla: Okay, this girl and I go way back to my first year of high school. I was just a little freshman who was trying to get by in high school. I was sitting in the history hall against the lockers when Kayla and some of her friends sat down near me. *because I talk to everything that moves* We started talking, and I met my best friend sitting in the history hall of my high school bonding over assignments that were due, music, and god knows what else. Kayla was actually a Junior when I met her, and even through college, and the ups and downs of our lives we  have always been there for me.  She is also that person that gives me tough love, and that never changes. She will call me out when I am being stupid, or too stressed or anxious. She just tells me how it is and that to me is one of the reasons our friendship is so strong. She has always been 110% Honest with me and to me that is a best friend. While Kayla has always been my best friend we have gotten so much closer in the past two years. We both chose to be in each others lives and I am *so* thankful I have met such a wonderful person who I can call my best friend. 

Anna: Oh how I love my diva queen. We met in 7th grade *oh hey awkward stage of life*.  She had just moved to Atlanta from Miami (Why she ever left that place of goodness and year long tans is beyond me) *but* I am so happy that she did. I don't think either of us will forget that I was the first person that talked to her outside of chorus class (for some random reason we were all lined up outside of the classroom) all it took was one hello and we were instant best friends. But, why this friendship is so special and unique is guess what. Anna and I were not friends for most of high school, *hello girl drama*. But, two*ish* years ago we bonded back together and we talked out ALL of our issues and we were completely honest with each other. (and I mean completely). I think we actually had our heart to hearts at Starbucks (would you expect anything less?). And now, our friendship is nothing but love, sass, and funny moments. I know I can come to her with anything in my life and she will be there for me and support me. (that's what friends should do, they are like good bras that offer the best support). I always tell people if Anna and I can fix our friendship then anyone can. (but seriously). 

Rachael: Oh hey girl heyyyyy. Everyone say hello to my twin. (no seriously, she is my twin). I met this gem of a person through blogging, we started off tweeting each other back and forth and then we met at a Starbucks and spent the day shopping and eating. She is my twin for life. Even though I met this girl this past summer, she is one of my best friends I think of her as my sister and best friend *and twin*. We both blog, we both have so many of the same thoughts and the same emotions at the same time. I can come to her at any hour of the night and know she will be there and she knows that she can call me at any hour of the day and I am always here for her. We are basically inseparable if you get us in the same state (she left Atlanta to go back to Ohio). The same day that I met her I met my boyfriend, a day I will literally never forget. Painting nails in sephora *ratchet* but, whatever they were so cute. Basically, I don't have to say a thing and she knows exactly what I am thinking, and when I am thinking it. Seriously, we twin even 1,000 miles away from each other.

Nicole: Oh where do I even begin. I don't even know that I can begin because we have SO MANY memories. I will never forget meeting you in (band....or health class) *obviously I forgot where* But I will NEVER forget our very first conversation about Thomas (her cat) who we talked about so much. He was basically an inside joke for the longest time. (and he still totally is). This girl I can tell anything too, like anything. She listens. She understands. And she does not judge. I don't know where I'd be with out this girl. 

Samantha: If I were to have an older sister this girl is it. Right here. *seriously*. She has *Always* influenced me in such a positive ways. She gives me the best advice and she seems to have a level head in the most stressful situation. She is my spirit older sister (because I am an only child). We met working at Victoria's Secret and even though we both left that magical place of bras, underwear and crazy people who don't understand that coupons expire. We kept up our friendship, even when we get busy and we can only send two texts a week. I know she is there for me, always. Words honestly can not describe how thankful I am to have met someone who gets me and doesn't judge me (because I have a lot of blonde moments, and most of the time it's a good thing I am pretty) But, what is most important to me about our friendship is that she is the best example a girl could have. #realtalk 

Basically what it comes down to is that I chose these girls and they chose me. And together we are the best of friends in the worst of times. 

I met all of these girls in so many unique ways, all I can say is never rule out any place to make friends because you could make your new best friend out of the weirdest of circumstances.

I am so lucky and blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Of course I have so many other fabulous people in my life but these girls are my core. With out them I'd be a little lost. #realtalk 

Do you have people in your life that you just can not replace? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

That's it for this #realtalkwednesday. Link up with my girl Rachael coming soon!!