The Nervousness is Finally Gone!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh hey! So guess what, I started school yesterday and um *update* I LOVE IT!

Yesterday I only had one class but I felt like a *real* college student. I made a friend in my first class and I felt like I belonged when I walked around campus to get to my class. It felt like home, coming from a school where I felt like an outsider romping around just trying to get by day by day! Kennesaw State feels like my new home. I am just loving it, honestly.

On my first day of classes I woke up a nervous wreck and I was texting friends back and forth just trying to maintain my cool. And sunday *forgeddaboutit* I was a nervous wreck, I kept on asking myself, "will I make friends" "should I rush" "will I fit in" "will my classes be easy" (I know I sound like a broken record on this part...)(but, just imagine how my friends felt when I was worrying to them! Love them!). My best friend called me when I was at the heart of my freak out on Sunday, I was laying down with a major headache just being anxious and what do you know but I get a phone call. And she asks me "ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FIRST DAY?!?" And the first words out of my mouth were "I am so nervous". She told me that was normal and that it will all work out and what do you know it did! I felt so much better after ten minuets on campus and my class hadn't even started.

While it is only my second day I love it here. That is saying something, to me it is effortless to find friends. (I met someone today just by sitting at a table with someone at it (though lets get something clear finding a spot to eat at for lunch is a *struggle bus*. It basically forces you to sit with someone you don't know if you are eating alone!

Speaking of finding spots to eat, finding parking at this school is like the hunger games. I kid you not. It is the most aggressive process (I am to the point of like bringing some random person coffee and saying please, give me your space!) I hope as the semester goes on parking becomes easier. (This may be wishful thinking)! 

Even after a *little* stressing that my boyfriend put up with. He brought me flowers today! He totally spoils me. 

Starting rush this weekend! *post coming Thursday all about my decision to rush as a junior in college* 

How are you liking your school? Let me know below!

Keep calm and carry on

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