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Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! Saturdays are probably my favorite day because you can stay up late Friday night, wake up late Saturday morning (or afternoon), and then go to bed late at night! (talk about the perfect day of the week!)

Anyways, I have some exciting news to tell! Well, it is not exactly new news, but, it is going to be news to you! I have left the singles club and I am dating a wonderful guy and I am so happy to tell you guys that he understands me (For the most part, I don't think he completely understands why I have so many pairs of yoga pants, or why I have an obsession over Michael Kors). But, he is learning!

Anyways, I asked him to do a guest blog post for my blog on the best food group ever....BACON. (and yes, that is a food group)

So, get ready for some fun bacon facts (that will most likely come up in a random game of take note!)

So my girlfriend, the wonderful lady who runs this blog, was sitting with me at breakfast, and she was discussing her blog ideas, and she was eating bacon and telling me how good it was. I came up with the idea of making an expository about bacon. Her eyes lit up like a pyromaniacs apartment and she said it would be a great idea. So, now I’m going to tell you all about bacon. And I wanted to keep it in theme with Melissa’s favorite things on her blog:lists. So here’s my guest post, called

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bacon

Sorry if I make you hungry.

10.In a 2009 British survey conducted by, men preferred the smell of bacon and petrol to the smell of a newborn baby.

9. Bacon has been around for a very long time. In fact, the Chinese have been documented as salting pork bellies as early as 1500 BC, making bacon one of the oldest manufactured meats.

8. So, bacon has been around for quite a while. But bacon wasn’t always in it’s crispy fried strip form. Until the 16th century, the term bacon referred to all kinds of pork, not just the fried delicacy we know it as.

7.  ‘Bring home the bacon’ is a phrase referring to bacon that may have an earlier reference than you’d think. It refers to a English town during the medieval period. An English town called Dunmow said if a man could testify before God and the congregation that he had not quarreled with his wife for a whole year and a day, he could have a side of bacon. Any man who could ‘bring home the bacon’ was held in high esteem in the community. Although some believe that the term comes from festivals where people would try to catch greased pigs to bring home the bacon. Both sound interesting to me. :)

6. In terms of packaging bacon, Oscar Mayer received the first US patent for packaged, sliced bacon in 1924, thus bringing bacon to supermarkets everywhere.

5. Different countries use different parts of the pig for bacon. The United States uses the belly, England uses the shoulder, and Canada uses the loin. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

4. Speaking of yielding bacon, there are two pig breed that are bred especially for bacon, Yorkshire and Tamworth. These two breeds are especially good at yielding bacon. That sounds weird, but this bacon we’re talking about here.

3. The United States produces more than 2 billion pieces of bacon last year, compared to 8 billion pounds of cheese, and 8 billion chickens consumed.

2.Speaking of consumers, New York is the largest bacon-consuming city in the United States, followed by Los Angeles and San Antonio. CHicago and Baltimore

1. Bacon is healthier than hot dogs, hamburgers and glazed donuts in terms of salt, calories, fat and cholesterol. But don’t let that deter you from combining the two.

Well I hope you learned something about our favorite food, bacon! I have my own blog, but I don’t write about food. Instead I write about my favorite electronica music. I plan to use it to post sets from festivals, and pictures from the events I go to. It’s in its infancy, but please go check out my blog at

Thanks for reading

But for serious y'all check out David's blog, he has some awesome music taste!

Keep Calm and Carry On
p.s that's us!

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