Staying True To Me

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So this past weekend I mentioned that I was going to be going through Recruitment (Going Greek). I went into this experience with an open mind, but while I went in with an open mind I had these expectations of what I thought it would be like. And while I had these expectations, they were not my reality.

On Friday I went to orientation and I loved what the sororities stood for, I loved seeing so many people who like me had an interest in sisterhood, and I had goosebumps when they spoke of the bonds that last forever. I met two great girls during my first night and we had late night adventures to multiple wal-marts and crazy car rides! It was an absolute blast, and I can tell you I will be friends with these girls for a long time. *but* When Saturday rolled around I was waiting around for my chapter rounds to start (I was waiting around for about four hours). During those four hours I was sat around with girls who were freshmen and they were all SO excited for this process it almost seemed for some this was an event that had the potential to define their entire college career. As it is known I am not a college freshman, I am a college junior so sitting around with girls who had different priorities than me was a bit stressful. I was thinking I just don't belong in such an event I was the only person it seemed like who was a college junior at recruitment and I felt so lonely. I spoke to our pledge leader and she told me that it would be different once I got into the chapters. But, I was in a large group of girls who were 18 and I am going on 21 so it was difficult for me to relate to these girls; because my priorities are way different than what theirs are. They were talking of frat parties, dating frat boys, going out, and they didn't speak much of classes. 

For me, I have been in college for a while so I have a bit of a more demanding schedule when it comes to school. 

Basically, I think if I were 18 all over again then I would have LOVED this experience and I would have gotten a bid. (not saying I would not have gotten a bid being a junior in college) but the experience would have been different. 

*I don't know if this is making any sense* 

I would have to "pledge" with girls who were a lot younger than me. But, that was not the only issue with it. 
In this whole process of seeing how far I've come since I was 18 I realized how content I was with my life and where I am at. I felt like if I continued down the path of recruitment and pledging a sorority I would have lost myself and I did not want that. I felt like I'd lose the people close to me (it was a gut feeling that I can not describe fully). All I know is that my mind and heart *and gut* were telling me you need to get out of this. Be true to yourself. 

Day one: hair and makeup all ready! 
Now I have to tell you I met some AMAZING people during this whole process and I am so thankful that I met them. I also learned a lot about myself thanks to this process. I also have to tell you I have some amazing friends who are in sororities and they love it! And I love that they love it (I saw how much they loved it and thought I could love it too!) The concept seems to fabulous to me. But, then I realized. I can have my own bonds that last forever with my friends. And, my friends are always there for me. Life is all about making life long lasting friendships as well! 
Just one of the fabulous girls that I met this weekend! 

Needless to say, I am so thankful I went through with the experience because now I know, and I never have to say "what if" to this whole experience. It is no longer and idea, it's a reality. 

And I am not disappointed because not everything is for everybody. (That's what makes us different as people) because no two people are the same. 

While I didn't think me dropping out of recruitment would be the end result, I got the result that was right for me individually. 

Did you try to do something and get a different result than you expected?

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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