One Day At A Time

Friday, October 25, 2013

Occasionally, I worry. (okay, I almost always worry) it a blessing or a curse. Any way you put it, I am a worry warthog. However, something that I (and everyone I know) worries about is the future. Like holy pumpkin spice latte the future can occasionally *always* freak me out. Talk about an exhausting topic to worry about. I kid you not, this whole trying to predict my future, attempting to make a magic crystal ball with my imagination (bad idea), trying to map out what I don't know. Yeah, it's a headache. I find myself making lists about things that are meant to happen when they happen. (like woah girlfriend calm down). It's like planning what starbucks winter drink you will drink on Christmas Stop that. It's a bit unreasonable. (and in case you were wondering...I do NOT plan my Starbucks drinks...) *that you know of*!

I worry about if I will find a job when I graduate, if my major and minor will assist in my job findings, if I should have stuck with my pre-law/business major, if I am making the right educational decisions, if I am eating the right foods to stay healthy, if I am going to be able to be financially stable when I am out of college, if I will be able to get a dog (because I am financially stable), will I be stuck not finding a job and working a retail job (not really appealing to me, I've done that song and dance and its not my forte), will I have to wait tables, I then think to myself "god I hope *pray* I find a job".....(okay I am POSITIVE you are catching my drift)!

Anyways, it gets to be exhausting because, guess what? I can't CONTROL any of that. I can take the steps in life that make me happy and I can take each day one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. Because, you want to know the beauty of the future, no one, and I mean no one has a clue what tomorrow will bring.

As far as my success goes, I am realizing that I am taking the steps in my life that make ME happy, and when I am happy I am able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Sure, I may be at the bottom of the totem pole when I graduate working silly jobs in my field but hey, we all have to start somewhere. What would Drake say? STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW I'M HERE! *not sorry for that reference* 

And, even when I become successful, independent, and graduated, there is still so much more to worry about in regards to the future. But, if I spend time worrying about the things in life I can't control I will be living in the "what ifs" and goodness knows that's not helpful to anyone.

So, every time I catch myself freaking out, or worrying like a pumaa from the lion king. I remind myself that each day is a gift and that I need to take it one day at a time.

How do you deal with your fears about the future?

Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. Girl, I hear you about worrying about the future -especially getting a job and if I chose the right educational path (I know I didn't but at this point, I just gotta get the degree, haha!). I think something that's important to remember is that we're in our twenties. This decade is OUR decade. It's our time to make mistakes. To totally fail. To succeed. To be poor. To live richly. To rack up debt and then pay it all off. To be responsibly irresponsible! These years are what we make it and I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend my youth worrying about what's going to happen if five years (even though I do...). God places us into situations and gives us experiences that all work out in the end and everything happens for a reason. As long as we work hard and keep dreaming, our career goals will happen!


    1. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed to read! I always say in order to play hard I have to work hard!! So I will slave like all week then take the weekend to do some fun things for me!
      p.s I just love your blog!