It's Hump Dayyyyy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Hump Day Folks! 

So if you didn't know, I love camels. So hump day is probably my favorite day of the week. So, today let's just talk about all things camels. 

Last summer, Kate Spade (my spirit animal) came out with a whole camel collection. (hello fabulous). I about died, she came out with a camel wallet, earrings, rings, scarfs, phone cases, it was a camelpalooza and I was obsessing (and that's an under-exaggeration). I wanted to buy everything in the collection but my wallet would have been crying. However, I broke down and bought two things from the collection that are absolutely fabulous. 

First I bought these fabulous camel earrings, they are the perfect hump day accessory. (of course you can wear them when it's not hump day...but I mean, it gives me an excuse to wear them....*not that I need one*)

Then when I was getting my Michael Kors bag (sorry, not sorry). I came across this wallet...I was basically finding every single way that I could buy this wallet...because its *absolutely* fabulous. I mean sure my bank account was going to be crying for a day or two but in my mind it was totally worth, I broke down and bought it, and it is still holding up after almost year round use. (quality, folks!) 

So then Geico came out with a hump day commericial- when I first saw this commercial...lets just say I went directly to YouTube to find it and watched it a couple*alot* of times. 

So for my birthday. My fabulous boyfriend got me this AMAZING shirt. I basically thought to myself, "yep, he knows me. That's a camel hump day shirt." And guess what folks, its my new hump day shirt. I will most likely wear it until it's looking old and ragged *or bucky/ratchet*. 

Basically anything camel is fabulous, you can't go wrong with anything camel. 

Do you have any camel accessories, or clothing? Or do you happen to love camels as much as I do? 

Happy hump day pretty people! 
Keep Calm and Carry On

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  1. Haha cute post, girl!! I love camels, and yes, Kate Spade is our spirit animal FOR SURE.