I have come to realize...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I should totally be studying because guess what I have a pretty exciting two weeks coming up....buuuut, here I am blogging because I am having one of those inspiring moments. I don't know about you but 2013 has been one of those years where everything happens, good and bad (I know the year is not over yet..but thus far its been one heck of a life roller coaster). I know a lot of my closest friends have grown this year but I didn't realize how much I had grown this year until I was sat studying and all of the *aha*moments happened.

So thus far this is what I have learned 

  1. It is okay to fail, we all fail at something, somehow in our lives. 
  2. No. Is a complete sentence. 
  3. Sleep is golden, it's rare when in school but it's golden. 
  4. Self confidence will get you farther in life than no self confidence. 
  5. We are all a little weird (even those people who put on normal masks)
  6. Eating cookie dough is a good coping mechanism but comes with great consequences a week later when you step on the scale. 
  7. You can't be loved until you love yourself 
  8. Redbull smells really bad.
  9. Self respect is something that not many people have. 
  10. We are all fighting battles 
  11. It's okay to cry (no, seriously, its okay)
  12. Once you can laugh at your mistakes or your failures it shows you can grow up and move on. 
  13. Listening to advice is vital when you ask for it. 
  14. Not all criticism is bad. 
  15. Running is actually easy once you get over the fact that you're running. (I know it sounds weird)
  16. People are great but sometimes we all need "me time"
  17. Some people won't like you, sucks for them, you're awesome
  18. Social media is great but can interfere with what's in front of you, put it down sometimes and enjoy the moments. (this coming from a phone addict) 
  19. Ugg boots are socially acceptable in all situations when it's cold out. (they are cute little fuzzy moose feet hugging your feet...tell me what is bad about that) 
  20. Miley Cyrus is probably doing some sort of drug.
  21. Foam fingers are meant to stay foam fingers. 
  22. Knee surgery sucks. 
  23. Going to college we are paying to be stressed out and freak out...but it's okay because eventually it will lead to a job. 
  24. Sometimes you have to create your own family. 
  25. It doesn't matter if someones blood related or not if they love you unconditionally they are family. Family doesn't have to be blood. 
  26. Yoga pants and leggings are pretty much glorified sweatpants and I love them
  27. The best friendships are the ones where you can sit around and do nothing 
  28. We all need help sometimes. 
  29. We all have emotions and feelings, just because you may have more emotions or feelings than another person that doesn't make you crazy. 
  30. The people who want to stay in your life will make an effort to stay. 
  31. If you have a bad day, close your eyes count to ten and start over. 
  32. Chipotle makes everything better 
  33. Lattes from Starbucks that aren't Caramel Macciatos are pretty much weight gaining machines. 
  34. Calories don't count during your birthday week
  35. It's okay to get upset with someone as long as you can then talk about it in a mature manner. 
  36. Skinny Caramel Macciatos fix everything as well. 
  37. Distance can make the heart grow fonder (in relationships and friendships)
Okay so I think this list could go on forever but I'll leave the rest of the list for the real, end of 2013! 

What have you learned so far this year? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. Hi! I love your post! I'm on of Rachaels friends from Ohio, and you seem really awesome! :)

    1. Hey Kat! Thanks so much for reading! You are too sweet, I am glad you enjoyed the post! xoxo