Cops: The T.V Show That is Legen...wait for it....DARY

Thursday, May 8, 2014

About a month ago my house got cable again. For almost four months we had no cable, it was almost like living in another universe. (I know how pathetic). But really, I missed having mindless t.v shows to watch and also I have a lot of guilty pleasure shows and re-runs.

Just to list a few: 
1. Gilmore Girls 
2. Sex and the City 
3. and ANY TLC show...I am a sucker for Wedding Fridays 
and finally, I love, love, love cops. (and Cops Reloaded)...which is essentially Cops but it's "remastered"
*Don't worry kids, I like t.v shows that are a little more nerdy. i.e. Game of Thrones ;)

I think cops has been around longer than I can remember. I would say that Cops is a guilty pleasure but I LOVE cops. Like not a drill, cops is one of my favorite shows.

 I don't know if it's because of all of the ratchet moments of guys running around with home made crack pipes then getting caught and rapidly shaking their heads "no" and acting like they've never seen a crack pipe before and the crack pipe isn't theirs. You watch the show thinking "that person well knows that the home made crack pipe in their pocket is in fact...theirs."

Or if it is the dramatic police chases. With the cops dramatically getting their tazers and guns ready to fire. I even love how they are ALWAYS calling in backup for some late night call from some woman who claims she didn't rob a convenience store. Like oh hey I didn't know it took five cops to arrest one small woman who probably stole a couple of snickers. (okay I know there are some episodes where back up is needed, but I have seen so many episodes with a ton of backup to arrest a small woman or a man who is more than willing to get arrested but they want to make it more"dramatic").

Calm down glen coco: that totally looks like his license and registration. #byefelicia

But then there's moments like this:


But, no matter how dramatic cops gets, when I see a marathon on any t.v network I am all like

(even though this is not the actual cops, it displays my exitement for a cops marathon quite well)

Do you love the show cops? Or do you have a show that should be a guilty pleasure but isn't??

Keep Calm and Carry On
xoxo Melissa


  1. so the only thing I can think of is stepbrothers.... why are you so sweaty... I was watching cops HAHAHAHAHA

  2. I have never been entertained by COPS. Now, TLC... Yes. Why am I obsessed with polygamy shows?

  3. I watch Cops on occasion, can't say it is my guilty pleasure. Those really dumb, constant drama, with catty girls shows are my guilty pleasure. We cancelled our cable though, but Netflix does just fine :D