The Shirt-less Hunt

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 So I am the one person where something I love to do is shop I can do it practically with out a doubt every day of the week if I had the means to do so. I can find some of the best deals, sales and some of the cutest things.
But, my boat has hit a giant rock and I am really stuck. 
 I am on the hunt for shirts, shirts I can dress up and dress down and wear to work and on the weekends. Obviously not looking for all of these things in one type of shirt I am looking for various shirts and when I tell you I have struggled...I have really, really, really struggled. I have gone at least 5 times to different malls and consignment shops in search for shirts. Needless to say I have walked out with dresses, skirts, more dresses, jewelry, shoes, books, a small child (not really)...but no shirts. Some have a hard time finding dresses or jeans I am fine...absolutely fine in those categories but shirts...this is basically my kryptonite. I try on shirts and they fit in one area and not the other, then I try on the size up and I am now a fashionable parachute (not attractive). I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to find shirts I am going to have to just go mindlessly shopping..which surprise I can't plan but whenever I leave the house to go shopping one of the first things I think about are shirts. I would prefer not to look like I can't dress myself or a giant parachute. 

I am not giving up because I do need shirts...I need shirts something awful. The amount of dresses that I have in unbelievable I could live off of them for a month if I so wanted to! However shirts are also a nice thing to wear with those things called pants. I am going to try just shop around every once in a while with out an agenda in hopes to find some fantastic, cute and fashionable shirts. 

 Do you know where to find some cute shirts? Do you have a shopping kryptonite? 

Keep Calm and Carry On! 

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