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Friday, June 7, 2013

So I have reached a point where I need to do something change up my eating habits because I am thinking I am getting bored with sandwiches and vegetables for dinner every night. I am a little anxious for tomorrow I weigh in and I am bordering my 10% goal with weight watchers but I of course gained a pound last week. Which while I was discouraged I just got back up and dusted myself off and thought of ways that I can not get bored with my food. Thinking of trying some Weight Watcher recipes  over the next week to see what I can make. I am going to take some pictures (of course) and post them. I took a mid point picture of my progress in the same outfit last night and woah boy! I guess I have not been giving myself enough credit.

Looking back 12 weeks ago I was 21 pounds heavier. While I haven't reached my 10% goal I know eventually I will get there.
A 10% goal is where you have reached a good amount of weight loss, its a goal they make for you. Then after you have reached your targeted 10%, Weight Watchers will generate another goal...this goal being your halfway to life time (life time being your ultimate weight loss)! While I am not all the way there yet I am feeling a little better knowing that I have lost two large babies.
Have you been rocking some summer weight loss?

Keep Calm and Carry On.

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