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Monday, June 17, 2013

So as I have stated (a couple of times) I am on a journey to a skinnier, healthier, better me! I also had knee surgery about seven(ish) months ago. After the surgery I was unable run, walk or do anything fun [in my eyes]. I gained weight, experienced the ups and downs of physical therapy and was needing to realize that my surgery was TELLING me to slow down and listen.

I was ready, and I mean READY after my second week of physical therapy to run a 10k, and go to the gym and get back in shape. I was anticipating the day when my doctor and physical therapist gave me the okay to start working out again.

The days passed by and they were not giving me the okay, and I was getting very, very impatient. I had to restrain myself from breaking their advice because at the end of the day...they knew what was best (they went to medical school/further schooling I did not) It was a constant battle. Realizing that I was being forced to slow down.

But by slowing down it showed me my eating habits were just horrible, like- absolutely horrible I wondered where all the weight gain came from.....and then I realized the cake (four times a week), the excuses that at the end of the day I'd be able to work all of it off (which it is taking forever to do!) I lost sight of that healthy eating track, by slowing down it taught me that I needed to reevaluate my lifestyle habits when it came to eating and I did. Now, don't get me wrong I still eat what I want I just don't eat it every day or even every week. I am learning this thing called moderation AND my life style change has allowed me to appreciate and like black coffee like actually enjoy it. There are so many little things that I am learning about how to live healthily.

Post-surgery I could not even walk a mile with out my knee feeling achy, running was out of the question, and even the elliptical was a machine I was having to work with...starting with level one (I Was at level 15 talk about a little set back!) Anyways, on Friday I took a trip to my  high school track and I started off telling myself you will run a mile, you will run a mile and I was determined, however my knee was not ready to run a mile at the track (I was able to successfully complete a mile on a treadmill at the gym) but this was a whole new ball game!  I was able to run two laps(ish) with walking in between and my knee was aching and I was not sure if I should be pushing it like I had been during my track visit. I walked the majority of my visit and I was feeling discouraged but I kept telling myself that I was not a bionic woman, even though my knee brace makes me look like one! After a mile of walking and running (mainly walking) I decided to do one more lap and I felt like this was the lap I was going to push myself and try to sprint...And I did sprint....TWICE! I was beyond proud of myself I was having my own Rocky moment-- I had did it, I sprinted. Of course it was only a quater of a lap both times but it was me. sprinting. seven months out of a major ACL surgery.

This whole event showed me that anything. and I mean anything is possible if you try. While I did not run a mile and I did not feel like I was doing any good...I did. I got myself out there and did not one...but two sprints!
"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice!" - Wayne Dyer

Do you ever push your limits?

Keep Calm and Carry On!

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