I'm a Northern Girl In a Southern World

Monday, April 7, 2014

I am from the North (Chicago to be exact), I moved to Atlanta when I was 6 years old so, you know, I am part northerner-part southerner. But, if we are being honest here I am mainly a northerner with some southern twang.

So what's it like being a girl in the South who isn't a southern bell?
Well I am about to tell you.

I love, LOVE, hockey. Don't even get me started, (if you ever want to have a rambling conversation with me bring up hockey, trust me I can ramble on and on about hockey *not a drill*. When I tell people how much I love hockey and the Chicago Blackhawks they look at me and basically say "if it's not college football I don't watch it". (truth be told I am starting to understand the football a little better). People don't understand hockey around here, when I say hockey I get tilted heads and then asked "Does Georgia have a hockey team???" Ugh. No. And that's a story you don't want me to get into.

PUBLIX. This may come as a surprise but Publix is a wonderful place filled with smiles and wonderful service. At this magical fairy tale land the employees ask you how your day is going, they smile (ALOT) at you, and they even go above and beyond to help you. Back home at a Jewel-Osco or at a Cubs Foods (if those even still exist) you went in got your groceries and left: there was no side talk, or excessive (if any) smiling. Publix's motto is "where shopping is a pleasure" Well Jewel-Osco might as well be "Get in. Get your stuff. Get out." A little side story...When my mom and I went to Publix for the first time, the cashier was asking us all these questions about our day, our lives ect. and it really, really freaked out my mom. (BUT, now everyone at our local publix knows us and she loves it).

Sweet Tea....Something we just don't have up north, and if we do have it...it just doesn't taste right. It took me about 10 years of living here before I really started liking sweet tea, I didn't understand the concept....putting sugar in leaf water??? I mean okay you do you Georgia.....But, of course, now I love it. (especially the kind you get from Publix).

Sir, and Ma'am.  my dad HATES being called sir. While in the South kids are brought up saying yes sir, and yes ma'am to their parents and elders, up north sir and ma'am make people feel old, and usually it's used as a sarcastic come back. (note: don't call my dad Sir, he will correct you *not a drill*).

Now, when I first moved down here and for years. I thought "bless your heart" was a good thing. Like oh I feel sorry for you, or oh goodness that really sucks. But, NO, it actually means something like "wow you're stupid", "I don't care at all", "why are you telling me this", "maybe this conversation will end now", "I secretly don't like you but I am too nice and southern to say anything". It's the most confusing thing, but really easy to start doing (real talk I do it. not gonna lie). But up north, people tell you exactly how it is, if they like you or don't like you, and usually it has no class, it's just straight up honest. OR we are just like "long hair don't care...moving on".

Now don't get me wrong I love the south and I love southern customs, but I am still getting my bearings when it comes to southern life. This girl may just turn into a snorthern bell (get it?)

Are you a transplant from the north to the south...or visa versa?

Keep Calm and Carry On

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