On Thankfulness

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recently I have been feeling a little stressed (nothing this girl can't handle) but stressed none-the-less. Like good golly miss molly calm down for a hot second no one asked you to get so intense!

But sometimes (for me anyways) stress can lead to negative energy and negative attitudes. Which are absolutely no good for anyone. About two years ago my dad did this thing for himself: he made a gratitude list. Which sounds so simple but it honestly might be the best thing I've ever heard (this coming from a girl who lives off lists). Whenever he started feeling down, upset, worried, lonely, or feeling ungrateful himself. He pulls out this list and it puts his little world that he has for himself in perspective. So, he has inspired me to make my own. (if you are reading this, hi Dad, you're awesome). 

So here goes my gratitude list: 

1. I can shower and take long bubble baths
2. I live less than 5 mins from two grocery stores, a starbucks, tons of restaurants and less than 20 mins away from Bears work. 
3. I have two amazing loving parents who have taught me responsibility, compassion, love, and so much more. 
4. I have a washer and dryer 
5. I have a running functional car. 
6. I have a phone and tons of cases to put on it 
7. I have a computer that allows me to get school work done, watch t.v., and blog. 
8. I have the best Bear in all the forest (in case you kids didn't know I call David *my boyfriend* Bear* 
9. I have amazing friends who always lift me up 
10. I am getting a college education 
11. I have two sets of grandparents. 
12. I have two awesome dogs who know how to make me laugh and smile. (oh hey I got another dog guys) 
13. I have hobbies like this blog, and playing various nerdtastic games 
14. I have an awesome cousin and her mother (my aunt) is the best person ever. 
15. I am healthy, with two awesome functioning knees (I had ACL surgery a year and some change ago) 
16. I am actively trying to find an internship 
17. I have never wanted for ANYTHING and I have always been taken care of. 
18. I have food on the table every day 
19. I have a 'sister' --- Rachael who always understands me and gets me 
20. I have a bed to sleep on every night. 
21. I have a t.v to watch t.v on (with cable...this is a new addition) 
22. I have more clothes than I know what to do with (time to donate, if we are being honest) 
23. I have my next door neighbors who I call family, they are always there for me even though they don't have to be. 
24. I have a room designated for studying. 
25. I have medicine/and/or a doctor to cure my sicknesses and check to make sure I am healthy. 

There is honestly so much more that I am thankful for but, I have to get back to the grind (more to come later I promise.)

Until then. I will look at this list when I am feeling down and I will begin to realize that life truly is lovely and is meant to be enjoyed not stressed about.

What are you thankful for? Shoot me an email or comment below! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. GIRL This is sooooo perfect. Love love love it.

  2. I love this! So many things to be grateful for. Also loving your glittery design. Too perfect! xo