Blogger Men Tell All PT. 2

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's that time again friends! Today is the day where my favorite Bear adventures onto the blog to be featured and have the spotlight on what he want's to let blogland know. We had such a fun time picking out the questions this month with Halloween right around the corner. Becca, Samantha and I got our blogger men ready to interview and if you have any type of a blogger man in your life (best friend, dog, dad, WHOEVER) they can participate as well. 
So, without further ado, its the one, the only, the Bear taking over the blog! 

1. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? What is?
 No, not really. I enjoy it, but not my favorite. I love Christmas because my birthday is two days later, and Thanksgiving because pork is an amazing food and there's always good football. 
Girlfriend Note: But last year we did dress up like characters from Wreck it Ralph together. 

2. What do you plan on dressing up as for Halloween this year?

 I plan on going as a paladin from World of Warcraft. My costume next year is gonna be more exquisite and more nerdy, but I have a blow-up sword and a bathrobe and I'm gonna wear that.
Girlfriend Note: It's really cute, he has a robe that he wears and he looks all official and nerdy. 

3. What is your go-to drink (alcoholic, non-alcoholic)?
White Russians whenever there's milk available, whiskey sours otherwise. Non-alcoholic drinks, I drink drink coke zero with either a dash of Dr. pepper or a dash of lemonade. I love making my own drink combinations!
Girlfriend Note: His drink combinations are amazing. He makes a diet coke with lemonade and he adds just the right amounts of each so its magically delicious. 

4. What's your favorite scary movie? 
Saw. I'm one of those that loves the whole Saw story line, mostly because of the crazy twist that makes you re-watch it, but Saw 1 and Saw 3 are my absolute favorites.
Girlfriend Note: I will watch from under the covers, I don't do scary well. 

5. What is your best Halloween memory? 
 One of my friends, MRob, had his 22nd birthday party on Halloween, and that was a huge deal because the time fell back that night so we got an extra hour of sleep and we went extra hard. I liked that party.
Girlfriend Note: I wish time fell back an extra hour this year so we could still go extra hard with my diet coke and lemon (DD for the win kids!)
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  1. I can't handle the Saw movies either. When I watched the first one it messed me UP for like a year! Also... pork on Thanksgiving? No turkey?