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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recently my life has been my blog title in a nutshell. There has been so much Daily Chaos that I occasionally feel like my head is in one place and my feet are in another. But, its not a bad thing at all. So lets catch up, grab some coffee and lets have a date!

BIRTHDAY BASH: I'm feeling 22 
 (I know we are going way back). This was the best birthday I have had in a long time. From the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed this day was simply amazing. I had dinner with some of my friends and Megan and Becca surprised me with a birthday crown, balloons. Then unexpectedly Becca, Megan, and Rachael surprised me with the Vice 3 pallet...but there was a slight plot twist after much searching for the Vice 3 Pallet, they couldn't find it. So, Becca used her skills and made me a version out of cardstock, it was magical and to be honest I didn't understand what was going on until after it was explained to me. (I promise I am actually smart sometimes).
 So I gotta just tell the quick story of why I am wearing a bear hat and a birthday crown. When David and I first started dating he told me that people called him bear. So, after months of dating one day I called him bear and then it stuck. After that moment he became my bear. THEN, somehow or another David called me little bear and it stuck. So then we became a bear pack and we are bear and little bear. On my birthday I finished my bear pledge ship and became a real member of the bear clan with my official bear hat. Then I got my birthday girl crown and became princess bear for the night.

Thanks so much to Megan for taking tons of great photos!! They were totally awesome and she is super good with working her camera talents. 


Tomorrowworld was an event that was on my bucket list. I am so happy that David and I got to go and experience the world of tomorrow. You see these videos of the magical place and you think that somehow all of that magic is staged and it's not. You see people dressed in costumes and festival outfits. I always thought that it was going to feel like I was in a whole different world, and I was right. The entire festival was like living in a fantasy land. 

There was a legit volcano at the main stage that blew out fire. When the volcano first erupted everyone got so excited and hyped to see Cash Cash perform! 

So many people at tomorrowworld had flags to fly or totems to hold up during artists sets. I had to make a mental note to work on a bear totem for the next tomorrowworld. 

I attempted to take a panorama photo and over the weekend it improved (this is the best photo I could find) 
Just doing bear things as we raged at main stage. 

And then we found a UNICORN. One of the girls we were camping with went out every single day. This was her day two costume, it obviously was my favorite one that she did because Hi, it was a unicorn. 


It's that time of the year where most all of my Saturday's are spent going to Georgia Tech games or watching Georgia Tech games. It's a great way to spend the first day of the weekend, tons of tailgating and great memories. I also went to the Falcons BEARS game a couple weekends ago and it was a blast. Granted I was a little embarrassed because Chicago fans tend to be very obnoxious compared the nice sportsmanship that the south practices. 


Last week David did his very first stand up comedian act at this local bar called The Laughing Skull. It was a blast to watch him do something he loves and seeing other people appreciate his jokes like I do. 

Anyways, I think I have talked your ear off enough for one day. That's what I've been up to when I am not slaving over school work and my internship. 

I guess I will leave you with one final photo from TomorrowWorld 

What have you been up to friends?
Keep Calm and Carry On 



  1. Yay you're blogging! I love this update. I'm glad you've had a good few months, and congrats to David on the standup! Way to go!

  2. Loved this update! It looks like you have been having a great time!