Embrace The Basic

Friday, November 7, 2014

I’m so basic, you already know. - I feel like I need to scream this on the top of my lungs right now. I am getting a so sick of people saying how everything is “basic”. Oh, you like ugg boots and leggings? You’re basic.  You like the sound that leaves make when you step on them in the fall while you sip on your Pumpkin Spice Latte? You’re basic.  You like jamming out to Taylor Swift in the morning while you get ready for the work day with some coffee? You’re basic and now, being basic has conjured up a negative connotation. Apparently if I am basic that means something negative like “you are so un-original” “you should be more creative” “how dare you like the same thing as so many other people”. But then basic even takes a more negative turn, it has progressed into “if you are basic then you are a shallow person who has no other interests, has no grounding to the world, you might be a little ditzy, you are most likely high maintenance, and you have no perspective of how other people see the world”. I promise you I am not just making this up, after so many conversations with people I have heard a combination of all of those statements. Which makes no sense to me, we are all people, we all like different things. And just because someone likes designer things and Starbucks doesn’t always mean they are high maintenance and shallow.

Yes, I am basic, to an extent. I would like to argue that we are all a little basic, but I don’t want to get off on a tangent. I love being basic though, I love my ugg boots, they are cute moose feet that hug my feet with warm fur and goodness. I love my leggings and sweaters because they look good on my body type, plus riding boots are oddly comfortable if you find the right pair. I am not going to lie, its a known fact that I love Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch. If you know me, you know that I have over 7 phone cases and I love the ones Kate Spade makes. I personally have always loved the sound that leaves make when they get to the state where they crunch, I love going out of my way to step on them. If it has the word PUMPKIN in it, I am going to get a little crazy and buy it all. Pumpkin greek yogurt? Yes, I will take all of it please. I love the Holiday cups from Starbucks, they are only around for a short amount of time, can’t you let a girl enjoy them?

So, as I sit here sipping on my Starbucks thinking about Instagramming it, in my yoga pants, oversized t-shirt and a top knot. I am going to just end on this note: Being basic isn’t bad and it doens’t make you unoriginal or shallow it simply means that you like what other people like. And that is not a bad thing, in fact, that just means you relate to a lot of people in the world because apparently most everything can be seen as basic. I guess what I am saying is don’t let all the negative Nancy’s come into your “basic” world and sham you for liking what you like, and wearing what you wear. If you want to Instagram that red cup from Starbucks DO IT. And do it as many times as you like. If you want to filter fall leaves photos to make them prettier DO IT. Don’t let some hater come into your life and decide for you what you want to like and do. Wear those ugg boots or riding boots with leggings with pride. If you want to take a selfie because you look on point. DO IT.  Don’t let the negative people define you and what you like. Life is way too short to have someone who can’t appreciate cute Instagram pictures and ugg boots. You like what you like and there is nothing wrong with that. If someone calls you basic just tell them that they may see you as basic but in reality you’re a basic unicorn and they can’t see the unicorn because they are too close minded. So walk away and say bye felicia to all the haters who can’t understand the glory of being basic.
Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Thank you!! I really don't get where all this "basic" stuff came from and why it's so negative, but I totally agree- just like what you like, who cares if a lot of other people like it too?? If liking pumpkin and clothes and fall makes me unoriginal, so be it. :)

  2. if you don't instagram your starbucks, did you even have one?! also I love this, keep doin' you girlfriend!

  3. This post made me smile. I only first heard the term "basic" probably a couple days ago--I agree that liking the same stuff other people like does make you more relatable! And there's nothing wrong with that. I happen to have pretty strong likes and dislikes and I don't like coffee flavored anything (or pumpkin flavored anything...or pie...or lots of foods that normal people love). Coffee is the biggest problem because people are shocked and scandalized when you don't like it...and my family thinks it's very inconvenient that I don't keep a coffee maker at my house for the rare occasions when they visit! :P