November Goals

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So while November is currently in progress, I feel like it's never too late to set some goals for the month of November!! So I have sat down and I did a ton of thinking about what I want to accomplish this month.


  • Update resume and work on drafting a new cover letter 
  • Do a wardrobe cleanse (I have a habit of hoarding old clothes that I will never fit into or wear again) 
  • De-clutter my desk
  • Keep my excel budget doc up to date (meaning put in all transactions right after I make them)
  • Start saving up for Christmas gifts
  • Craft something that can be considered a DIY
  • Celebrate Becca's birthday!!
  • work out 2 times a week...a girl has to start somewhere...right?
  • Post 4 times a week 
  • Draft some posts up in advance (so I am not writing them on my lunch breaks, like right now)
  • Plan the holiday #atlbloggermeetup event 
  • Sponsor 3 blogs 
  • Start drafting ideas of when I should start offering sponsorships! 
  • Find this vest....I need it in time for the #atlbloggermeetup 
  • Learn some new eye makeup looks that I can do with my Vice 3 pallet.

So that's all I got for the remainder of November! I am determined to accomplish all of them by December 1st. 

Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. I like these goals. I will help you!

    1. Also on the list should be ' Have a cuddle weekend'

  2. Where oh where is that pug vest from?!?!?!? That is simply awesome! Good list of goals! Best of wishes in accomplishing all of them.

  3. Just sayin, that picture looks like it's taken at Wal Mart! I'll work out if you work out.

  4. Becca is right! That vest is at WalMart! I saw it there just the other day when I was walking through!

  5. IF THAT VEST IS A HINT AT THE THEME I CAN NOT WAIT ONE MORE MINUTE FOR THE HOLIDAY EVENT. side note, if you need any help, I volunteer!

  6. Love these goals and OMGeeee that vest is so much awesome!!