The rules of loving you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So sometimes late at night I am up thinking about what life is really all about. Where am I supposed to be? And all these other questions that make me wonder what exactly am I going to do, am I meant to have a relationship. Is my relationship just going to be with fashion? Can I find someone who I can stand to be around and can stand to be around me while finding me attractive.

So here goes my list::
1. Learn that you are beautiful
2. Understand that you can be happy with out a man
3. Some people are not meant to be in relationships
4. I have so many great friends who are single and know their place
5. You need to make myself happy first. 
6. If a guy wants you he will come...if not he isnt worth your efforts anyways.
7. Don't be a smelly perfume that comes on too strong
8. Strength is more than muscle it is control of yourself and emotions
9. However dont try to control everything, it's impossible
10. It is okay to cry
11. People are humans and they make mistakes
12. Keep yourself well and you will feel good about yourself as a person
13. You don't need a boyfriend
14. Life is full of choices try and make good ones for the most part. 
18. Give yourself enough time to heal you will know when you find the right guy. DON'T SETTLE
19. Priorities: school and work always come first
20. Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful 
21. Remember one mistake doesn't ruin everything.
22. SMILE it will prevent having to use botox!!!!

Keep calm and Carry on! 

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