Your Weekend Was Cooler Than Mine

Monday, June 30, 2014

Well hey friends! I have decided to tell you all about my not so exciting weekend.

Real talk, I did relatively nothing. But I did do some interesting things this weekend. 

Friday was filled with Friday Night Magic, and playing my new commander deck. (If you don't know what magic is, it's this fun nerdy card game). 

Saturday I did nothing too eventful: I went shopping *cue ahh of your oooo's and ahhhh's* 

I advdentured around Nordstrom AND Nordstrom's Rack. I bought some new mascara at Nordstrom....and some awesome Tiffany blue Ked's at Nordstrom's Rack. (they were on super sale so I snatched those). I tried on these Sam Edelman sandals and I really, really want them.

Of course I've done homework, since I am taking summer classes. I can't express enough how much I want these classes to be over. 

On a serious note: I joined Weight Watchers on Saturday and you should be expecting a fully loaded blog post this week about my new decision and my new journey.

And on Sunday I saw my unicorn friend Becca. We went to the mall and I ventured into Teavanna to get tea for Bear. Becca is pretty much my Atlanta blogging bestie and she gets me AND has group texts with my other bestie Rachael

Other than that, my life has been incredibly uneventful and boring. I am surprised that I got this much into a post. 

What did you do this weekend? Was your weekend more eventful than mine!? 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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  1. Cute Keds! I like the color and it's even better that you got a big discount on them!

  2. sometimes doing nothing is the absolute best! i LOVE those keds.

  3. Good luck with Weight Watchers! Those shoes are really cute!

  4. You and Becca are my favorites!!! I know you'll rock Weight Watchers, girl!! xo