A Trip to Heat Lounge AND A Giveaway!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's talk about something that we all love, or appreciate, which is our hair. Seriously though, I have a slight obsession with my hair. I love making it look pretty and I like it when I get it colored, I also have an obsession with hair products. When I heard about Dry Bar I thought it was a really cool concept, I can go in get pampered and have cute hair for a couple of days. (Thanks dry shampoo for being fabulous). After perusing around the interwebs I found a local blow out business called Heat Lounge. Real talk, I have a passion for local businesses, I just want all the unicorn local businesses to expand and be little unicorn businesses. Since getting a blow out was on Rachael's 22 before 22 we set up appointments and went. 
(I tried to do a "blogger pose" it's semi weird looking) 

The blow dry and makeup bar was slightly tucked away underneath some apartment compexes, but, once you find it you will always know how to get there. 
We were loving the outside with the blow dryer chilling as a you can find us in here sign. 

When I walked into the blow dry and makeup bar I INSTANTLY fell in love. I had checked out the photos on the internet but, real talk, they don't even do the inside justice. (my photos won't even do it justice but you are going to get a sneak peak of all the fun interior decorations. Might I add that when you walk in you get complimentary cappuccinos, coffee, wine or my personal favorite champagne. 
Don't mind if I do. 
You walk in and see vibrant colors and the friendliest front desk staff. I felt at home as I walked in, I was also ready to be pampered. Heat Lounge is a Moroccan oil product salon, I have tried their oils before but never their shampoos and hairsprays.The products are made to enhance the health of your hair, the products held my hair in place but also allowed it to have that natural movement. 
 I may have had a slight obsession with the chairs that you get your hair washed in. I really liked how they incorporated modern design into the blow dry bar.

Becca's hair was smooth and straight. Honestly her hair was shcokingly straight. 
 Becca and I adventured to the VIP room to see what it's all about while Rachael was getting her hair and makeup done. (Her hair looked fabulous by the way)

I was loving the natural wave look that she was rocking.
Moroccan oil was everywhere throughout the salon. ALL of the products smelled amazing, as she was washing my hair I wanted to ask her to keep washing it for a while so I could keep smelling (is that weird?)

My hair lasted all night and my makeup had amazing coverage. Seriously I am so picky with how I like my makeup and the makeup artist listened to me 100%
I asked them to do things as I would at home with some flair, I also showed them pictures for how I wanted my hair and they delivered. 
And here is the final look friends. I personally was loving my eyebrow game and I was also loving my blow out! 

I am totally going back for more blowouts!!! If you live in the Atlanta area here is a bonus for checking into their blow dry and makeup bar. 

If you are in the Atlanta area call them and set up an appointment, you'll be treated like royalty and you will leave looking like a fabulous unicorn. 
Keep Calm and Carry On 
*Heat lounge provided us with free makeup applications in exchange for this blog post.* 

AND!! Because everybody likes cash,  a ton of fabulous bloggers are giving away $200 in paypal cash!!! I know you're excited...so get clicking to win that cash! 

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  1. Yes, my hair was SO straight. That's what I wanted: straighter than I can get it. Thank you. :)

  2. This was soooo much fun! You looked so pretty <3

  3. I'm seriously going to need to check this place out.

  4. If I could find a place that gave haircuts or something that was like this, I'd totally go. This looks awesome and I think I want to take my sister here solely to get free champagne.