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Monday, August 18, 2014

Over the past couple of months I have started to become more in love with makeup, especially the good quality makeup (I've written about my journey to find the perfect foundation, and it's still one of my tried and true staples). But, do you ever go shopping at a department store and feel overwhelmed by the numerous makeup counters who all seem to sell the same product and use the same techniques to sell you their products?? Well, I have learned that while they are all beauty and skin care products they are all different in their own ways. Makeup especially does different things for different people. I know I have some of my favorite brands of makeup. Which are, Bobbie Brown, Urban Decay, Dior, Clinique, and Estee Lauder. Real talk, these are only some of my favorites or some of my "go to" makeup items.

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush - My favorite thing about this blush is that a little bit goes a very, very long way. Seriously I can put a minimal amount on my brush and use that amount for both of my cheeks. It has lasted me a long time and I have barely put a dent in this blush. Another perk about this blush is how natural it looks and how smooth it is when applied. 

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet- First off, this pallet legit smells like CHOCOLATE, I can not emphasize how happy that makes me. Seriously, the entire pallet smells like chocolaty goodness and it makes me want a nice piece of chocolate (but since I am on Weight Watchers this pallet will have to do). Even though the pallet smells amazing, I was very hesitant to buy the pallet I had read mixed reviews on this pallet the main complaint on the pallet was that it wasn't very pigmented. However, I would have to disagree with the fact that it is not very pigmented, while the colors do need two coats, one coat is GREAT for a low maintenance makeup day. Also, when you use a primer as a base the colors are much, much more pigmented and you need less eye shadow when you use a primer. 

3. Naked 3 Pallet- This is my go to pallet, seriously I have a huge obsession with the naked 3, I use all of the colors (not one color has gone unused). And, usually there are two to three colors in a pallet that I won't even touch. However, I am able to find creative ways to use the darker colors of this pallet to make a great night out look. 

4. Clinque Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover- I have incredibly sensitve eyes. Seriously, one time I put a covergirl eyeshadow on my eyes and my eyes swelled up like cute little golf balls. Another time I tried Ponds eye makeup remover and my eyes itched for hours. However, I have no allergic reaction to this eye makeup remover and again, a little bit goes a very, very, VERY, long way. No joke this whole bottle should last me three months. I use my cotton balls till they are covered in eye makeup so I get the bang for my buck, if you will. 

5.  Dior Airflash foundation- Real talk, this foundation has me oooing and ahhing at its coverage. It's definatly not my everyday foundation. But when I have special events or any event where I know I need coverage, I whip this stuff out and apply...the best part?? You only need two little sprays to cover your whole face when using a foundation brush. 

6. Dior Show & Dior Addict Mascaras - I use both of these enterchangably. I use the Dior Show *new look* when I want a dramatic well defined eye look. I use the Addict when I want a more natural look. They both come off relatively easily. What I like most about both of these is that they both are very, very black mascaras and they both have incredible brushes. 

7. Dior Show eyeliner- I know, I know, I use a ton of Dior, but really, it works. It lasts all day, and I don't have to apply a thick line to make it last all day. One line on my water line and the liner lasts all day!!! Plus time wise it lasts about 4-5 months so that also makes me one happy camper. 

8. Urban Decay - Eden Primer - This primer makes my life a breeze in the morning. It makes my already pigmented eye shadows even more pigmented. And, when I use this primer I need less eye shadow. Plus, you only need a little bit when applying to your eyelids. I tried some other primers by Urban Decay but this one is by far my favorite!!

9. Bobbie Brown powder press - This can be use as a finishing powder if you want heavy coverage but if you are running late for the day and need some coverage you can always put this on over some moistrisor and it provides decent coverage when in a time crunch...I am totally speaking from experience here (I am NOT a morning person at all...this girl likes her sleep)

10. Bobbie Brown SPF foundation - I have mentioned this foundation about a year ago and my opinions are still the same. This is my ever day foundation, I love the coverage and I really, really love that it has an SPF in it. It also does not dry out my skin which I also love. When I was matched at Nordstrom they matched me perfectly, so if I forget to blend my foundation it's not even that noticeable. 

11. MAC liquid eye liner - When I want a dramatic eye look or a more defined eye look I turn to this liquid eyeliner. I apply it to the top of my eye lid near my lash line and it makes for a great defined eye look. Plus, it lasts....all day...and if you forget to take it off at night, it's still there in the morning (again totally speaking from experience, late nights call for instant sleep sometimes). 

Do you have any makeup favorites??? I want to hear about them!!! 

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  1. I love all of your makeup... you're like a makeup goddess!! Still really want that chocolate pallet, haha!

  2. I've wanted that chocolate palette for months now...Cute colors and a chocolate scent?? Genius!

  3. oooh come break me off a piece of this awesome makeup!! so many great ones. i love it cosmetics and my fave right now is tarte!

  4. I love love love Urban Decay and the Naked 3 Palette. I've definitely been eyeing the chocolate palette, too! Too Faced is my favorite prestige beauty brand!

  5. Um..................... have you seen yourself lately? You should be a beauty blogger! Hello!!! I love your picks and use them regularly!

  6. I still need the naked 3 palette! I'm more and more convinced that I need it :)

  7. That makeup remover is one of the best I've ever used as well-- and I'm with you on the sensitive eyes! My only problem is I have such a hard time spending so much money on a not so fun makeup product :) both of those palettes look gorgeous & I'm dying to try one of the Bobbi Brown foundations!