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Friday, July 26, 2013

So recently I have been on the hunt for my new perfect foundation.
Recently, I have been suffering from breakouts that appear practically out of no where. Now, I have never had acne or sensitive skin especially on my face but, I guess as I get older my face is changing here and there! (oh dear growing pains, I guess they never really go away!) Anyways, I have tried various types of foundations and powders and here is what I have found.

1. Drugstore foundations are a last resort: Personally every time I have tried to use a drugstore foundation they have never worked for me. They seem to have a yellow undertone in almost all of them and my complexion is very fair so whenever I put on any drug store brand I get that dreaded line from my chin to neck (it does NOT blend well with my skin). And I don't want to have to blend in my entire neck to match my face...that shouldn't have to happen! While these foundations cost about $7-11 they are not ideal and you end up buying and returning or just paying the same amount for an expensive foundation because you can't find one that matches.

2. Dior Nude: So this was my go-to foundation for the longest time. The foundation has a medium coverage which I liked so it didn't look like I had caked on foundation and it matched my skin perfectly!! With out a finishing powder I was still able to walk out of my house (it blended perfectly with my skin). It also was not an oily foundation which I loved because certain parts of my face are more oily than others so I was able to wear it and not worry about my skin looking shiny towards the middle of the day. The average price for this foundation is around $45 dollars but I promise it's worth it!

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear:: Okay so, this is a heavy duty foundation and that's an understatement. This foundation could last through your toughest days and you would not have to worry about touching up your face at all. It wouldn't even cross your mind. It is a full coverage foundation so it covers all blemishes and it covers up any oily bits on your skin that you may have. However this is not, I repeat  NOT a daily foundation unless you have very oily skin and even then it is very, very drying. I have fairly good skin but this foundation prohibits your skin from breathing so you get breakouts and dryness (I got severe dryness and let me tell you it did not look cute and it was very uncomfortable!) - This is a special occasion foundation where you really don't want to have to worry about your face and how it looks. (Trust me, you will be plenty confident that your face is flawless!) -- It also comes in a lighter version for a more every day wear and it is still very strong so if you have sensitive skin or you want your skin to breathe both of these are special occasion foundations. However if you don't require your skin to breathe and you don't have sensitive skin then the lighter double wear could be your every day option. (Both foundations run at about $37 a bottle) For these a little bit goes a long way.

4. Bobbie Brown Skin Foundation SPF: Okay, so this is my latest investment and I am LOVING it. For serious it makes my skin look amazing with just one light coat. While it is a light coverage foundation you can easily layer this foundation with out look like you have caked on an unhealthy amount of foundation. It also has an SPF in the foundation which I find helpful because it is summer and no one wants a sunburnt face. That extra protection is a nice reassurance. I also like that while it is a sunscreen foundation, it is not overly  oily and it also doesn't dry out my skin. It matches my skin perfectly and doesn't make me look like an oompa loompa (not cute). It's one of the best foundation investments yet! (it runs at about $47 a bottle) Again, a little goes a long way, seriously, I can get fabulous coverage with one pump of this Bobbi Brown Foundation!

These are some of the foundations that I have invested in and tried. I am personally a huge fan of any foundation that blends well with my skin.

Do you have favorite foundations, or any suggestions for a fabulous foundation for me to try!? Let me know below!!

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