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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So, as I was wandering around the mall today I was talking to one of my best friends rachael about dating (of course) and when is it acceptable to go makeupless, and not dress like a lazy saturday afternoon (like the type of day where you just throw on whatever is around and walk out the door..no makeup, no cares you just want to get out run some errands and be lazy). While you can do that while you are alone or with your best friends. The question I have is when is it acceptable to basically have a lazy day in front of the guy your dating (or your new boyfriend). Like is it a couple weeks, a month, a couple months. When is it finally acceptable to romp around in lazy clothes!

Like there are these barriers when you date that you break down (and that's a good thing). Like, the first kiss, the first time you burp in front of him (we all do it), the first time he sees us engage in serious road rage, the first time you cry, the first time the ex-boyfriend comes up, and much more. But all of those come up naturally. There is something about dressing "down" if you will that adds some confusion.

When is it acceptable to not "try" with your appearance. I am talking nike shorts and an oversized T-shirt or a lazy dress with no makeup.

Oh the struggle of dating life. Let me know your thoughts below!!
Keep Calm and Carry On

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