Fashion Trends: Shoulder Pads.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remember when women of the 80's wore shoulder pads and thought that they were "fashionable"? Remember when women basically forced themselves to have broad shoulders? (especially business women!).

Well, thankfully we are no longer in the 80's...however looking back at fashion trends of the 80's some are slowly starting to come back. I remember I was wearing this "hipster" like dress and a woman told me she had something similar in her attic from when she was around my age. While I love that hipster dress I know that it is a fashion trend that has come back from the grave. But, there are some fashion trends that need to rest in peace in their grave for good. 

(Does this not make you cringe?)

So, why shoulder pads? Why were they EVER a thing? Seriously, I am already pretty broad shouldered so the thought of something making me look broader makes me shiver a bit. I don't want to look like a linebacker..thanks but no thanks. 

If you look at these women who wore shoulder pads they were mainly business women as I said before and I wonder if the reason that women started wearing shoulder pads is to somehow fit in with men because if you look at the rest of their business attire it is very conservative...not a lot of skin is showing and they wore stockings if they even dared to show a little leg. (where as now office attire is very casual, and the fashions you can wear into the office are not exceedingly conservative) 

But also you see it a lot in runway fashion, and in casual wear honestly. It is a trend that I feel so confused by. Giant pieces of foam you can place on your shoulders so you look

But why 80's, why shoulder pads?  Why something so ugly and honestly so uncomfortable? I can not ask this enough. If you have ever tried on ANYTHING with shoulder pads you know that they are a bit uncomfortable, and if they come out of place you not only have broad shoulders but you have broad (offset or pointy) shoulders. I honestly do not understand the concept of something to make you look wider or more manly. It baffles me.

Do you think shoulder pads should rest in peace for all eternity? Let me know below! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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