Frenzied packing: What to bring!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A lot has happened in the past week I have no idea where to start! 

I will start here! 

Well I recently set off to my home city, Chicago to attend to some family business. I found out not a week before, not two days before, I found out basically four hours before our departure time that my dad and I would be setting off to Chicago for a week! I don't know about you, but that's not a lot of time to pack.
Especially for my packing habits!! Plus,  some of my go to items were in my dirty laundry, and  I did not not have enough time to wash them. But, I packed them in a bag and decided that my grandparent's house would indeed have a washer and dryer. As I have mentioned before I love, love, love lists and I always make packing lists. However, I did not have that much time to write down everything and cross it off at my leisure. Usually, I pack a day prior to leaving or sometimes two days prior to leaving so that I have enough time to make sure that I have packed everything that I need. 

Anyways, I found my self texting people back and forth, eating a snack, trying to pick out appropriate outfits, yelling at siri to tell me the weather in the areas that I would be staying, and making sure I packed tooth paste and a tooth brush. Needless to say I was not devoting time to the packing itself and it was a bit hectic because there was almost no organization to it. (I was going a little crazy, especially because my phone went off about every ten minuets with some kind of text or phone call).

Within all of this craziness I was able to get most of the things done that I needed to get done, while I was going a bit insane it was strangely productive. Though, prior to departing a I did have a smidge of down time, to which I fond myself making lists on my iPhone to make sure I had packed everything I needed. 

Needless to say I have made a list on how to pack effectively with a limited amount of time. 

  1. Grab the essentials ( I am always afraid that I will forget the basics, like my phone charger,  tooth brush, tooth paste, a hair brush...ect.) 
  2. Check the weather (seriously it takes about 2 mins if you have a smart phone and you will be thanking yourself later). It also stops you from going well if it is hot I'll bring this, if its cold that night...Hint the weather does change but it stays in the same ball park usually. 
  3. Pack things that make you feel confident around people you don't usually see or people you don't know. (I don't know about you but if I am wearing something that I don't feel confident in I don't appear to have any confidence! Flaunt your confidence even if it means packing that dress that was in the hamper..) 
  4. Breathe ( I know, we do it anyways, but take ten seconds and take a deep breath and think if there was anything that you KNOW you would need) 
  5. Go, and be a travel bug. Sometimes last minuet travels are not for leisure but it is still technically traveling. 
That is the list that should help you through a packing frenzy! 

How do you effectively pack at the last minuet? Or how do you pack in general!? Let me know!!

Keep Calm and Carry On! 

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