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Thursday, July 11, 2013

So as I have said before I am on my weight loss adventure. It has had it's ups and downs the past couple of weeks.
When I was up in Chicago I did not record anything that I ate....at all. I mean I did not go hog wild with all the food but I ate what I wanted in moderation....and tried really hard not to feel guilty (of course I still felt kinda guilty).

And in the process of feeling guilty I realized that I had packed running clothes and running shoes and thank goodness for that.

Halfway through my week in Chicago I grabbed my running shoes and turned on my music and went for what I thought would be a struggle of a run ( meaning I would eventually be walking...not running). I didn't pack my knee brace and as I have said I had serious knee surgery in December that I am finally coming back from. So, anyways, I threw on my running shoes and told myself I was going to run at a steady pace for as long as I could. And I did!! I ran for 1.6 miles with out stopping and did under 30 mins...which is a huge accomplishment for this recovering gimp! (I struggled a little bit but I did not stop!)

As I traveled home I got right back on track from day one of being home. I was recording what I ate and I did not let my vacation week affect the rest of my weight loss adventure. Because, it doesn't matter if you have one bad week it matters if you have 3 bad weeks or more!

So, coming home I decided I was going to try to run again! So, I threw on my running shoes and headed over to the track and told myself that I would run for as long as I could. This run was actually easier than my run in Chicago!! I noticed that I was making process when it came to my breath support and my body didn't feel like I was dragging. I actually wanted to continue running. I realized that the more I kept running the easier it got!! I ran TWO miles in under 30mins and I felt like I had conquered part of my journey!! Not even 8 months post operation and I am able to run two miles with out pain!

Part of my success is because I blast music and drown out everything around me!

Hello accomplishment!!

And the journey is not even over yet! I want to be able to run 6miles with out stopping but first I will start with by the end of July I will be able to run 3 miles with out stopping!

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you have any good running playlists? Let me know!!

Keep Calm and Carry On!

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