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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh here comes monday.
Time to plan out which nike shorts and yoga pants will be used for the next couple of days.
Wish my oh so fashionable clothes got more use when the semester was in session but honestly there is no point in trying to.
Takes too much time.
News has come that I will be eventually transferring to a better school *cough* UGA if I can maintain my GPA. (which is totally possible!)
Obsessed with this new Jcrew and Chicos shirt I got.
Thinking of actually wearing one of those tomorrow. So that would be a nice change.
Once upon a Time is on in less than 30 mins...Sooo excited. Monday, Tuesday and Wendesday are some of the best T.V days. Oh and Thursday when glee is actually on.
Looking forward to my morning pumpkin spice latte and public speaking class.
I am listening to the last glee episode songs.
That episode made me cry like a little girl.
SO good...even though all the cute relationships are gone....I still will always love the show.

In other unexpected random news.
I am writing an an essay for a glamour magazine contest.
Sooo excited for them to at least read it!

Once upon a time is literally right around the corner!
Keep calm and carry on.

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