The Future Freaks Me Out

Monday, October 22, 2012

I am pretty sure I am not supposed to know where I will be in twenty years.
But I am stressed out that I will not be successful.
I don't know if maybe my emotions are fogging what is actually important.
Or if maybe I need a priorities check. But I feel as though if theres something I want more than anything its to go to a college that I want to go to.

I guess part of me went into major freak out mode today.
I wanted to have an answer today, and I know that thats kinda impossible to have but I think I was expecting more out of the situation then I received and I jumped ahead a bit and assumed that things were going to be ruined.

I mean its monday.
Monday is the worst day of the week after sunday.
I am ready to have Thursday (my friday)

I just want more clarity and less confusion.
I want to know about other colleges.
Why is college so expensive.
I don't understand.

Oh the things that I am left to ponder.

Rant rant rant.

Off to finish my work

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