the pressure of being an "adult"

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sometimes we get so worked up over what being an adult is all about.
We turn 18 and automatically we think FREEDOM and ADULT HOOD and INDEPENDENCE.
However all of these things don't come when the clock strikes midnight on your 18th birthday they come with time.
And by time I don't mean a couple months.
Could be a year or two years, maybe even five.
And that's okay as long as you're not 30 and living in your moms house.
Being an adult is much more than freedom and independence
It's being responsible, its having experience, it's knowing how to handle situations.
Being an adult also entails that you know how to manage your time, your money, and your social life with your work life (which is totally managing your time...but still)

There is so much more to being "grown up"
And what we don't realize is that even though you turn 18 or 20 in my case, that you need to have it all figured out.
Goodness knows I don't.
Don't rush your years of being somewhat carefree.
I promise:
To learn from my mistakes.
Take advice when needed. (there are about three people I'll take advice from..yes im stubborn)
Listen to my parents...(or learn after I do the opposite of what they say)
Try new things that I wouldn't normally try.
To be honest with myself on where I am in life.
And not be afraid to fall to the bottom.
And be able to know that I have the strength to climb to the top again.

The apple may fall far from the tree, but it always seems to find a way to a basket.

Stay young, stay preppy, and stay positive

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