Sleepless in Atlanta

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So it feel as if it is Tuesday not Wedesday. Part of that reason is that I pulled an all-nighter on monday night.
Had a research paper due, and a history test all in the same day. Plus I had a speech on monday. Want to talk about crazy. Can't believe that this semester is getting so crazy.

My starbucks crew gave me a nice little message on my cup. Thanks guys!

Any ways, I am about to crash yet again even though I got a good 16 hours of sleep yesterday.

Gave a speech on monday and getting my grade back today.

So ready for the weekend though.

I missed gossip girl and 90210 (I know my life is so hard)

And I slept through all of my t.v shows last night. (poor me)

The week has calmed down a bit but still much to do!
Can't wait to sit this weekend and do absolutely nothing.

Thinking about all of those effected by Sandy!
Hope you are all safe!

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