Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello from the thawing state of Georgia. Apparently someone really ticked off Elsa from Frozen (if you haven't seen this movie you should, I promise you it's worth it!). Anyways, this week has been a week of lots of craziness. If you haven't heard....Georgia has been frozen for a couple of days now (we are pretty much thawed out!). But it was crazy town on Tuesday, I wish I wore my Kate Spade Bangle for this day because it was a crazy town all around Atlanta. I got stuck on campus for three hours because my car spun out and it couldn't make it through the ice town that was being created. It took my parents 3 hours to travel what should be a 15-20 minute trip. *insanity*. It took my boyfriend 7 *yes 7* hours to travel what should also be a 15-20 min trip to my house. It was completely insane how quickly the roads turned to ice.

(this was not a drill)

(the roads really were awful, thank goodness my parents rescued me!) 

Using any form of a car this week was so out of the question (unless you were feeling really risky). So Wednesday my boyfriend and I took a walking trip to Publix (who really was running out of milk!) 
We ended up gettting A LOT of groceries (it was definatly needed). So instead of carrying them all home we may have used a Publix cart to carry the groceries to the end of the parking lot.....(I would say it's a secret but you and the rest of the internet knows now!!) 
(also his hat is super warm and I totally wanted to take it and wear it but I just stayed jealous on the inside and fought the urges to take it!) 

While there was so much ice and craziness you still can believe that I had a little fun in the snow. 
(I really wanted to build a snowman but apparently we couldn't do that because I sing the Frozen soundtrack too much!) *whoops* 

I can't believe all the nonsense that went on this week, but I can say that I still want to build a snowman, and I don't think I sang "Let It Go" enough. 

And not once did I get cabin fever, probably because I slept a lot and watched a ton of Netflix! 

Keep Calm and Carry On

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