Monday Madness

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Monday which means the weekend is sadly over, and we are back to the grind (whether that be school or work) Monday's mean less lazy. I had a wonderful weekend, it was a fun lazy weekend spent watching Netflix and eating cookies (I'm not complaining). However some of you lucky ducks most likely have the day off today from school or work so its a three day weekend for ya'll! However Monday's still stink because it means that you still have responsibilities and things to do *yuck*!  So to make Mondays a little more bearable I thought I would start this Monday tradition of five things I have been loving this past week!

1. For Christmas my boyfriend got me a Nintendo 3DS and my favorite Pokemon character as a plush toy and it is absolutely *adorable*. I also have spent many of hours playing pokemon or tetris on my DS. It's addicting and Pokemon is really fun for me to play because I get to catch adorable little pokemon, name them and then watch them grow as I train them. (who knew this girl would start to like video games like I do!) 
(isn't my little Togepi adorable?!)

2. I have mentioned plenty of times that I love this British band called Bastille. (love may be a bit of an understatement). I have a slight, SLIGHT, obsession with Bastille. (obsession makes me sound weird but they're adorable, they sing amazingly and I like the lead singer's (Dan's) hair *its so fun and fabulous. Anyways over my winter break I came across their new song called The Draw and it is addicting and fun. If you haven't heard their stuff you should press play below and experience their awesome alternative style. Their acoustic and acapella music is also simply amazing (youtube stalk them!! it's fun and you'll fall in love with them.  

Bastille also covered Miley Cyrus
3. There is a Dr. Seuss quote that I have on a post it note on my desk where I study and it says "congratulations, today is your day! You're off to great places, you're off and away!" With a new semester starting I have found myself a little stressed and a little anxious, but not in a bad way. (well okay the stress is bad) but the anxiousness is all about the fact that I will be graduating college sooner than I thought and that I will be starting my "adult life" sooner than expected and part of me is ready. But, this quote reminds me that even when I get discouraged, scared, anxious or stress that I am off to great places and my future is looking bright! 
4. Leggings. Home girl loves to wear leggings every day of the week, I actually had to wear jeans the other day and it was a struggle bus. Why do jeans even exist any more??? 

5. Another Bastille Song (sorry I'm not sorry!) 

This is actually a remix they did with To Kill A King...BUT it is still phenomenal and you should listen to it because it's awesome and both of these bands are fabulous. 

What are you loving this week??

Keep Calm and Carry On 

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  1. I struggle whenever I have to wear jeans too. Leggings are just soo comfy! I was a big fan of jeggings for awhile, but I can't fit the ones I had anymore! :(