It's No Coincidence That Beer Rhymes With Cheer

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A lot of girls don't like beer, they think it's nasty and disgusting and tastes like bitter dry grass or watered down "whatever beer is supposed to taste like". However, I must confess, I am a girl who loves beers!!! I love drinking beers, sipping beers, trying beers, chugging beers, beers are just delicious to me. I personally love craft beers and going to local breweries. 

If you don't like beers but enjoy wine there is still a beer out there for you. Contrary to popular belief there are tons of fruity beers, coffee beers, and even chai beers. There is more to the beer world than PBR and Budlight (oh and you can't forget Coors Light). While these beers are affordable and come in large quantities they are not the BEST BEER EVER. 

My all time favorite beer is by Red Brick Brewing Company it's called "The Vanilla Gorilla" and it is absolutely delicious. It's a porter which means that it is a darker (colored) beer, and has a hoppy taste to it.  It also goes down easy and to me there is no sour or bitter taste to it. 

If you don't like beer it's okay it's not for everyone but let me tell is amazing! It's better than wine, because you don't need a fancy glass to put it in to drink it. (I always feel classless when I drink wine out of a regular cup!). What's great about beers is there is a beer to drink with almost every meal (minus breakfast). 

There are tons of breweries out there, but in Atlanta there are tons of breweries that are worth checking out! My personal favorite brewery in Atlanta would have to be Red Brick Brewing OR Monday night! 

Do you like beers? Or do you prefer wine??

Keep Calm and Carry On 


  1. I like both! I used to hate beer, but then I tried a Yuengling and I loved it! We have Great Lakes Brewery, which I have tried a couple things from, but I really want to go do one of their beer tasting events!

    1. I love Yuengling! They are coming out with ice creams again!! You will have to try them, supposedly they are amazing!! Beer tasting events are so much fun, plus they usually have fun games you can play while you're beer tasting!

  2. I freaking hate beer. But you already knew that. lol.

  3. Men and women essentially drink because they like the affect produced by alcohol.