That's Fresh Friday #1

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's Friday which means its time for #thatsfreshfridaylinkup....and the weekend!!! I  know Christmas was a while back but I thought I would share with everyone what was under my Christmas tree this year!
This Christmas I was extremely blessed and extremely thankful for all the goodies that I found under my Christmas tree! It was a very merry Kate Spade Christmas this year!
This is the newest addition to my purse collection I am obsessed with the shape and the color! Aren't you?

I actually knew these bangles would be under the Christmas tree but I am LOVING the crazy town bangle as of late...especially because New Years Eve was just a couple days ago ;) 
(because you know you want to see it purse is included!) 
If you didn't know you...should know I LOVE phone cases. I personally believe you can never have enough. A while back I did a post on the Kate Spade cat case and I was so happy and surprised to see it sitting under my tree along with a fun owl friend!! For the upcoming semester I got this fun pencil pouch which of course matches one of my phone cases. And there was a dash of Lilly sitting under the tree, I am loving the bow earrings and alligator USB key chain. They are both so perfect.

The last couple things under my tree were clothes. I love the Blackhawks (ice hockey team) so it was a fun surprise to see that I had a new something to wear while going to games. The vest to the top left is Vineyard Vines and it is so comfortable and for a vest surprisingly warm! The other Vineyard Vines shirts are super baggy and comfortable (perfect for school or lazy weekends!). And the middle striped shirt is a fun Jcrew turtle neck that I wear with the vest or by itself. It's super light weight but looks great as a layering shirt! 

What did you get under your Christmas Tree??

That's a wrap for my very first  #Thatsfreshfridaylinkup be back for another next week! 

Keep Calm and Carry On 
xoxo Melissa

Prototype Mama


  1. I just want everything Kate Spade.
    Oh, and I miss you already!!!

    1. I know what to get you for all of the other doesn't hurt to say the outlet is less than 15 mins away!! Oh, and I miss you more, please come back home.

  2. A) this is perfect. B) THANKS for linking up with us! C) You totally made out awesome! I foresee many more Kate Spade shopping trips in our future. PS- I think you were on the phone but that was my first Kate purchase ever! It's a sign of things to come ;)

    1. I can't believe I missed your very first Kate Spade purchase!!! I know there will be tons of others to come because the outlets always have the BEST sales!!!

  3. Oh, man. That Kate Spade purse is TO DIE FOR. Beautiful! What fun! And what a lovely present! Santa was good to me this year, too, and I'm thrilled with everything I received from family and friends. I even got a new purple giant Dutch oven for tons of cooking and a new beautiful recipe box. Can't wait to use both of them!